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nokia e66 new java vpn certificate app

  • Nokia E66 - Exchange syncNovember 30

    my company email is under exchange platform..n for us to sync using PDA, we must install the certificate as well, otherwise ou PDA cant use the direct push.. so in this case, can nokia E66 or any nokia phone use the same email? because i am not sure

  • Nokia E66 EAP-TLS errorNovember 30

    Hi, I am configuring a Nokia E66 (wich is v4 in Cisco Compatible Extensions, so it supports EAP-TLS) with WPA2 EAP-TLS against IAS in a Cisco Wireless Network and I always obtain the same error in the IAS event viewer. denied accesss Authentication-T

  • Error code 12017,nokia e66 software updation failsNovember 30

    The following errors occours when i want to update nokia e66 software i was updating my phone software,during updating something wrong done,due to this 1- My mobile phone files mmssync and contact group ds plugin corrupted. 2- When i update my phone

  • Windows Live for Nokia E66November 30

    Hi, I need to install windows live messenger on my Nokia E66! Can any one help pleaseI know this is an old thread, but couldn't help point out - the Windows Live Messenger on Nokia page (http://explore.live.com/messenger-mobile?form=MSRMCNA&publ=WLMS

  • Everything Missing in new Nokia E66 410.21.010November 30

    Dear All + Nokia Team, I installed the firmware RM-343 v410.21.010 for Nokia E66 but there are everything missing like languages and certificates which use to install my backup software for the Nokia E66.. I want my old version of firmware RM-343 v11

  • Updating Nokia E66November 30

    Heyy... I Have Nokia E66 v4.00 i want to update it to v4.11 , i Connected my device via USB cable abd opened Ovi Suite , i found an avilabe update , when i clicked on it shows ( checking ur device ) after that a message appear on it " Internal Error

  • Java Applet Certificate Signing Window comes up BLANK!October 11

    Hi Everyone I have a problem where Java Applet Certificate Signing Window comes up BLANK! It comes up as blank gray panel with the java logo on the upper left. the title bar says "Java Plugin Security Warning" And I can't figure out what to do t

  • Nokia E66 problem with callingOctober 11

    HI!   It is less than two weeks from purchasing a brand new mobile phone - Nokia E66. Although it is a good device for a lot of things a modern men needs nowadays, it has some dificulties when it is ordered to call someone. It works fine for a day or

  • Nokia E66-new firmware 400.21.013November 30

    Hi Nokia guys, i have Nokia E66, used with Nokia original software only /even theme/.The telephone is blocking out at least twice per day. It is very unserious to leave such a business handset with messy software. I was very happy surpised today when

  • US and EU Nokia E66 ???November 30

    Hello, I called Nokia Support over this issue /discussions/board/message?board.id=communicators&message.id=31395&query.id=909973#M31395 After giving them serial number they told me there are two type of Nokia E66, one for US and one for EU market.

  • Nokia E66 three finger resetNovember 30

    hey, i just bought a used nokia e66 from someone. my phone service provider is a different provider than this phone is programmed to work with. ive tried doing the 3 finger deep reset, and even the *# whatever numbers it was reset. and the phone isnt

  • Nokia E66November 30

    Guyz! I've just taken Nokia E66, I want to know if I can use this phone as a modem for my laptop to use the net. If yes then how to do it, I'm not much into computers so kindly explain in details. I'm from Oman using NAWRAS. Thanks for the help.Click

  • Nokia E66 Message ProblemNovember 30

    I have problem with my Nokia E66 mobile phone. It is not showing name of person in message inbox, it shows only numbers. When I switch off the hand set & restart it, it displays the name for 4 to 5 hours, after that again it displays only number. Hen

  • Nokia E66 Cable Connection ErrorNovember 30

    Hi, Am Using Nokia E66-1(08) ( RM-343) with the firmware version 410.21.010 I have a problem with connecting my mobile to PC via cable. The cable is working fine. ( I have checked it by connecting the other mobiles) When I connect the cable, It asks

  • Java update breaks appsNovember 30

    just updated my java, thus found out most of my java apps broke Dude seriously, never gonna update java when apple wants me to. How do I go back?I reported this problem to Apple in bug 6985275. They closed it as "Behaves correctly", with this re

  • Java Start Up.appNovember 30

    I deleted my utilities folder and it had that app in it dose any one know where I can download "Java Start Up.App" for mac OS X 10.4.11 (I went to javas site and it said to got to "Software Update" I did and there was no new downloads)

  • Cannot re-install Nokia E66November 30

    When I use NSU to update a Nokia E66, it tells me that I already have the latest software and the I cannot re-install the same software. I have done this many times before on Nokia E71. RegardsNot without some information - Mac model/year which OS is

  • My Nokia 808 can't download some apps. Why?November 30

    It seems my nokia 808 can't download some apps, especially the Utilities, such as Nokia DieXie, Battery Optimiser Lite etc. It keeps showing 'Download error!' Does anyone know why? Can someone help? Thanks.This is the iPhone in Enterprise > Integrati

  • Nokia x2 is java enabled moblieNovember 30

    nokia x2 is java enabled phone or not if not how to support java enabled fileshttp://www.forum.nokia.com/Devices/Device_specifications/X2-00/ --------------------------------------------------​--------------------------------------------------------​

  • Java VPN ClientNovember 30

    In order to protect my WLAN from unauthorized access, I would like to implement a custom VPN solution in Java. Ideally, I would implement a firewall between the access point and the Internet, which will only allow authorized clients to pass through.

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