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nokia 6300 vocabulary files

  • Re: Nokia 6300 and File ManagersNovember 30

    I have d/loaded these apps: Jzipman MobileRar MobyExplorer MiniCommander. They are all supposed to work on my phone (BTW I don't have a PC) but I have no idea as to how to make use of them. I have scoured the net for info but to no avail. Please can

  • How to open .jar files in nokia 6300October 11

    hi, Recntly i downloaded few games to my nokia 6300, its in the jar format, when i tried to open it, i get a promt as file format not supported, Please guide how to access n open a .jar file in my mobile ? ? ? ? keeryou can try to install it via pc s

  • HOW TO READ TXT FILES with NOKIA 6300?November 30

    I mean: I can see pics, video, listen mp3 but I cant read a txt file with Nokia 6300!! is there any application to do so? thanks!!!!!!!thanks well I tried 4 s far and none works. I tried: book_13, read_maniac, tiny-book, plus MobileHeart.com-test-boo

  • Vocabulary files not found nokia 5610November 30

    why can't i install the dictionary files on my 5610? any ideas? i followed the instructions. i copied ce.dat and ec.dat in the folder named "Dictionary" but, dictionary still doesn't runsame here, followed the instruction but still no go.. http:

  • Nokia 6300 - transferring sound filesNovember 30

    Hi, I just bought a Nokia 6300 and pleased with it so far, but I am having a bit of trouble with getting sound files to be recognised. I have successfully transferred .aac and .mp3 sound files to the phone, but when I wish to select one of them as my

  • URGENT!! Nokia 6300 issue please helpOctober 11

    Hi, Basically I turned my Nokia 6300 off the other night and when I turned it back on it starts up as normal, However when I try to put my security code in and press OK it just freezes and wont let me into my phone. I havent forgotten my security cod

  • Nokia 6300 error message when trying to connect to...October 11

    Hello I have owned a Nokia 6300 for several months and have been successfully backing up my phone book data etc via the PC Suite. However I have attempted to connect recently and the software does not recognise the phone stating: "There is a problem

  • Problem With Nokia 6300 USB DATA CABLE OPTION Not ...October 11

    Hi, I have a Nokia 6300 v.5.00. My problem is when I connect my phone using a mini usb cable to the pc, USB Data Cable option on my phone is not highlighted, so I can't use the pc suite mode functions etc. I tried 3 different computers with Windows X

  • Nokia X3 Vocabulary ProblemOctober 11

    hii evry1.. i bought nokia X3-00 mbl 1month back(nov 3rd)... when i went to nearest nokia care ,they updated my mbl s/w.. nw my mbl s/w version z v08.54.... cmng 2 point.. my prblm z wen im typing text its automatically gng to chinese lang.. wen im s

  • Contacts Back Up Nokia 6300 on PC SuiteNovember 30

    I am having problems with PC Suite, I don't seem to be alone! I have had a look through some of the previous posts but can't get the following sorted. I have made a back up of my contacts etc via PC Suite from my Nokia 6300. The problem is viewing th

  • Nokia 6300 - transferring data to new micro sd car...November 30

    I recently purchased a Nokia 6300 and I want to swap the supplied memory card for a 2gb Micro SD card. I was hoping to just copy and paste the data from the standard card that came with the phone but when I tried this, some of the important applicati

  • Nokia 6300, iSync, and Contact Photos-November 30

    Thanks to the following links, I was able to get my new Nokia 6300 to successfully sync with my Mac’s Address Book via iSync: http://klauskjeldsen.dk/2007/06/08/free-nokia-6300-isync-plugin/ http://nokia6300.net/8/new-version-of-the-nokia-6300-isync-

  • Lotus Notes 6.5 and Nokia 6300 problemNovember 30

    Hi All, I'm using Windows XP with SP2 Lotus Notes 6.5.4 Nokia 6300 PC Suite When I try to synch my calendar I get the error: the system cannot find the file specified: local, mail\nllha.nsf. A second error in Dutch "het vereiste gegevenstyp

  • Nokia 6300 bluetooth queryNovember 30

    hi i have a nokia 6300 and am trying to figure bluetooth out i have paired with my wifes phone and she can prowse my files but when i go to paired devices and select her phone the only options i have available is 1.assign short name 2.auto-connect, n

  • Nokia 6300 Photo as themeNovember 30

    I've got a Nokia 6300 and wanted to use one of my photos as a theme. I've tried using Zedge and saving a photo as .nth, but when I want to set it as the theme on my phone, it doesn't work - it says that '1 or more of the elements are invalid' - any i

  • Nokia 6300 Bluetooth driver for Windows 7November 30

    Hey Guys, Since installing Windows 7 Professional, 32 bit, on my ASUS laptop, it won't let me connect to my Nokia 6300 via bluetooth anymore. It was fine with Vista. I've installed PC Suite - that still connects fine. However when I go to connect via

  • Pdf in nokia 6300November 30

    how to install pdf files in nokia 6300?BVB565 wrote: I search this link in German. This page isn't in German. You may use Bing to translate this page - www.bing.com/translator Alternatively, you may access Nokia deutches community on this page at htt

  • Help needed with nokia 6300 pleaseNovember 30

    I have nokia 6300 , I have unstalled many programs on it (like messenger and google earth java files) some of them needs to connect to internet through gprs but they give a message "Subscribe to packet transfer first". But my device connects to

  • Nokia 6300 and windows vistaNovember 30

    I have just upgraded to a Nokia 6300 phone (service provider vodafone)and wish to connect it to my laptop via a USB cable. Cannot seem to find any drivers for windows vista?? Any ideas? Bugsyeeeii...now i find the solution of the problem go to http:/

  • How to make playlist in Nokia 6300November 30

    Hi, I bought nokia 6300 without knowing that it won't allow to make playlist Can anyone help me or is there any way to make playlist of your own choice I guess it should allow to make playlist its very basic thing which is supposed to be in mp3 suppo

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