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Nokia 2626 call timer show

  • My Nokia 2626 FM Radio songs are not being savedNovember 30

    Respected Sir, I have a trouble which needs to be discussed with your kind honor that, How can I be facilitated with saving options of My Nokia 2626 FM Songs. Waiting for your kind response. Have a good luck & thanx. From Sharafat Ali BalochNot sure

  • Nokia 2626 problemNovember 30

    Hi! I have one problem with my second phone Nokia 2626. When I start my phone nokia 2626 apear on the display " car kit icon" but he not exist, is not connected! I can't use the phone, because when I make one call I can't hear my friend at speak

  • Nokia 2626 connect to pcNovember 30

    Hi! Is there any posibility to connect 2626 to PC via USB cable? I try it with CA-42 and FBUS cable on Com 4, PC find it as Nokia 2626(RM-291) but cant make any operations.Try different types versions of software (Mobiledit, MobiMB,Oxygen,Nokia PC Su

  • NOKIA 2626 My MIDI FilesNovember 30

    why cant nokia 2626 play midi files? i have try to download some midi music files, and they play in windows media player, but when i transfer the file via wap... it tells, file corrupted.... how can i play ths one? coz if i put mp3 files, my memory c

  • Nokia 2626 modem driverNovember 30

    Plz tell me to download modem(Driver) for nokia 2626 so that I can use internet on my computerThere isn't a modem driver because the 2626 cannot be used as a modem. You need a more advanced model for that feature.Read other 2 answers

  • Usb cable software for nokia 2626November 30

    How to connect nokia 2626 with pc. please advise correct software support.About my problem above, i followed the process below which is written in the user guide : "So that you can use a connection by cable, a pilot of cable of data USB must be insta


    My old Nokia 2626 is giving me headache. Though it had been worked upon many times by local repairers. Whenever I press the configuration submenu to check the internet setting, the phone will go off momentarily and power on after some seconds by itse

  • Nokia 2626 entered into Test Mode. How to recover?November 30

    Hi friends, My Nokia 2626 phone gone into TEST MODE and not coming back. I switched off and on several times by removing batter. I tried switching it on without SIM card. but nothing helps me to recover it. It keep on displaying the words "Test Mode&

  • Nokia 2626: Conference Call "Not Allowed" ... Why?November 30

    Hi, I have a Nokia 2626. When I try to  make a conference call by either of the two ways, I get a "Not Allowed" response. a. Put the present call on hold by pressing Options -> Hold. I get a "Not Allowed" response. b. Press Options

  • Nokia 2626 and voice volumeNovember 30

    Hi, I have the yeling phone! The problem is, that the person´s voice (who calls or to whom I´m calling)is been heard loud? Everyone around me can hear his or hers voice. I can´t find a proper option at the control menus. The loudspeaker isn´t on.Whil

  • Help me please nokiaNovember 30

    can nokia 2626 connect to computer? how can i download mp3 to the phone{nokia 2626}? what is packet data?http://www.nokia.co.uk/A4275276 YOu cannot connect it to computer, you can only get ringtones over the air and you need data service from your op

  • Nokia 2600 Classic Latest Software VersionNovember 30

    Hi, I have Nokia 2600 Classic. It is RM-340 and the version is 6.82. I have heard that there is a latest version, i.e, 7.60. So, what's new in 7.60? And, the current version that i have (v6.82) doesn't show time in main screen with keypad locked (wit

  • Nokia 2610 Screen Blacks OutNovember 30

    could someone please let me know how to stop my 2610 screen "going black" after about 25 seconds. It seems to be a sort of power / screen saver mode.31-Jul-200707:23 PM friday07 wrote: No, it's not so obvious. I have the same problem and have se

  • Nokia C7 Insert Sim Card ProblemNovember 30

    Hi, I got my c7  and there are two points I need to discuss 1) after 2 days I have faced  insert sim card problem , Please let me know if this can be fixed , how it can be fix or should I contact Nokia SC  has anybody faced this problem before or it

  • 2626 screen way too darkNovember 30

    I am working in China and recently bought a Nokia 2626 here. The problem I have with it is that the screen is a dark brown color, and when then sun is quite bright here, then I cannot see what is on the screen at all, when the sun is out. :-( Is it p

  • What's this number 2 in the top left of the screen...November 30

    Hi there, I'm just starting playing with my new Nokia 2626. Surprisignly a number "2" appeared on the top left of the screen and I was wondering what it could mean and how to remove it... Thanks for the reply cheers NJhey there... i'm not sure i

  • No signal after 50 km from the use areaNovember 30

    Dear friends, my phone (Nokia 2626) is not recieving signal when I travel and leave my home, especially after say 50 km.   It becomes just dead.  The destination and passing areas are well covered by service provider towers. To my shock, everyone els

  • Opera Mini problem with E72November 30

    Hi all.. This is my first post here. I can't use Opera mini web browser at all! It loads and finally throws up the following error: "Failed to connect to the Internet." It's frustrating coz I was (am) able to use Opera mini without any glitch on

  • Any comments on the february adobe update?November 30

    has anyone used the adobe update released in february for their macbook pro?Yup.. Quite aware of that! But the frustration is killing!! Nokia 1108, Nokia 2626, SE k750i, XpressMusic 5220, N73 Music edition, E72.Read other 5 answers

  • Electro magnetic radiationNovember 30

    Is there a list of all nokia's with the radiation produced? i found one for almost all phones but not all nokia's i wanna know the radiation for the N96 This is very interesting! most people never think about it but some phones have insane high radia

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