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nokia Bluetooth didnt turn ON

  • Nokia E75 to Nokia bluetooth CK-1W car kitNovember 30

    Hi Folks, have seen several posts aboutbluetooth connectivity between E75 and non-nokia bluetooth devices. I bought a car with a Nokia CK-1W car kit in it. Connected beautifully with my wifes Motorola V3 first time no problems. Bought myself a new No

  • To Nokia - Bluetooth problems or 6300 and 3110November 30

    Dear Nokia, Please, please you are killing everyone with your Nokia bluetooth phone incompatiblity. What do you guys intend to do? Do you acknowledge there is a problems. I bought a 6300 when I lost the best Nokia ever phone 6230i. The bluetooth conn

  • Nokia bluetooth headphoneNovember 30

    hey, so i've got his nokia bluetooth handsfree that i sometime use with my macbook. i'm just wandering why when i watch something through safari, as in a clip on youtube, there is not sound output. the same occurs with quicktime and vlc, apparently t

  • Nokia Bluetooth Keyboard SU-8W available in which ...November 30

    Nokia Bluetooth Keyboard SU-8W available in which part of Singapore? I checked Funan shopping maill's Nokia Stall, disapointed that it was small and of course did not find it there. I really want to buy it, please help!Take a look at this http://www.

  • Cannot download Nokia Bluetooth Share App on Lumia...November 30

    I can not download for mobile nokia bluetooth share on lumia 800..... why...... Moderator's note: Post has been edited. More appropriate title was provided.What is the Firmware Revision number? You can try scanning the QR code found on the below link

  • Any Nokia Bluetooth headset with Mute optionNovember 30

    Hello,  I am looking for a Nokia headset with microphone mute option for my conference calls that i attend from my cell phone. I see BH-111 Manual on Nokia website which states it supports this feature.. But wanted to be confirmed before i buy.. Plea

  • HT204387 Is Nokia Bluetooth connect with iPad miniNovember 30

    Is Nokia Bluetooth connect with ipadminiWhat are you trying to accomplish? File transfer is not supported. If your Nokia provides personal hotspot, you should be able to make wifi connection from iPad to use the internet.Read other 2 answers

  • Nokia Bluetooth Remote ControlNovember 30

    Can someone suggest a Bluetooth remote control app that will work with a Nokia touch screen phone? I've tried Phone Remote Control with some success but its not fully touch screen compliant. Thank you in advance.Vectir - WiFi and Bluetooth Remote Con

  • Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset connect to PCNovember 30

    Hi, has anyone tried using Nokia bluetooth stereo headset connect to PC? if yes, which models is working fine.... works for VOIP as well?I don't think they are according to Nokia web page. Lumia 1020, N9, 808 PureView, Windows 7 Pro 64bit Vote NO to

  • Can a E63 use a non nokia bluetooth headset?November 30

    Does anyone know how to pair a non nokia bluetooth head set with a e63? ThanksIve signed up just to say thanks "psychomania" after struggling for nearly 4 days trying to locate the "authorise pairing" which reading from your post shows

  • Samsung Ace Nokia bluetooth headset bh111November 30

    My mobile samsung ace but not conected with nokia bluetooth headset 111bh. In my mobile bluetooth is on but headset not found while scaninghi rohitjain-rj, Your right. The generic bluetooth driver may not accommodate the A2DP, HSP, HFP, and the Audio

  • Nokia Bluetooth Passing Contacts InfoNovember 30

    I recently purchased an Xlink BT device to replace my home phone line. It works great in linking up my cell phone and my wife's so we can use our home phones. The problem is that the bluetooth connections is not passing my contacts info to the caller

  • Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-504 ProblemNovember 30

    Hy, I recently bought myself Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset Bh-504 & a bluetooth device for my laptop. I got told there that i can connect those heatset with my laptop and my mobile, but i could not do that. could i get eany support/help why i could

  • Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-503 is Compatibl...November 30

    Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-503 is Compatible to the Nokia C7 or not !!!! reply me asp... thank youI don't think they are according to Nokia web page. Lumia 1020, N9, 808 PureView, Windows 7 Pro 64bit Vote NO to Nokia - MS -deal.Read other 2 a

  • Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-902 compatibilityNovember 30

    Is Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-902 compatible with SIEMENS headset Gigaset SL56 wich support bluetooth connection??? (http://gigaset.com/shc/0,1935,hq_en_0_127519_rArNrNrNrN,00.html) Solved! Go to Solution.22-Sep-2008 09:08 PM andpol wrote: ...and if

  • Nokia Bluetooth Headset compatible with Nokia Char...November 30

    Hi friends, I need your help...i have a Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-801 and a Nokia N70 with AC-4 charger... My question is...the AC-4 charger works/charge my Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-801 without any problems??? Thanks all =)The original charger is

  • Is Nokia Bluetooth headsets compatible??November 30

    Hi People, I want to buy a Nokia bluetooth headset. for now i like nokia bh-503 and nokia bh-111. Please tell me which of these is compatible with galaxy note...:-)..All Nokia bluetooth headsets are complying with the Bluetooth standards so taken tha

  • Issues with Nokia bluetooth and iOS 5.0.1November 30

    I bought a nokia bluetooth stereo headset bh-503 a few days ago, this worked fine until I decided to upgrade the IOS 4.x to 5.0.1. After that did not return to work. My iPod touch 4 can't recognize the headphones now! Someone had a similar problem? t

  • I have iphone 6 plus and not able to connect with my Nokia bluetooth deviceOctober 11

    not able to connect with bluetooth devicesiPhone only does limited forms of bluetooth connections, such as with speakers. You cannot transfer files from an iPhone to a Nokia phone using bluetooth. What type of Nokia device are trying to connect with?

  • Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-105 E72 problemOctober 11

    Hi I have a problem conecting my E72 with this device.  My last nokia was a 6680 and just worked perfectly with this device.  With my E72, the telephone simply just don't find the device with the bluetooth turned on and i could not connect the teleph

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