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Nokia 2700 user certificate download

  • Need a firmware for (Nokia 2700 classic)November 30

    Hi, I am facing problem with my device i have installed 9.98 version firmware . The firmware has the following problems: 24/7 music library is under update process. The always allow permissons to java app for data and netwok acces is not available. I

  • To update my ph0ne nokia 2700November 30

    Please help me to update my nokia 2700 phone software.i really don't know and i still can't download any map even sinec the app became free...that's very frustrating as any other app works fine i'll buy a new micro sd the only thing that i'm thinking

  • Nokia 2700 java apps can't connect to internet ( g...November 30

    java apps like opera mini , ebuddy what want internet connection to work can't connect to internet in my nokia 2700 ! pls can anyone help me ??Alert types yes Customization Download MP3, Video Ringtones, Video, Type Polyphonic, MP3, video tones Vibra

  • Nokia 2700 bluetooth key sequence (broken display)...November 30

    Hi all, I have a nokia 2700 thats screen is broke after i dropped it. I need to get some things off and need to know the key sequence for turning on my bluetooth so i can browse it with my mac, i tried to download a plug in but need isync which i don

  • Nokia 2700 Classsic Picture SMS ProblemNovember 30

    Hi I'm using Nokia 2700 Classic. I've a problem with Picture SMS. When I receive a Picture SMS and I wanna forward it as Picture SMS the cell phone make this sms as MMS and I can't send it as SMS. And my service provider charges for MMS. While in Pic

  • Nokia 2700 loss network connection!November 30

    On the new phone Nokia 2700 classic (after official upgrade to firmware ver. 09.95) periodically disappears icon of a signal of a network, after a while phone show the message "Error of registration of a sim card" and an inscription "there

  • Nokia 2700 Ovi synchronize contacts settingsNovember 30

    hello all, I have a new Nokia 2700 and I'm trying to synchronize the contacts from OVI account to this mobile. In "Settings" -> "Configuration" -> "Personal config sett" I've added a "synchronisation" having t

  • C7 nokia facebook app installation download failNovember 30

    Just got a nokia C7. Went to download the facebook for Nokia in the Ovi Store; it downloaded then said that there was an error in the installation. ' Try Download again or Contact Customer Help Service'. It wont download properly without an error. ho

  • Nokia 808 Pureview- No downloading from Nokia Musi...November 30

    Guys, I just got a Nokia 808 Pureview about 20 days back after a fantastic 2 years with my N8 (on Anna). Initially, I was downloading music fine. But one day, I tried downloading music from PC. I logged on to ovi.music.com using my Nokia ID, and trie

  • How to Reset my Nokia 2700 ClassicNovember 30

    how can i reset my nokia 2700 classic Moderator's note: We have amended the title of this post and its replies as it was moved from another board. Solved! Go to Solution.8855942 wrote: how can i reset my nokia 2700 classic Being an S40 device you can

  • My Nokia 808 can't download some apps. Why?November 30

    It seems my nokia 808 can't download some apps, especially the Utilities, such as Nokia DieXie, Battery Optimiser Lite etc. It keeps showing 'Download error!' Does anyone know why? Can someone help? Thanks.This is the iPhone in Enterprise > Integrati

  • Has anyone used the Nokia 2700 as a modem with the Macbook 10.6.7November 30

    I have managed to sync my Nokia 2700 classic GSM handset to my Macbook through iSync. How can I use the phone as a modem if I have a 3G mobile service? Many thanks in advance, Dileeplouisfromleonia wrote: Has anyone used the macbook air superdrive co

  • I cant update my nokia 2700 classicNovember 30

    I corrently have software version 9.97 I dont know if there is a newer version bcus any time i try to update it shows no new software update available please help me bcus my dosnt last anymore with version 9.98 Moderator's note: This post is edited a

  • Unable to Send Emails - Nokia 2700November 30

    i can't send emails on my nokia 2700 for the past 3weeks now but can receive them what could be the problem?am so desperate to sort this out as its frustrating me.Plz help Moderator's Note: The subject was amended as the post was moved to the correct

  • My nokia 2700 classicis not an internet ready anym...November 30

    my nokia 2700 classic is not an internet ready anymore. how can i fix it? i cant get a new configuration setting  through requesting from smart. help me pls....Do you use SMART (Philippines) as network operator? Then please, go to Menu » Settings » C

  • How to increase the speed of nokia 2700 classicNovember 30

    Hi guys, iam using a nokia 2700 classic.when i click on the menu option,the menu appears after a second.iam using firmware version 9.95 someone help me pleaseClear browser cache. If u've large no of messages >500 on the phone then delete them. Move t

  • Nokia 2700 batteryNovember 30

    I have the Nokia 2700 classic almost two years, recently the battery is get often empty why this is happend?Hi NaveTseva, Here are some tips that may help you: http://discussions.nokia.com/t5/Pool-of-Knowledge/Maximize-battery-performance/m-p/431669/

  • Can anyone post me a screenshot of nokia 2700 clas...November 30

    Hello I had an microSD card in my nokia 2700 classic. One day i dropped my phone and screen got crackled. The problem is that i set up before microSD password in this phone, but now I can't access to this SD card because first i must remove the SD ca

  • Nokia 2700 disconnects from computerNovember 30

    Hi, I have purchased nokia 2700 and attached it with my computer on Fedora 10. The mobile disconnects from the computer when I recieve a call or message. This is very unusual for me, as it should not be disconnected and should remain attached with my

  • Moto g android phone 4.4.4 does pronpt for certificate downloadNovember 30

    Anyone know how to force android phone to prompt user for certificate download? We don't experience any problems with iphones. Just select SSID , enter active directory user ID, enter password and it will prompt for certificate download. Once downloa

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