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nokia 57000 musics express

  • My nokia phone 5220 express musicOctober 11

    my nokia phone 5220 express music does not switch on showing contact serviceAll you can do is contact a nokia care point for service.  You cannot fix it yourself. Care points/service centres and repair info: UK • Europe • Asia-Pacific • USA • Canada

  • Headset HS44/ AD44 (for nokia 57000)November 30

    I have a headset HS44/AD44 which came with Nokia 5700 (Music Express). But after some time of purchase it got defective and buttons on it are not working. I can hear sound but can control it from the remote of headset. Could anyone of you please help

  • Problem with NOKIA 5800 Music ExpressOctober 11

    Hi all, My NOKIA 5800 hasnt been working properly for some time. I can not make a call using my phone book (only if i dial the number i can call) though incoming call can be received. Apart from that, when i try to navigate tomy memory card, i cant a

  • Nokia 5310 music expressNovember 30

    what files can i use becuse ive tryed .sis and thay dont work ? Owner of a Nokia 5310 Music Xpress Thays should put a Warning on this phone Will break in a month .sis are s60 5310 is s40 If  i have helped at all a click on the white star below would

  • Resetting call timers nokia 5800 music expressNovember 30

    i cannot reset the timers in log ->call duration if i try to clear timers the phone asks me for a lock code, i cannot remember if i ever did lock that option. i dont have any lock codes on my phone, the startup is the standart 0000 please helpit shou

  • Is Nokia 5320 Music express phone a symbian modelNovember 30

    Hi, I want to change my phone so pleaseconfirm about the Nokia 5320 is this a symbian S60 phone. So that i can install .sis files or software or not? Please help. ThanksIt is indeed S60. Full specs are here: http://europe.nokia.com/A4995458Read other

  • Nokia 5800 music expressNovember 30

    recently bought a nokia 5800 the bbc iplayer worked no problems then it told my to update i downloaded it now it wont work jusk black screen (trys to load programme but no picture or sound anybody help ja....You are welcome Feel free to press the ora

  • Nokia 5800 music Express lost photoNovember 30

    Hi Gyus, I need help BADLY i have deleted all my photo from image and video,how can get it back its very urgent.....please help... VishwaYou are welcome Feel free to press the orange kudos button on my solution Message Edited by psychomania on 04-Mar

  • Help!!! My Nokia N70 ME headset AD-41 play/pause/f...November 30

    My Nokia N70 ME headset AD-41 play/pause/fw/bw button won't work. I have tried to plug this headset in to the other N70 ME and it's work completely fine. Only on my N70 Me, I can still hear the music but the button of the headset won't work even thou

  • Check in feature disappeared from my Nokia MapsNovember 30

    Hi I used to be able to see the check in icon in Nokia Maps for Express Music 5800. Now that icon has disappeared. How do I get it [email protected] In Ovi Maps v3.06_11wk23_b05 as in this screenshot "Weather" & " Map Reporter" are th

  • Archiving through Nokia Suite goes wrongNovember 30

    please help. i was tryting to archive my messages from the inbox to a  folder i made on the phone. i selected the messages and tryed to move them to that folder. yes, it went wrong, all the selected messages are now in drafts. every message from wher

  • Bad customer service & support for Nokia Penang Se...November 30

    Dear All user or top management of Nokia, I would express my feeling with Nokia Jalan Brawn Service Centre, I was newly brought a Nokia E72 on Dec'2009 and give to my VIP customer as gift, after one month time, he feedback the mic can't function and

  • 5800. GPS getting right and left wrongOctober 11

    Bizarre as this these seem  my Nokia 5800 Music express GPS  has on occasions told me to turn left when it means right and the map is showing right turn and visa versa. Has anyone else that this problem and is there any fix?Yes, Ocassionally with me

  • Ovi map cambodiaNovember 30

    hi, how to get the non-navigaion map of cambodia to my nokia 5800 music express? according to the follwing link the map is available: http://www.nokia.de/ovi-dienste-und-apps/nokia-maps/anleitungen/mapping/coverage i've tried with nokia ovi suite and

  • PC Suite cannot find OutlookNovember 30

    I recently bought Nokia 5530 Music Express, and I want to sync my Outlook 2003 calendar and contacts. I downloaded PC Suite, but it returns the error "PC Sync was unable to locate your Outlook message store." I cannot seem to use browse

  • Application accessNovember 30

    hello. i just recently bought a nokia 5610 xpress music phone and i downloaded a game on it.... nothing fancy just solitare and its a java file.....anyway when i try to open it, i get the message saying "application access set to not allowed"...

  • X3 - 02: Voice activationNovember 30

    Just acquired the X3.  Have been used to making a call by use of Bluetooth headset by pressing a button and saying the name of the person I want to call.  The old method does not work on this model.  Do I have to do something to set up voice activate

  • Lumia 625 concernsNovember 30

    Hi Friends I Got nokia 625 from nokia priority showrrom ,express avenue,chennai on 01-NOV-2013.From the day one, i am facing several issues and the phone gets hang.When i took the phone to the service center , they din't provide me any phone for alte

  • Flash and java games not workingNovember 30

    hi, when i try to play online games that uses flash or java, they wont load, flash games just show the red F, IVE TRIED DOWNLOADING FLASH FROM ADOBE, but that didnt work, ive tried updating my software to the latest version, that didnt work either. i

  • Wireless presenter application profile templatesNovember 30

    Hello, Does anyone know where I can find some templates for the wireless presenter. I would like to control the usual standard programs; acrobat, word, etc. ? Thanks.SALAM TO ALL NOKIA FAMILY. WELL,I NEVER HAD A PROBLEM LIKE THIS OF PC SUITE. SINCE L

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