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  • Nokia 500 - GPRS problem after updating to Nokia B...October 11

    Last month after the announcement of update of Nokia Belle to Nokia 500, I have updated the firmware.  And it was successfull and it works fine. But while try to browse the internet in mobile using WAP or Mobile data, I could not do so.  There is a p

  • Nokia 500 and Belle Refresh: browser issues.October 11

    Greetings. The Belle Refresh was indeed a welcome refresh for this low-to-midrange phone. However, there is a serious issue with the browser. With the update to Qt 4.8, you inherited QtWebKit, an amazing browser I know very well. In a desktop, it's f

  • Microsoft apps for Nokia 500October 11

    when the Microsoft apps will be made available for Nokia 500? Solved! Go to Solution.Hi Deepakramana, I have had Microsoft Apps and the subsequent Microsoft Office installed on my Nokia N8 with Belle Refresh, and it has worked perfectly without a hit

  • Nokia 500 symbian belle w/ NFC support?October 11

    i wonder if i upgrade to symbian belle on my nokia 500, will it able to add NFC support? TY Nokia user since 2004. Owned 3310, 1100, 3300, 6600, 6300, 5310, 5130, N79, 5800. Owns: 6230 (still alive) and 500.... Solved! Go to Solution.Well the Nokia "

  • Can nokia 500 play angry Birds?November 30

    It runs on anna....will it b able to play a b?Extreme_farabi wrote: But Ray...samsung Galaxy has 4 inch display and Samsung Galaxy mini has 3.14 inch display...dis Both can smoothly Run angry Birds...  The version of Angry birds for the Galaxy S has

  • Will Nokia Belle Refresh Update come to Nokia 500 ...November 30

    Please tell me will Nokia Belle Refresh update come to Nokia 500. Solved! Go to Solution.http://discussions.nokia.com/t5/Nseries-and-Symbia​n-Smartphones/Belle-Feature-Pack-1-for-the-N8/m-p/​... It's known that Nokia Belle FP1 is available only for N

  • Nokia 500 wi-fi problemNovember 30

    Hi all. My Nokia 500 can't find any wi-fi connection after Belle upgrade. It won't pass the "searching wi-fi network" message. Really don't know what to do since it should be a simple task. Any ideas?Hi weblira Welcome to Nokia forum!  Try doing

  • Cannot upgrade my Nokia 500 to BelleNovember 30

    Hi There, I'm trying to update my Nokia 500 to Belle but I get an authentication error. I'm usign Nokia Suite v 3.7.22 in Windows 7 x64. Please any idea ? Thanks in [email protected] Can you remember what error message was in more detail? Was it "can

  • Nokia 500 Security code errorNovember 30

    Yesterday I switched on my Nokia 500 with pin code and security code with out any trouble,but after few minutes  it restarted and security code is not accepted, ,I can answer the incoming calls, but i cant connect it to nokia suit help me with this ,

  • Nokia 500 security codeNovember 30

    when i switch on my nokia 500, it always ask the security code. so, please give me steps to off this setting.i want that mobile should not ask the code while switching on.Please take following steps & you will get solution 1# go to menu> tools >

  • Nokia 500 belle updates please?November 30

    if i was not mistaken, symbian anna or should we say symbian ^3 phones should be able to get belle updates on q4 of 2011 but it was postponed and was moved on q1 2012 which is january to be specific, with great courage ang faith to nokia, we users wa

  • Nokia 500 Problem with Tracking mode and touch sc...November 30

    Hi, I just bought Nokia 500 and I am having lot of problem 1. When I use navigator..it should be in tracking mode not in browing mode so I can see where i am going on where is the turn. But as soon as it calculate the route, withing few second it aut


    Hi i have a NOKIA 500 BELLE and in my app PHOTO EDITOR i have hundreds of photos i dont want and its taking up alot of memory is there anyway to delet thoes photos?Hi lesliejansen,  The pictures displayed in your phone's Photo Editor application are

  • New games for Nokia 500November 30

    Hi. When will nokia make some new hd games for nokia 500. Angry birds and fruit ninja are only popular.Never, as Symbian is now in maintenance mode and will not see any more firmware updates in the future. the big name developers have already moved a

  • Belle Update for Nokia 500November 30

    Anyone know when the Belle update is coming for the Nokia 500. Proud Owner of a Nokia (1Ghz Nokia Belle Device). "One does not simply buy a Nokia." "iPhone falls = Screen breaks | Nokia falls = floor breaks"Nokia belle release has been

  • Problem installing DivX codec on Nokia 500November 30

    I have a nokia 500. I'm trying to install DivX codec to play HD Video files. But when I install DivX player, I can't go to main menu. The main menu turns down. Have anyone tried installing DivX codec or any other codec on nokia 500 to play HD Videos?

  • Belle for Nokia 500November 30

    any chance that belle will be available as soon as possible to Nokia 500 users worldwide that can fix a lot of issues with 500 like the constant restar, hangin, the low memory message with camera app and the system error with maps app and the system

  • Belle for Nokia 500 is available and there;s nothi...November 30

    Belle update is available for my Nokia 500 and in m y country but Nokia suite says there's no updates available what should I do ? http://europe.nokia.com/find-products/nokia-belle-update/nokia-belle-update-availabilityExactly the same problem. Did y

  • Will have nokia belle for nokia 500 the forgotten ...November 30

    Really, I had a little disappointment when I bought my nokia 500. I expected to find impressive transition effects when changing between menus or when I bend the phone (changing view landscape/portrait)... Surely, these effects will not be available

  • Sleeping screen on Nokia 500November 30

    why is Sleeping Screen not supported in nokia 500 belle? I downloaded on my 500, but not running properly. display is only shown for a second while unlocking. is it due to hardware restriction?i have the same problem...... please nokia ANSWER!!!!!!!!

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