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nokia E62 email alert tone

  • Nokia e62 - IM Alert ToneNovember 30

    I have a Nokia e62 I purchased about a year ago. I recently started using Yahoo's Instant Messaging (IM) and have realized that I cannot set an alert tone for the IM in the profiles. It's not even an option. However, if I choose Help, it lists IM Ale

  • How do i remove the email alert tone from my nokia...October 11

    i find the email alert tone really annoying as the fone syncs every 5 minutes. how can i remove it?FredPaul wrote: When I go to Settings, I only see: Tone profiles; Themes; Phone; Installation; Calling; Connectivity; Application settings--no Profile

  • How to disable email alert tone on E71November 30

    I've just upgraded the firmware on my E71 and now I'm going through the process of setting everything up again. I've reinstalled Nokia email and it retrieves ok from gmail. However I cannot turn off the email alert tone in the General profile. If I g

  • Nokia 700 unexplained alert tone?November 30

    My new Nokia 700 is randomly playing an alert tone that is not acompanied by any message. No Apps are open and the WLAN is turned off. The tone is the Email1 tone (NB email is not open). I have not changed the default alert tones. What could this be?

  • Text/Email Alert tone help 8520November 30

    Hi Guys, My 8520 isnt playing the correct "tones" I have assigned for Text and Email alerts. It is playing the same tone for both and inside and out of the Holster. I have checked I have it set to play "Always" but it doesnt?? Any help

  • Nokia 6280 different alert toneNovember 30

    I am having problems with 6280. When I am running a java game and when I receive an incoming SMS message, the alert tone is different from the tone set in the active profile. All I can hear is a BEEP and it vibrates as well but the default is the Nok

  • E71 Different email alert tonesNovember 30

    Can anyone tell me if it's possible to have different alert tones for different email accounts? I have three email accounts set up on my E71 but when I get an alert, I never know which account it is so I have to check all three, which is a bit annoyi

  • Email alert tone doesn't workOctober 11

    I have my iPhone set to "chime" to be alerted when a new email comes in but it's not working? Any idea's/suggestions? Thank you.Hi, and welcome to the Palm Community Forums. Go into your VersaMail account.  Then go into the Menu, select Options

  • Email alert tones and volume levelsNovember 30

    is there a way to have different tones for different email accounts , so that not all the sounds are the same ? also is there a way to change the level of volume for email different then the phone ring sound level ? .thanks mikethats what i thought !

  • How to add Email alert tonesNovember 30

    Okay so I have a Gmail account, AOL, Comcast, and my business email all coming in on my iPhone 4S. Is there a way I can assign a different ring tone for each when I get new mail? I didn't see a way in the settings and didn't know if I need to downloa

  • Sound alert for Nokia Messaging emailNovember 30

    Hi I am using Nokia X6 and this is about the nokia messaging email. Earlier I used to get a email alert notification (sound) when a new mail used to come. But now it is not coming. Every 5 mins i keep checking if i got a new mail manually. Tried rese

  • Silent email alerts on E71November 30

    Can anyone tell me how to get my phone to make a noise to tell me I've got new email? I recently got an E71 on the UK's 3 network. I initially set up push email with Nokia Messaging and Email on 3 and have temporarily abandoned these as they were ter

  • E5-00 email alert problemNovember 30

    I used to get email alert tone and navigation button light flashing when there was any incoming mail. But after the first few weeks, i do not get any alert. I have to check the home screen frequently to find out if there is any new mail. I have check

  • BlackBerry 8900 Curve - Message Alert ToneNovember 30

     Hi, Is there anyway I am able to change the message/email alert tone? At the moment the only way I get notified of new mail/sms is buy a very quiet beep and the light flashing. Are you able to assign a ringtone to different aspects of receiving new

  • How can i get a specific tone for my vip email alert.  all tones are in my ringtones, but only some show up in the alerts for email.November 30

    i cannot get my all my ringtones to transfer to my vip email alerts.  there is a specific tone I need for one vip email alert, but that one doesn't transfer, however it IS in my ringtones and textones.  how can I get that particular tone for my vip e

  • Can i have different alert tones for Multiple email accounts?November 30

    Would like to have different alert tones for each email account. Is there a way to accomplish it?    Hi there, DawgFan1980! I understand the purpose of the different notification sounds. The iPhone only allows 1 tone for e-mail accounts. At this time

  • Why can't I get alert tones when I send or receive email.  I checked Sounds and volumes are at max.November 30

    Why can't I get alert tones when I send or receive email.  I checked Sounds and volumes are at max.Have you got notifications muted ? Only notifications (including games) get muted, so the iPod and Videos apps, and headphones, still get sound. Depend

  • I have 2 email addresses on the phone. How come only one accepts a alert tone. When I receive an email from 2nd email it does not notify me of its arrival. What am I doing wrongNovember 30

    I have 2 email addresses on the phone. How come only one accepts a alert tone. When I receive an email from 2nd email it does not notify me of its arrival. What am I doing wrong?Each email account can have its own alert or notification settings. Sett

  • Not recieving an alert tone for emailsNovember 30

    i wiped my 8310 and now i dont recieve any alert tones for my emails. i get all the rest of them but not emails. how can i fix this?You managed to wipe your device but don't know how to set your profiles? There are several preset profiles.  When you

  • Unwanted Alert Tones - 920November 30

    How do you turn off the 'unwanted' tone alert which sounds many times a day and there is no info or message to look at. I have turned off all 'Play a sound for' in ringtones section except New text and New Email. This unwanted alert tone not only ann

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