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nokia 5220 dead solution

  • Nokia 5220 DEADNovember 30

    I use Nokia 5220. I was typing sms, when my phone run out of battery energy. When I tried to turn on it after charching it shows only white screen and no conection. When I tried to connect over usb and reinstall software, but reached "7min left"

  • Permissions in Nokia 5220November 30

    I was wondering if there was any way I could remove my phone from asking for permission if I would like to give permission to an application (KD Player) to read/write data ? I have installed KD player and whenever the album art comes up it asks for p

  • Nokia 5220November 30

    Bought Nokia 5220 on 05/04/2009 for Rs. 7812.00. Since upgrade to OS version 7.23, I have been having problem with phone. Initially, musicplayer does not work later, phone restore factory setting itself, and now it is not even starting. Almost, four

  • Re: Problem with NOKIA 5220 XpressMusicOctober 11

    I bought a NOKIA 5220 XpressMusic a few days back . Evrything seemed fine , but suddenly I could not access my memory card. It says "Memory card has to be formatted" and then peration failed". Memory card doesnt show up on the computer also

  • Blocking Unwanted calls in Nokia 5220November 30

    Hi all Im new to this discussion board.... I want to ask ... Is there any software to block unwanted calls in nokia 5220 XpressMusic.... I tried Handy Blacklist,but it aint worked..i mean .sis format isnt supported... any alternate or other software

  • Nokia PC Connectivity Solution slow launch of Offi...November 30

    Hello , I work as IT support for a company. I have a problem with Nokia PC Connectivity Solution software that came with Nokia_PC_Suite_rel_6_86_9_0_eng_web and also with new Nokia_PC_Suite_rel_7_0_8_2_eng_web. Installation of this software cause all

  • Nokia 5220 error..November 30

    my nokia 5220 has a problem in displaying message. once i recieved a quote from my friends it usually have spaces in between but in my phone it has no SPACES!  for example: always rmmber dat u can nver find a perfect partner to love u d way u wanted,

  • Serious Problem with My Nokia 5220 XpressNovember 30

    Good Morning. i've got my nokia 5220 Xpress updated using the software included by PC-suite for the newer version. two days after, the phone collapsed, shutdown, and when am trying to turn it on, he shutdown again after showing the logo of nokia (the

  • Nokia 5220 xpress musicNovember 30

    my phone model is nokia 5220 xpress music and the problem is it is not turning on properly it is showing main screen for a single second and then switch off again.what should i do.can u help me.Remove the battery for a couple of minutes..insert and

  • Nokia 5220 Xpress Music Message Notification On Sc...November 30

    Recently bought a Nokia 5220 Xpress Music phone and I am a little disappointed to say that when the phone is in screensaver mode or energy saver mode (black screen) it does not display a notification that there is a message. The average user has the

  • Nokia 5220 XpressMusic Bluetooth problemNovember 30

    Good morning: I bought a Nokia 5220 a month ago, but since 3 or 4 days ago, I can't connect my phone with other devices. I was trying to send some ringtones, but the connections always fails... and, when I try to add a new device, the phone asks me a

  • Nokia 5220 opera mini and widsetsNovember 30

    hey guys , im new here,last year i bought NOKIA 5220 xpress music my GPRS is working, but when i enter an address or site, "link not available, try again later" appears. and i cannot use internet applications such as Opera mini and Widsets faile

  • Nokia 5220 MusicXpress HOW TO INSTALL BASIC SOFTWA...November 30

    Hello all, m having Nokia 5220 MusicXpress and unfortunately when i tried to get GPRS settings I lost my basic applications n softwares like  Calculater, Musicplayer etc.... feom my cellphone... and whenever i try to listen the song it plays but i ca

  • Web based Applications in Nokia 5220 xpress musicNovember 30

    Hi I recently bought this phone (Nokia 5220) but I am unable to run web based applications like opera mini flickr and cellity . The problem is although I can access internet through the phone browser I am unable to access the web through these applic

  • Macromedia Flash Player in Nokia 5220November 30

    Hi I just bought Nokia 5220 Xpressmusic and in the features it say that it has Macromedia Flash Player When I tried to Play the videos that I downloaded from www.youtube.com it says Unsupported file format Can any one help me pleaseThe specs: http://

  • Hard format code for nokia 5220November 30

    is there anyone who tell me about hard format code for my mobile.ie. nokia 5220 xpress music ,a problem has encounterd in it gets auto off so plzz tell me how can i sort that problem.The 5220 XpressMusic is a series 40 phone, so you cannot hard reset

  • Nokia 5220 drops pleer control (AVRCP) on bluetoot...November 30

    I use Nokia 5220 with Nokia BH-503 Headset, after upgrading from 5.20 to 7.23 appear next problem: while listen pleer AVRCP work's ok, but after pause pleer more than 5 seconds AVRCP connection a dropped and remote control from headset tophone pleer

  • Nokia C7 Dead after turn off, never turn onNovember 30

    Help me with this problem. I've bring the phone to shop and they sent to nokia care but after i got home. the problem arise again. Now i've been disconnect about 2 days. The phone would not turn on anymore.I have bring the phone to shop as I faced sa

  • Nokia C7 - dead pixel on E-mail widget?November 30

    I do not know whether you have noticed that or not, but it seems to me like there is a dead pixel on Nokia E-mail widget ... Is it only my C7 that has this issue? Has anyone else noticed anything similar? If you want to thank someone, just click on t

  • Nokia 5220 blinks and won't turn onOctober 11

    Hello everybody, I've got a problem with my 5220 phone. Yesterday evening it was operating fine, but today alarm didn't fire in the morning and when I tried to turn it on, it showed me the Nokia logo and then just started blinking with approximately

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