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Nokia asha 501 call long lock


    Dear Nokia ASHA 501 users there is a bug left by NOKIA in its ASHA 501 you cant switch OFF the camera sound there is ON?OFF slider which is left at ON mode by NOKIA its disabled at that mode you cant scroll it to OFF the shutter soundIf you cant turn

  • Problem with Nokia Asha 501October 11

    I have recently purchased asha 501 the problem is after recieving few messages it does not recieve more messages for that i have to restart the phone then i can able to recieve the messages .  It happen 3 to 4  times a day . it is not a network issue

  • Email is not working in my Nokia Asha 501October 11

    I have a nokia asha 501 and there is mail. But we cant read the mail. What is the use of giving us an app which not even useful. Moderator's Note: We have changed the title into a subject-related title. This is to keep the forum organized and let oth

  • Is it ok to connect my nokia asha 501 to portable ...November 30

    is it ok to connect my nokia asha 501 to portable micro usb charger? Moderator's Note: the title of this is post has been changed as it is moved from an existing thread.Hi enjesbp, It's perfectly fine to connect your Asha 501 to a portable micro-USB

  • Does Nokia Asha 501 comes with USB cable?November 30

    Does Nokia Asha 501 comes with USB cable? Solved! Go to Solution.No it doesn't, scroll to the bottom of this link "What's in the box" http://www.nokia.com/global/products/phone/asha501-dual-sim/specifications/ Happy to have helped forum in a sma

  • Nokia asha 501 don't download youtube videosNovember 30

    Hello my nokia asha 501 used download youtube videos,nowdays it doesn't instead it just plays them can u help. Solved! Go to Solution.Hi, Richard22. Allow us to verify the issue. You are able to download YouTube videos before, is this correct? Are yo

  • Software update instructions for Nokia Asha 501November 30

    Hey, software update instructions for Asha 501 can be found from here: http://www.nokia.com/global/support/software-update/new-nokia-asha-software-update By default your phone is set to automatically check for updates every 8 days and you will be not

  • NOKIA ASHA 501 SOFTWARE UPDATE(VERSION 14.0.4) MAK...November 30

    HELLO ANY ONE FROM NOKIA I NEED UR HELP ACTUALLY I AM A BIG FAN OF NOKIA BUT NOW I FEEL SO SAD.. I AM USING NOKIA ASHA 501  I got a update notification on screen i updated with wifi after update my phone all apps including browser automatiacly closin

  • Update for Nokia Asha 501.November 30

    When will the update for nokia 501 be available. Solved! Go to Solution.Please release an update. I bought a Nokia Asha 501 in Singapore and the main purpose is to connect to my Nokia 360 speaker. The probe with Asha 501 is that it shows compatibilit

  • Nokia Asha 501 : Can't load this page at the mome...November 30

    Browser is not working  over wifi and error message is shown like this  " Can't load this page at the moment. Please try again later ". Facebook and Whats app are working fine over Wifi. Nokia Asha 501 Product Info RM 902 MCU version 11.1.1 ROFS

  • How to add language arabic for nokia asha 501 rm-9...November 30

    product code 059S9Z8you bring your Nokia Asha 501 to a local but genuine Nokia Care Centre, you explain your issue and they do the rest. Which step creates trouble?Read other 4 answers

  • Nokia Asha 501- Unable to install appsNovember 30

    How can i solve problem on nokia asha 501 which internet browser blank, no store, no network but full signel, unable to install apps, try to restore it restore but without input code. So what to do? Moderator's Note: We have changed the title into a

  • Nokia asha 501 authority certificatesNovember 30

    My nokia asha 501 certificates all except for three [ which cant be deleted ] were all deleted as well as the preinstalled apps like the nokia store and the x press browser... How can i get them back!?? That is the certificates and if possible the ap

  • Nokia asha 501November 30

    My father purchased nokia asha 501 white colour. It looks dull so can we change panel for nokia asha 501 ??? Solved! Go to Solution.Yellow is HERE or a Red one if you are interested hereRead other 3 answers

  • Nokia Asha 501: How to copy & paste??November 30

    Hey there does anybody know how to copy and paste a text (i.e. from a sms or whatsapp) with Nokia Asha 501? For example I am able to copy a text from whatsapp but i wasn't able find a way to copy this text into another whatsapp or sms text.. any help

  • How to install certificate in nokia asha 501November 30

    Nokia asha 501 certificateHi Iidjjdhuhdfh, Welcome to the forum!  App certificates are automatically downloaded when you install apps from the Store. Supported and trusted app certificates can also be downloaded once you updated the phone's software

  • Availability of applications on nokia asha 501November 30

    Nokia asha 501 with fast lane was suppose to be made with all the available features. But certainly this phone is missing some apps people use often i.e, Whatsapp and Instagram. The phone is really good,but would become much better if they launched a

  • Nokia Asha 501 - SyncMLNovember 30

    Hi there, is it possible to sync my contacts and calendar data from OneMediaHub via SyncML to a Nokia Asha 501? Thanks in advance. cheers Solved! Go to Solution.Belwas wrote: Is there another chance to sync contacts and calendar data? Via the cloud o

  • Nokia asha 501 backcover shakesNovember 30

    i have just brought nokia asha 501 ,but when i am typing anything or dialing the number i feel little vibration/shake in back cover, is this normal . Solved! Go to Solution.Go to settings>sounds and vibra>>screen vibra>select the option off, i

  • LINE chat app already support nokia asha 501November 30

    LINE chat app already support nokia asha 501 Moderator's Note: We have moved your post and changed the title into a subject-related title. This is to keep the forum organized and let other forum users easily see and respond to this post.Hmm.. I think

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