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Nokia AC-3E problem

  • Nokia 5800 screen problems when unlockingNovember 30

    When I unlock my phone, I get horizontal and/or vertical lines - I can't use the phone during this time, because the display is so badly affected! After about 5-10 seconds, the home screen will show perfectly normal.  When I either lock the phone, or

  • Nokia E6 call problem? Is this issue isolated or h...November 30

    Nokia E6 call problem being mentioned here http://forums.reghardware.com/forum/1/2011/06/22/review_smartphones_nokia_e6/ and here http://www.reghardware.com/2011/06/22/review_smartphones_nokia_e6/page6.html and here http://twitter.com/#!/dw2/status/

  • N8 Nokia recognized the problem Power Down-Power U...November 30

    Hi all Nokia assume that a "small" number of Nokia N8 can have a defect that causes the power down and power up problem. See the interview. http://conversations.nokia.com/2010/11/18/evp-niklas-savander-discusses-nokia-n8-quality/ At least a feed

  • Complaint against nokia xl charging problemNovember 30

    i am registering complaint against nokia service and nokia mobile care because of the my nokia xl is not charging properly when charging the phone phone will charging slowly.when restarts the phone shows the actual bettery. i am three time go to the

  • Nokia X6 software Problems !!!November 30

    Hi, I have a lot of problems in Nokia X6 - 16GB software v31.0.004. First: there is a problem in the settings> Application mgr.> installed apps. when opening it closes and goes back to the Menu. Second: a problem in the Gallery> Photos & Vide

  • Nokia asha 202 problemsNovember 30

    This attachment is list of nokia asha 202 problems, Why NOKIA doesn't respond it??? Attachments: nokia asha 202 problems.pdf ‏481 KBNokia consistently work on providing firmware updates to devices to improve their reliability, stability, performance

  • Nokia e5 keypad problemsNovember 30

    MY NOKIA E5 HAS PROBLEM WITH  KEYPAD. For example, pressing the "z" its typing "y" and pressing "y" its typing "z". And other problems with "."   ","    "@"   "?"  etc. What c

  • Nokia c5-03 problems!please helpOctober 11

    hello everyone, please somebody can provide me some valuable suggestions for these problems i m having with my newly bought nokia c5-03, i will be gratefull 2 u all. prob 1:GPS is not working ,it always gives error "WAITING FOR GPS". prob 2:some

  • Nokia c5-03 problemsOctober 11

    hello, I'm using nokia c5-03 for almost 6 months. I hav the following problems , which i couldn't find any solutions 1. .mp4 videos are not smooth in my phone even the videos downloaded from nokia ovi store are not playing well. 2. Phone is tooo slow

  • Nokia C5-03 problemOctober 11

    hi i got nokia C5-03 which as only problom and problem when i use any app like internet browser and games it get close automatily and always memory full but my phone memory is 45 mb free Can any one help meEven plain Google.com? Is your phone new? Di

  • Problem with Flash Lite in Nokia 5800 XpressMusic-Problema con Flash Lite en Nokia 5800 XpressMusicOctober 11

    I've got a problem playing videos in YouTube with my 5800. Recently I updated my version of Flash Lite to 3.1,  from that day I can't see correctly videos on YouTube, when the the indicator of the bar reaches 1/4 of the totallity of the bar, the soun

  • Nokia 500 - GPRS problem after updating to Nokia B...October 11

    Last month after the announcement of update of Nokia Belle to Nokia 500, I have updated the firmware.  And it was successfull and it works fine. But while try to browse the internet in mobile using WAP or Mobile data, I could not do so.  There is a p

  • Nokia 5230 connection problemsOctober 11

    i am using nokia 5230. i have just downloaded and installed PC suite with windows visa 32 bit. the very first time, everything worked fine. i synchronised all the phone contents to PC. now, whenever i connect the phone to PC, it gives me a m

  • Nokia 5800 menu problemOctober 11

    I have a problem with my nokia 5800. A red menu bar keeps flashing up intermittently rendering all other functions useless. i have tried cleaning the screen but it still keeps doing it. any suggestions before i throw it out the window as its driving

  • N8 - Nokia Belle Update Problem.October 11

    So I Have This Strange Problem with my Nokia N8. Last night i was doing that Noka Belle update and every time it Problem Says ( The Device Isn't Connected ) So every time i have to remove the USB And Switch the phone on again and re-try but the same

  • Nokia 5233 messaging problemOctober 11

    I hav amonth old nokia 5233 ,whenever i message more than 3-4 people it gets very slow......during that time i cant open another application....... Is this problem with all nokia 5233 or my cell has a problem? plz help....hey dude see that which memo

  • Nokia N81 Display Problem?October 11

    Hi Guys, I am facing this problem with my Nokia N81 just starting from today. Whenever, I slide it to access the keypad, it's screen turns corrupted with funky lines and random things on the screen. What could be the problem? Could it be the hardware

  • Nokia c3 wifi problem with asda pay as you go simOctober 11

    Any advice greatly appreciated. Bought a brand new nokia c3 on vodafone pay as you go today because I knew that  I would be able to use my Asda pay as you go sim with no problems. Put my Asda sim straight in and everything seems to be in order except

  • FirmWare V6.00 For Nokia X3-02 + Problem !October 11

    Question : Well, I Am Just Wondering When FirmWare V6.00 Will Be Coming To Singapore ? ( Any Clues? Please... I Really Want The Swipe Function ! )  Problem : Um, Just Wondering .... I Go To This Website :http://www.nokia.com.sg/support/download-softw

  • Nokia 6220c. Problems with Gmail.October 11

    I'm having problems running Gmail on my 6220c. I've downloaded the application for the 6220c and installed it successfully in the "My Own" section of Applications. When I try to open Gmail I get the following error message; "java.lang Illeg

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