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nokia 2280 to gsm

  • Nokia 2280(CDMA to GSM ConversionNovember 30

    Dear concern, Is it possible to convert NOKIA 2280 from CDMA to GSM handset( by changing any Software/hardware)?? I have NOKIA 2280 CDMA handset. Now i want to convert it to GSM.Is it possibel? Thanks ASHRAFmy phone model no. is 2280 cdma RH-17MA and

  • What Configuration/Profile should use for Nokia 2280 ?November 30

    I got a mobile phone Nokia 2280. In the box is written "Supports J2ME". In the Nokia website and java.sun.com, I can't find information about the configuration, profiles or APIs that i could use to write apps for this phone. Did anyone already w

  • Nokia 5030 and GSM 850/1900October 11

    Hi, My brother bought a Nokia 5030 phone for his trip to the USA, on the Nokia website at http://europe.nokia.com/find-products/devices/nokia-5030/specifications Nokia 5030 according to specifications it support the following frequencies: EGSM 900/18

  • Nokia C1-02 GSM rangeNovember 30

    At the official page http://www.nokia.ru/products/phones/nokia-c1-02/specifications#Hardware the fourfold working range of GSM 850/900/1800/1900 is indicated . At the device pack of my phone the only GSM 900/1800 range is indicated . Which is correct

  • How to connect my nokia 6120c to my mac laptop?October 11

    how to connect my nokia 6120c to my mac laptop? i want to use my phone as my modemHi, Listed below is the step by step intructions to configure the Nokia device as a modem to a mac. If you receive any cases/questions related to this, please provide t

  • WRT120N for gsm and pcOctober 11

    Hello, i've got the following problem/question. I have W-less router WRT120N and i'm using it for WLAN connection for one laptop. My internet provider has restricted the TTL and i can't share internet between more computers. But i'm wondering if i ca

  • SBH52 detection problem with Nokia 108 (BT 3.0)October 11

    Hello there, i'm facing problems in pairing my Nokia 108 candybar GSM with Bluetooth 3.0 with the SBH52. No similar issues with Ipad, Xperia Z, etc... Anyone a suggestion in order to solve this issue? Thanks in advance! FrankHi and welcome to the com

  • Has anyone used the Nokia 2700 as a modem with the Macbook 10.6.7November 30

    I have managed to sync my Nokia 2700 classic GSM handset to my Macbook through iSync. How can I use the phone as a modem if I have a 3G mobile service? Many thanks in advance, Dileeplouisfromleonia wrote: Has anyone used the macbook air superdrive co

  • Nokia c2-05 or other cheap nokia supporting wi-fiNovember 30

    Hi, do you know if c2-05 supports wi-fi? And voice recording? If not, wich is another cheap nokia that supports these features? Thank you!Have a look at the nokia website or gsm arena for full specs of devices If  i have helped at all a click on the

  • Compatability triband GSM purchased in Latin Ameri...November 30

    I bought a Nokia 5070 triband GSM phone in Mexico (to replace my stolen mobile) had it unlocked from the Mexican Telcel network and used a mexican sim whilst there. I chose a triband so i could put in my Australian sim when I returned. I have done th

  • Dual-sim nokia network signal receiver typeNovember 30

    Is it possible somehow to know what is the difference between receivers (hardware and signal level) in 101, 112, 206, 301 and more expensive models? Thank you!That depends on the supported signal of the phone and the signal that your provider has in

  • Nokia CS-10 Fedora Linux, doesn't make detectionNovember 30

    Hi! I'm looking for a documentation to install the CS-10 Nokia modem.My OS is Fedora Linux 12. I use the scripts of: http://www.islascruz.org/html/index.php/blog/show/Nokia-Internet-Stick-CS-10-on-Linux.html But, in the first, I don't see the CD driv

  • How to use 3110 as a usb modem in MacOctober 11

    I use 3110 as a usb modem in my Mac,but it can't work,the Mac can find two usb modem when I plug my 3110,each can't work,I see the log find my modem no responses for the AT command,so it can't work,my phone is good,beacuse I can use it in Windows as

  • How to use objects as a message type in WSDL?October 11

    How can I use object as a type for the message in WSDL? For example, I want to achieve something like this: <message name="DBConnection"> <part name="conn" type="???"/> </message> In the above example, for a

  • D211 & D-Link DI-624+November 13

    My "Nokia D211 WLAN/GSM/GPRS" PCMCIA card sees all sorts of Wi-fi networks in my neighbourhood but not my own. I am using a D-Link DI-624+ wireless router. My "Linksys Wireless-G" PCMCIA card works fine. Are there any known incompatibi

  • 6275 cdma modem problemNovember 30

    Help. My Latest Nokia PC Suite connects with my phone 6275. It shows "contacts", memory card, calendar. But it doesn't see my phone's modem (I want to connect to internet through PC) and it also doesn't see SMS.Hi kande_raja, I am bit hesistant

  • Nokia E65 unable to switch to GSM instead of Dual ...November 30

    hey, I bought a nokia e65 a week ago and this phones rocks. But the problem i am having is the battery life. First off, the battery on this phone last me about a day with around 1hour worth or call time with bluetooth/wifi off. Did some searching, an

  • Sound volume (sound when called) of Nokia GSM'sNovember 30

    My wife will get a new Nokia GSM as a gift. She does not hear too well (does not hear her actual phone when called, that's the reason for the gift). What Nokia phone(s) do(es) produce the LOUDEST POSSIBLE sound? I mean just the sound of the phone whe

  • How to get firmware file for nokia cdma 2280 RH-17...November 30

    my phone model no. is 2280 cdma RH-17MA and currently it turns off automatically and sometimes screen goes blank showing some vertical or horizontal lines...when I went to nearest nokia care ..they said its firmware problem and you have update the fi

  • Network Mode WCDMA/GSM (Nokia N8/Nokia N70)November 30

    Hello, I don't know if anyone faced this problem or not N8 having 3 option in network selection mode i. Dual Mode ii. 3G iii. GSM But when you select Duel mode in N8 and before selecting Dual if you are using GSM mode then mobile does not select 3G a

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