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nokia asha 302 security code forgotten

  • Asha 302 security codeNovember 30

    Can anyone help, i hv never changed my asha 302 security code bt it cnt accept the default code wht shud i do?If it doesn;t accept the default and you don;t know what it is then your remaining option is to get it reset at your Local Nokia Care Point.

  • Nokia Asha 302 IssueOctober 11

    How This Method To Change The Display Brightness of Nokia Asha 302? Solved! Go to Solution.It is not possible to change. You can use dark themes from Nokia store. http://http://www.store.ovi.com/publisher/bmbs -------------------If this post helped y

  • Speed of whatsapp with Nokia Asha 302October 11

    I am a long time Nokia fan and wanted to buy Nokia Asha 302. I would prefer having a qwerty physical keypad and this is the best option available in Nokia now. I am using an android phone too with 1.2GHZ dual core processor + 1 GB RAM and 16 GB inter

  • View middle name in contact list, nokia asha 302November 30

    Hello everyone. I have a problem. I have a big contact list and there are contacts with middle names. But I can't understand how can I see contact's middle name in my Nokia Asha 302 contact list. I saw the same problem here: http://discussions.nokia.

  • Nokia asha 302 restarts while video recordingNovember 30

    Nokia asha 302 restarts when I record a video... i also did factory reset bt the problm occurs again... HELP...hi mate, have you also checked that you are up to date with the latest firmware by checking via Nokia Suite on PC?Read other 2 answers

  • Adobe flash lite on nokia asha 302November 30

    how can i download and install adobe flash lite on my nokia asha 302 ? please help me , i want to download and stream videos but some of them needs a flash lite .Mhm. With a Nokia Series 40 phone like yours, Adobe Flash Lite is either integrated with

  • Switching off Nokia Asha 302 tips from NokiaNovember 30

    I bought a Nokia Asha 302 and immediately started receiving tips from Nokia through the tips application. I tried sending the unsubscribe message many times but I still keep getting the tips at least twice a day. It's annonying. What can I do? Solved

  • Nokia 7373 - Security Code ForgottenNovember 30

    Hi, I can't perform a master reset on my phone or delete contacts from the phone as I seem to have forgotten my security code (although I do still know my PIN so can access and use the phone). So far I have tried the following codes: 0000 1111 12345

  • Nokia 2760 security code forgottenNovember 30

    Hello I put a security code on my Nokia 2760 and I have not used it some time  (4 months) because I do not have money to put credit on my SIM card . And now I am trying to use the phone and I can not use it,  it ask me for security code and I do not

  • Forgot nokia c2-02 security codeNovember 30

    i want 2 restore my phone but forgot my security code plz help meHi, may we know the reasons why you want to restore or format the device? What issues are you having with it? Anyway, you may consider inputting 12345 first. This is the default securit

  • Forgot my Nokia c3-00 security codeNovember 30

    Hy i have forgotten my nokia c3 security code i have tried everything like 12345 1234 5555 0000 they all dnt work i have also try the master security code that i got online it doesnt work....pliz help me. Moderator's Note: We have removed personal in

  • I Forgot Nokia 2320c's Security CodeNovember 30

    I decided to lend this phone to a friend and they changed the security code without my knowledge. Now when I boot the phone I am prompted to enter in a security code. I don't know this code, and my friend who I lent it to has forgotten the code. I wa

  • Asha 501 Security Code After UpdateNovember 30

    Hi Nokia, I bought a Nokia Asha 501 on 23rd December, and yesterday only started for the first time use. But unfortunately after the software update,  it's completely locked everything and i can't do anything with it, even the default nokia code 1234

  • I have forgotn my nokia x2-01 security code, where...November 30

    nearest nokia care centre so that i can get my security code backDICKELLION wrote: nearest nokia care centre so that i can get my security code back Check this thread ..Read other 3 answers

  • Security code forgottenNovember 30

    Sir, I own a nokia 2600c model and have forgotten my secirity code...and isn't able to restore my phone and delete the call log etc..pls help..sir! My phone has slowed down due to this.The ONLY way to get it reset to the Default (12345) is to visit N

  • Guys anyone to help me:My device NOKIA-ASHA-302-RA...November 30

    1.I inserted A different memory card&some songs into my device. 2.when i inserted my original memory card..it failed to update it. 3.that problem proceded in an hour and them freezed the phone&finaly my device cant:1.browse internet on internet me

  • Nokia asha 302 deleted sms recoveryNovember 30

    Hi  i accidently deleted an important text message so i really need to retrieve it  anyone has an idea about how to recover deleted text messages? thanksfarby wrote: Is it showing notification like "Your message has been sent to .." or "You

  • Language support nokia asha 302November 30

    hi how can i add russian language to my asha 302? is there any app or programs for this? Solved! Go to Solution.You cannot. There is officially none.Read other 2 answers

  • Security Code forgotten - 1661,Please help me to r...November 30

    Hi Support Team, I gave security code for my mobile.I forgot code and now i cannot use other SIM cards.Mobile shows type SECURITY CODE. Please help me assap. Model-1662-2 Thanks BintoDefault code is 12345 unless changed. Hope this helps. ------------

  • Nokia Asha 302 software updateNovember 30

    Ever since I downloaded an update my phone will not "create a secure connection".  Tries but is unable to.  I'm no phone/software genius so can someone please explain VERY CLEARLY what I need to do. Thank youYou mean secure connection in interne

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