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  • New nokia 7310October 11

    I have a problem with isync in mac osx and my new nokia 7310. The phone is not supported by isync. In the instruction I read to search the plugin for mac osx for the 7310, but it not exist. How can I do for this problem??? thank you very muchSo after

  • I need your help with Nokia 7310November 30

    Dears, I have a problem with nokia 7310. Numbers seven, eight a nine ( includes their letters ) don´t work. Does somebody know what is happened with it? I tried to update software from nokia.com but nothing didn´t happen. Please help me Barbora, Czec

  • Nokia 7310 supernova unable to connect to Ovi/PC s...November 30

    Advice sought on how to overcome lack on connectivity on our new Nokia 7310 supernova phone tried for 2 days now to connect using CA-101 cable to connect to Ovi/then Nokia PC Suite. Both PC's send message the device is not recognised, when in PC syst

  • My Nokia Asha 200 Social Apps Not WorkingNovember 30

    Hello ,      My Nokia Asha 200 Social App Not Working .. Please Help me .. I Buy Last Day Nokia Asha 200 . Nokia Asha 200 is Nice Model . But it have 2 to 3 error in Asha 200 . So Please Help me . Hi babyboy,  Please could you try to perform a soft r

  • Did anyone create a iSync plugin for Nokia 7310 Supernova???November 30

    did anyone create a iSync plugin for Nokia 7310 Supernova??? Or can anyone teach me how to create plugin for Nokia 7310 Supernova???Any news? I'm in the same situation, I need to sync a Nokia 7310 to my iMac! Any help will be very appreciated.Read ot

  • Nokia drive and other apps for other windows phone...November 30

    i saw on the net abt the pirated versions of nokia s best gps app being used on other windows phones and with partnership of microsoft will there be nokia apps available officially on the marketplace ..? and m confused between nokia 710 and samsung o

  • Nokia 7310 factory settings lost all ringtonesNovember 30

    Hello, I bought a Nokia 7310 Supernova, but a few months later got a phone from my work, so sold the 7300 to someone in my family. Before doing that, I reset it all to factory settings. When I bought the Nokia 7310 in the shop, there were around 20 o

  • Cannot sing in to Nokia Suite or download apps fro...October 11

    hello. I'm trying to download apps on my computer and when I click 'Download via PC' it starts a download but then i get a message 'something went wrong (#400)!' and on nokia suite pops up 'Can't connect to service' etc. Then I tried to sing in on no

  • Nokia e6 check-in app/featureOctober 11

    thanks to evrybody in the house, have being using my nokia e6 for over a year now, earlier dis year i have an hardware issue, so i took it for refix at nokia care centre in lagos nigeria, after d refix, they did wot they call upgrade for me. sinced t

  • Nokia Asha 501 - Some apps are not supportedNovember 30

    i have see some applications are not supported why? Moderator's Note: The title of this post has been edited as it is created as a new topic. Nokia Store wrote: English: You need to update your phone software before you can download this app German:

  • Nokia N8: Post here apps that use the WLAN to help...November 30

    I keep on seeing loads of N8 users who have problems because they keep on getting WLAN connections which causes battery drain.  I do not have this problem myself, but I thought it could be useful for everyone who knows of an application wherever from

  • Nokia c2-02 Facebook app?November 30

    Hi folks. Trying to get a Facebook app on my Nokia but it gave me an error message saying that my phone settings keep asking for permission for something or other and it won't complete the install. To be honest I forget the exact wording but I'm hopi

  • My nokia X6 always quiting apps by it self !!!November 30

    am having this problem since ever , am listening to music , just entered the web in my x6 , then suddnly the music cuts off ! , and i go to musicplayer to see what just happend , my phone quit the musicplayer by it self, not just that , but after i h

  • Nokia N9 64GB ''installed apps'' memoryNovember 30

    Hi, i was wondering is there any way to increase the 4.2GB ''installed apps'' memory or any tweaks that will help? I have been downloading many apps and games until the memory went full. Why can't I install apps and save them under user data or other

  • Nokia 7310 supernova- unable to install an applica...November 30

    Hi all, I recently purchased a NOkia mobile 7310 model and am facing problems in installing a dictionary application of size around 2 MB. I am getting an error message something like "this application can not be installed because the size is too big&

  • Nokia 1020: browse through apps without touching t...November 30

    Hello, Last couple of days my Nokia 1020 starts browsing through all the apps randomly without me touching the screen. Music starts, photo app is opening, etc.. If I go back to the home screen, it starts again and it freeze after a while. The only th

  • Nokia n85 8gb Phone AppNovember 30

    I am looking for a phone app that I can use the camera to take a picture of a celebrity in a magazine and if I dont know who it is a website can tell me. Its is useful in a pub quiz. ThanksI don't think there is such an application  yet. Nokia has a

  • Nokia Mail email client app wouldn't remove Mailbo...November 30

    The following refers to a Nokia E71 Scenario: Having added 2 Windows Live accounts (@msn) to the Nokia Mail app, I decided to also add a Gmail account. I was unable to receive mail from the Gmail account from the outset but more alarmingly, the Windo

  • Nokia 5800 XpressMusic- No Apps show up after upgr...November 30

    My Nokia 5800 XpressMusic shipped with a 4GB memory card. But that was too small for me, I used up almost all of it, only 500 MB is left.  So I bought a 8GB MicroSD HC memory card. I then took the 4GB out and inserted the new one. And then I transfer

  • Nokia 206 no Whats app!November 30

    Bought the single sim version in UK today and it has no whats app! It is locked to 02 network could this be why? By doing *#0000# it brings up the following 206.1 V03.58 RM-873 Does this version now have/support whats app? I thought only dual sims di

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