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  • Nokia 501 push notification bugNovember 30

    I bought a 501 has been 2 weeks and Push notification features of Facebook does not work. It always display "enabling" and then yesterday I no longer see the option Push notification on FB app anymore. ? Will I be alone this error? My FB version

  • Nokia chat / push notificationsNovember 30

    hi all, i have nokia 208. i tried to setup nokia chat however push notifications do not work. once i exit app i am not notified about new message. nokia chat is not present in notifications app unlike facebook. what should i do? thanksbumpRead other

  • Nokia lumia 520 push notification problem with wha...October 11

    I have a Lumia 520, and i find that i do not receive push notifications for my whatsapp messages. I have to open the application before the messages come through. I would like to know how to correct this. I have checked all my settings.On a HTC-forum

  • Push Notifications for Nokia C3November 30

    Hi , I have a Nokia C3 in which there is no "Push Notification" due to which I am unable to get notifications on new emails. Any suggestions/solutions are appreciated. Thanks, Vikram VIt is possible that you will not receive e-mail notifications

  • No Push Notifications with Nokia Lumia 820 WP8November 30

    Our Servers are Setting up very well and are tested and installed by a Lync Partner. Push Notifications for Lync 2013 App on Nokia Lumia 820 doesn't work. Thanks for your helpBy default, push notifications are turned off. You need to configure your E

  • Push notifications nokia lumia 625October 11

    Hi, i seem to be getting constant error messages from whatts app about problems with push notifications. cant find anything on the phone to resolve this. Can anyone give any advise ? im constantly switched on to wifi and data connection. thanks in an

  • Push Notification Problem in Nokia Asha 308November 30

    Hi all, Yesterday i updated my push notification to V2.0.11 in my Asha 308. Now i am facing a problem that even after reading the msg on my Whatsapp it show that i have pending msg. i didn't face this problem before in v1.6.4. Can anyone help me on o

  • Push notificationOctober 11

    I am an iphone 4s user. My phone worked fine until last week, then suddenly it stopped receiving push notifications from facebook and my gmail. I have to manually log into facebook and email to see notifications and new emails. Can you help me solve

  • TS4083 Email and Push NotificationsOctober 11

    I have my email account on my phone but it will not sound or send me notifications to notify me that I have an email. I have to physically go into my mailbox in order to see that I have emails. What can I do in order to receive push notifications?Aga

  • Social: Update to Include Push Notifications and C...November 30

    Hi,  I've been thinking since about the first day i had my N8 that Social should have Facebook Notifications, as well as enabling them to be "Pushed" to the device's Homescreen, and Facebook Chat. If iMonster can have it, so can we! I was lookin

  • Nokia Email Push wont work correctly on my N97November 30

    I'm trying to install the Nokia Messaging from email.nokia.com. The installation is fine. However after installation and I run Email application, the Email setup always take me to setting up the email of the application that comes which the phone out

  • Push notifications in lumia 520November 30

    Having issues regarding the push notifications. WhatsApp Facebook,twitter etc ..push notifications are not working. Whats the solution for this.Hi rhythmic, Welcome to the Nokia Support Discussions! What's the exact error message & which connection a

  • N8 - Push Notifications?November 30

    I was reading about Nokia Drop on Beta Labs and it says it uses Push Notifications, so no cable or Bluetooth connection is needed. Could someone explain what 'Push Notifications' are please. History: Always Nokia since 1994 including Nokia 2140, 7110

  • Whenever i try and open a social network app it comes up with an error message sayinng "Connect to itunes to use Push Notifications" I have successfully conntected to itunes via phone and computer however this message is still appearing and will not go?October 11

    Whenever i try and open a social network app it comes up with an error message sayinng "Connect to itunes to use Push Notifications" I have successfully conntected to itunes via phone and computer however this message is still appearing and will

  • Ios7 and push notifications and musicOctober 11

    this update is really starting to annoy me now. everytime i go on texts/whatsapp/kik/ anything it tells me to connect my phone to itunes to use push notifications.. so i connected to itunes and got load of songs i didnt want on my phone and no push n

  • Push Notifications to APNS Fail 50% of the TimeOctober 11

    Sending a notification to an iOS device fails half the time with this error:    The Push Notification System returned an Internal Server Error Here is my setup: Free Trial version of Azure Sandbox certificates uploaded to a Mobile Service/Notificatio

  • Sending Push Notifications with Adobe DPSOctober 11

    Question. I'm testing out all the Adobe DPS and Apple options. And one of the things I would like to test is Push Notifications. I followed the iPad publishing guide to be able to get all the certificates so that's ok. Then I was looking for a way to

  • IOS 6.1.4 - Apple Native Email Client - Push Notification is not workingOctober 11

    Hi, I just upgraded to IOS 6.1.4 this morning no issues Upgrade went well. Now My Email Push Notfication is not working. 1. Bussiness Gmail Account - Configured as Exchange 2. Hotmail Account - Configured as Exchange Both Account - Push is ON if some

  • Iphone 4 push notifications not working for any appOctober 11

    hi, Actually I own an iPhone 4 os 4.2.1(8c148). The thing is that push notification for all the apps that support this feature is not working, I've been an iphone user for long time now, so I konw all the stuff about turning on the push notifications

  • IPad 2 push notifications don't work on home wifi networkOctober 11

    I have a new iPad 2 and I'm trying to use imo.im for instant messaging. however, in most cases, I do not get push notifications for new messages at all, and when they do appear, they are delayed by several minutes. I installed the push test app and a

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