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nokia 5130 nokia icon and power off

  • Nokia N8: Possible Power Saving Mode BugOctober 11

    Dear All,  For the past week, I've change the way I use my Nokia N8. I decided to set it up in power saving mode during the evening. There is no point for it to be on 3.5G if nobody is using it. Unfortunately, I seem to have hit a problem. At the mom

  • Nokia lumia 610 power button problemOctober 11

    Hi, It has been more than a year since i have been using my nokia lumia 610 but from few days i have been experiencing a problem with my phone . sometimes power button becomes too sensitive and it becomes like a touch button , Also , it turns off by

  • Nokia n8 no powerNovember 30

    well well well,,here we go,,,n8 was working fine and i was happy,,until,,,had the phone on the nokia car charger on the way to work,,unplugged it,,and noticed screen was black,,now i cant turn it on or charge it,,,what a dissapointment knowing that i

  • Nokia 6210 Navigator power upNovember 30

    Hi, I dropped my phone while it was ringing. It seemed like nothing happened to it, because i picked it up and answered the call. While i was in the call, i got disconnected and the phone displayed "Please insert a SIM card". So i turned it off,

  • New Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Power Adapter "Hizzing"November 30

    My girl and I upgraded and got brand new Nokia 5310 XpressMusic phones today. I just noticed a slight "hizzing" sound coming from the power adapters when the phones aren't plugged in for charging. When you do charge the phones, the "hizzing

  • Nokia 2760 problem: power off resets group members...November 30

    I've just bought a Nokia 2760, which so far I'm pretty pleased . There is only one point I should like to know whether it is working as designed or I missing some step to make it work correctly.  I have no problem assigning members cards recorded on

  • Nokia Lumia 1020 power consumptionOctober 11

    Hello, On 5th of October 2013 I bought from Vodafone Romania a Nokia Lumia 1020. OS version: 8.0.10328.78. Firmware revision number: 3049.0000.1330.1001. Manufacter Name: RM-875_eu_hungary_298. I'm syncing Microsoft Account daily (contacts only, no e

  • Nokia asha 200 - Power IssueOctober 11

    Hi , i took nokia asha last year, the phone was in good condition but all of a sudden my ph was getting hanged , i would remove the battery and switch it on again..... now am unable to use the ph itself as it get hanged and sometimes switched off if

  • Nokia Lumia 2520 Power KeyboardNovember 30

    Hey Everyone. I have a slight problem. I recently purchased this tablet (Nokia Lumia 2520) because I was looking for neither a tablet or laptop. I wanted both. So I came to contact my Verizon dealer, who recommended this tablet because "It comes with

  • Nokia N8 -not power-November 30

    I'm having a problem in my Nokia N8. Bought it in the USA. The Nokia N8, hung up and won't turn on anymore. Nokia of Brazil, said he cannot give guarantee, however, I believe that Nokia will help me please. Thanks. *Sorry my english. As I said before

  • Nokia e5 got power off and came up on ly after fir...November 30

    i baught a nokia e5 after two days it went down permanently and i have to take it to nokia care where they have to reload the firmware. aafter 10 min it went down again and then the nokia care guy told that it needs to be sent to head office. i think

  • Nokia 6700 wont power upNovember 30

    I have just downloaded the most recent software for my Nokia 6700 Classic. I am now unable to switch it on.  Screen stays blank with a couple of flashes with a line across the screen.  Can anyone advise?  This phone is now over a year old.Try removin

  • Nokia 6233 - Auto Power Off?November 30

    Is it possible for the Nokia 6233 to shut down automatically? We have installed them into all our trucks, but when the ignition is turned off, the phone stays on. Is it possible to make the phone shut down automatically after 5 minutes? Help!!!!!!Sor

  • Nokia 5310 ExpressMusic power down at randomNovember 30

    Hi, got this 5310, bought in Thailand, got new danish software on it, and just updatet it, with the neweste software update, but the damn thing, just power down at random, even with a fully charged battery. Help meQuote from: Grayone on 05-January-07

  • Nokia e75 disabling power saving/time outNovember 30

    I want to disable the screen back light turning off but in the settings I can only make it time out from 5 to 90 seconds, don't see a way to make it 0 or never, any way to turn this "feature" off [email protected], this may well be a solution,

  • Nokia C7 Bug ListNovember 30

    - Remote drives doesn't open jpg and mp4 files...it only "live opens" with mp3. I tried this with my own WebDAV service and with 4shared and the same thing happens so it's an application error. - Screen/keylock time-out: 1 minute as the minimun

  • Nokia 6300 d worst phone i've ever hadNovember 30

    hello ppl, i bought 6300 last year in may, after few months it started with random reboots, nokia care ppl kept it for about a month, after few days it was back again with reboots!! now the situation is so dat, the phone doesn't start even! the scree

  • 6300 power saver & sleep modeOctober 11

    Hello, My problem is that after only one week that passed after I bought a Nokia 6300 my power saver and sleep mode stopped working. I tried turning them on and off or even put one on "off" and the other one "on" but it seems they just

  • Booklet: clean install Windows 7 Starter on Kingst...October 11

    I bought a Kingston SSDNow V+180 SVP180S2/64G 64GB to replace the original HDD. I had a lot of trouble cloning the drive (or actual the restore operation). Both restoring the Windows partition and the System partition failed. I decide to start from s

  • Applications aren't availableNovember 30

    hi i'm using nokia n8 you should know that nokia have no power to make market of application and games look at android and i phone millions of great games and apps are available, but in nokia just few great games temple run, NFS UNDERCOVER (original

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