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Nokia 5300 of Cartifecte how to setting

  • Nokia 5300: please help!October 11

    i have a problem with my nokia 5300 xpress music phone! I can listen to the radio with my headphones, but when i play my music, it only plays via the loudspeakers and not through the headphones!! i've emailed nokia and they've repeatedly advised me t

  • Nokia 5300 - Messagges not saved in Sent folderOctober 11

    I just got this Nokia 5300 and when I send text messages they don't get saved in the Sent Folder. Any idea how to fix that? Thank you.try message settings, Menu>Messaging>Message Settings>General Settings>Save sent messages...change to yes. Ho


    Hey everybody, this is my damn NOKIA 5300 XpressMusic and dont know who changed the security code. Now I m getting 1dum tension, please help me. None of the following gets me off the problem: I need a security code to switch off to switch ON/to enter

  • Security code nokia 5300November 30

    hellooo I have a nokia 5300, but forgot the security code and has not turn on the mobile, because Asks the code! Someone help me? urgente thanksThe factory preset code is 12345. If you have changed it to any other number, you will have to visit a Nok

  • Nokia 5300November 30

    Hi! My nokia 5300's manu button and navigation buttons are not working. How to solve this problem? Thanks,You could try removing the battery from the phone and leaving it out for at least 10 minutes before trying the phone again. If this does not wor

  • Install games in nokia 5300November 30

    hi. i´ve bought a nokia 5300 but i do not know how to install games on ti. i´ve got nokia pc suite 6.8. when i download games there are to files, on with .jad extension and another with .jar extension. help me please!There's two way: 1-If you've alre

  • Nokia 5300 chinese language setting missingNovember 30

    My phone is Nokia 5300 Express Music. The first time i'm using Nokia PC Suite, going to update some software. The software is firewall update. After updated, i realized my phone language setting is changed. Chinese and Malay language is gone and othe

  • Nokia 5300 - Hard reset?November 30

    Hi all, I've got a problem with my Nokia 5300 XpressMusic (S40 phone). While searching for a good synchronisation tool (the Nokia Sync isn't really my piece of cake), one of those third-party tools I tried has been able to mess up my phone. The OS an

  • Nokia 5300 XpressMusicNovember 30

    Hi There.... I have a problem with my nokia 5300 xpressmusic...when i write a sms and the wordbook don´t know a specific word, then it want´s to store the word, but then when i write another sms this word that i´ve just saved, is just gone from the w

  • Nokia 5300 ringtone problemNovember 30

    Hi, i recently bought a Nokia 5300, and for some reason, i am not able to play certain ringtones. Most don't work and the error message that it gives me is "File size too large" which i don't really understand.. why there would be a limit on the

  • SMS on Nokia 5300 not working, helpNovember 30

    I have a nokia 5300 and have done smoething to it now it wont send text messages, instead of sending they sit in the outbox and when message details is opened it says message pending, anyone got any ideas on how to stop this? i have gone through all

  • Nokia 5300 "Error in Connection"November 30

    Hi, I am having trouble with my Nokia 5300 phone recently.  At certain places where i stay at, my phone will experiece the "error in connection" problem.  I bought this phone overseas and currently use AT&T as my service provider.  At home m

  • Lost memorycard password nokia(5300)November 30

    i am using nokia 5300. i lost my memory card password(iam using micro SD)......normally working in my phone but iam not able to use my card in another phone............(when iam using this memory card in another phoneit is asking for passwod) pls hel

  • My nokia 5300 keeps turning itself offNovember 30

    Help my nokia 5300 keeps turning itself off. It won't let me read my messages. Everytime I press the key to read my messages it just goes off. I only had it about 6 months!!!Hi, The phone software of your N5300 got corrupted or messed up. It's either

  • Help needed for moving sms.Nokia 5300 Xpress MusicNovember 30

    I'm using Nokia 5300 XpressMusic, is it possible or any ways for me to move or copy my inbox messages stored in the phone to my 2G Micro Sd Card?~ thanks.Not a feature of S40 devices to designate memory card as SMS storage AFAIK, so you might have to

  • Nokia 5300 new FW flashing- important!November 30

    before you start flashing new FW, you !must! deactivate your PIN code for error free flashing new FW with no error reports. everything is possibleHi, I have recently updated my 5300 with v5.51. I really dont want to update my phone but i have lost my

  • Nokia 5300 & Hs-16 HeadsetNovember 30

    i just got a Nokia genuine HS-16 headset for my nokia 5300 . inside the box u find 3 cables , 1x AV 2.5mm,1 X AV3.5mm , 1 x 3.5mm . So i used the Nokia AV 2.5mm cable & when i connect it nokia would display "enhancement not supported" the on

  • Nokia 5300 Xpress Music editionNovember 30

    Hi, Lately my Nokia 5300 as having some software problems,  theMusic Player application doesen't work properly, i try to start it, it refreshes the librar, then it shows me the Music Player starting message an then it starts to refresh the library ag

  • Firmware for NOKIA 5300November 30

    I have two questions. 1) What are the differences between firmware V 3.39 and V 5.0 for Nokia 5300 phone? 2) When i try to add a contact to a sms which is being written, only the name of the contact is added, instead of both name and phone number! Wh

  • Problem transfering photo from Nokia 5300 to MacNovember 30

    I am unable to transfer photos from my new Nokia 5300 to my MacPro. As soon as i connected the data transfer via USB, iPhoto opened up and give the option of transfering, but when i click start, it does not transfer at all. And make my computer hang

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