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nokia c5 call logo numbar no show

  • Nokia N73 clear logo successOctober 11

    I have been trying for a long time to set a clear operator logo on my N73, i have now got a clear logo thanks to the site below, all i did was search the site for an old type blank logo, eg: for 3310, 3330, etc, i then had the logo sent to my phone v

  • Nokia 8210 - Operator Logo Problem. Please Help Me...November 30

    Hi Forum, I wonder if someone can help me, this has been driving me crazy! I have an old Nokia 8210 which I have started using recently. When I was much younger I downloaded an operator logo (to replace T-mobile) onto my handset via Boltblue.com. I s

  • Nokia Pirated PhonesOctober 11

    I contacted Nokia early this year with an idea that since most countries had more than one network, it should consider a dual sim-card phone model. The response was negative. I was at the time using a Chinese nameless dual sim card phone with very el

  • Nokia 6212 using in JapanNovember 30

    Hi,Everyone. I think that I want to use Nokia 6212 in Japan. so, Is this phone marked Japanise TELEC Logo by Nokia? TELEC Logo mark is the same as CE mark. This is TELEC Logo. Maybe, I think this Logo is marked  inside the battery pack. thanks.I'm no

  • Nokia N8 is dead!November 30

    Hi, My Nokia N8 is suddenly dead. It just doesnt start. Any help is appreciated!!! Thanks, [email protected] Whilst you have got to expect the worst and loss of all data about all that you can do is:- 1) Try keeping power button depressed for 8 seconds until

  • Nokia e 72 shown system errorNovember 30

    i reset my nokia e 72 by *#0000# after reset completetion its shown system error. keypad not working, no sim network, no usb cable connect. only 1 key (menu key) working prperly.OP didn't mention lack of USB cable connect before, so only available op

  • Nokia E66 three finger resetNovember 30

    hey, i just bought a used nokia e66 from someone. my phone service provider is a different provider than this phone is programmed to work with. ive tried doing the 3 finger deep reset, and even the *# whatever numbers it was reset. and the phone isnt

  • Nokia 5530 stopped workingNovember 30

    My 5530 fall at the ground when I tried to turn it on it only showed a white blank then it turned off .when I removed the memory card it worked but when I tried to put it back my phone stopped working again any help please.First try 3button reset: Pr

  • Need to know Nokia 5800 hardware.November 30

    Hello, can somebody tell me what WiFi Chip and WiFi Antenna is Nokia 5800 using. Besides that, can someone tell me where are they located in the phone's hardware ( like in a picture ). Thank [email protected] Although any data would be lost you will pr

  • E7 Stuck at the startup white nokiaNovember 30

    my nokia E7 stuck at the white nokia startup screen  Attachments: E7.jpg ‏79 [email protected] Failing the "battery pull reset" as described by farby, although all user data upon C:\ and E:\ would be deleted you may have to consider a three key depres

  • Nokia 5800 Screen Problems After Firmware Update V...November 30

    Hi all, I have the Nokia 5800 navigation edition. I just updated the firmwareon it from V40. to the latest available 51.2.007. Doing so has turned the phone's screen into a huge mess - the lower half of the screen is all white and the upper half has

  • Nokia N95-2November 30

    I have messed up my phone, It doesn't turn on. Help! http://answers.yahoo.com/question/[email protected] Your link has been deleted incidentally but although all user data would be deleted you probably have no alternative other than

  • Nokia N70 VirusNovember 30

    When i turn my phone this screen i can see only this picture, and i cant do anything. I downloaded facebook aplication from internet and when i entered to application this screen is showing since them. When i want to turn off phone i must remove batt

  • Reset code for nokia e72November 30

    I have a problem I forgot my lock code for my nokia e72 so how can I reset the code? please help me [email protected] Although all user data would be deleted you could try a three key depressed power on hard reset but have horrid feeeling that lock code will

  • Complaint of phone hanging,Nokia E72-1.November 30

    Hello there,I have a Nokia E72,I tried updating the software to a newer version using Nokia ovi suite,but it couldn't upgrade,and later when the battery was down,I charged it and put it on again it hanged removed the battery and inserted it again it

  • Nokia 5800 XpressMusic - Device or Firmware proble...November 30

    Hi guys, I got the phone on 17th Nov 2009. After two weeks, the phone hang and restart for no reason. And also all my data was gone from the memory card. I brought my device to Nokia Care to check and they upgraded my firmware to V31 (previous was V2

  • Need to downgrade Nokia 5800 software versionNovember 30

    Hi. I upgraded my nokia 5800 software version, but after updating half screen has gone blank and other half shows some white line coming and going, i googled and got the solution that i will need to downgrade the software version, my earlier version

  • Bricked X6 in for repair. Really?.....October 11

    Took my wife's X6 in for repair today to my nearest Nokia Service Centre, due to it dying installing an update using USB. (I've owned Nokia for years, and installed updates on all my Nokia's so I know what I'm doing) Cue my disappointment when the Se

  • I need help ! Pls give me some advice rgds my 5800...October 11

    My phone firmware version is V20. i`ve meet a few problem after updating the phone software from Nokia Care Center. 1. After updating, due to the issued of the CALL WAITING, now everytime when i am using the phone, if someone call me the phone never

  • 5800 START problemOctober 11

    Hi I've been using nokia 5800 since april 2010 and it was running good . Today i was talkling using the skype and suddenly it restarted  and since that time my phone just start but no options r working at all . Is there any slution for that? Even i c

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