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nokia 112 week signal slotion

  • Nokia 112 Signal Receiver ProblemNovember 30

    I am Using Nokia 112 (New Mobile).So many time tower is getting hide..And automatically tower is coming.In main cities also this problem is coming.I have cleaned my sim then inserted.But till that problem is coming.Actually Nokia 112 Having this type

  • Nokia 112 new battery (BL-6C)November 30

    Hi, I was wondering where I can buy a new battery for my nokia 112. Is it possible to put another nokia battery in the phone? If so, which one? Because I can't find a store where they still sell this battery. I can't find how to start a new topic, th

  • Nokia 112 can't connect to audio deviceNovember 30

    Hi all, I recently bought a Nokia 112 (RM-837) and wanted to play some music with it. When I try to play music to my bluetooth audio device (Stereoboomm 500), it displays this error: "Service not supported by other device". I am able to successf

  • Nokia 112 Software installation failedNovember 30

    I download the latest software version of nokia 112 when i install it, it restarts and a shows updating and then it shows again software installation failedI have same problem but I got solution for updating failed in nokia 112,110,113.follow these i

  • Nokia 112November 30

    Hi, I have problem with add czech language to my mobile phone. I try to download PC Suite but when I want reinstall SW i received infomation that I have to connect mobile phone over USB but this mobile phone is not supporting USB connection. Do you h

  • Nokia 112 switch onNovember 30

    Last day my nokia 112 accidentally droped nothing happened to the phone but after when i fix the battery in the phone it does not start. When i go to nokia care they reply me it has board problem or something borad is band .please help . Solved! Go t

  • Nokia 112 all software erasedNovember 30

    My mobile nokia 112. That Problem is my phone all software erase so how do i downlod repeat Moderator's note: We provided a topic-related subject to the post as it was moved to the appropriate board.  Hi Salaman Thank you for posting and welcome to t

  • Nokia C2-00 and Nokia 112November 30

    Nokia 112 inbuilt window live messenger but nokia C2-00 no window live messenger i hav window live messenger Solved! Go to Solution.Hi rakeshtk, Thank you for your post and welcome to the forums! Nokia 112 is a recent model which comes with the lates

  • QUery: Whether Nokia 112 supports PC sync of (Outl...November 30

    Hi: I intend to buy a basic phone that supports PC sync. Nokia 112 is one of the mdels that I have shortlisted. Question: whether PC sync (outlook 2010 contacts, tasks, appointments, notes etc.) is possible over bluetooth on Nokia 112. Background:  1

  • Nokia Lumia 1520 signal issuesOctober 11

    Hello I bought my Nokia Lumia 1520 about 3 weeks ago. It has the international Hong Kong version. Since the first day I've been experiencing singnal issues. Sometimes I can't even get a 3G or H+ signal! It keeps dropping on Edge. I tried the same SIM

  • Nokia 701 - GPS Signal Lost (Never get it to work...November 30

    I'm having trouble using the GPS on my 701. After a minute it will say  "GPS signal lost" all the time. And moreover the current position it is indicating is wrong.(I'm using it outside) I've tried positioning method Wi-Fi/Network and Network Ba

  • Nokia 6020 no signal!November 30

    hello...please, i need your help!! Since yesterday, i can't get any signal with my nokia cellphone...i didn't drop it or damaged it...just all of a sudden it stopped getting signal and i haven't been able to get any since....it was on automatic netwo

  • Nokia Maps need signal check optionNovember 30

    Yes, when I connect by 1º time ando no signal of GPS I must exit from it and go to Garmin than it has signal metter. Would be fine than Nokia Maps at his menu has a option to access to a signal meter.... or as is from the same Nokia, an option to acc

  • Nokia 6234 - no signal barsNovember 30

    Hi For the last two days my phone has been unable to connect to the vodafone network so I'm unable to send/receive txt's & calls. It's not the sim card as that works fine in another phone, and I've also tried another sim in this phone. It's not a ran

  • Nokia 5130: all signal has disappeared for no reas...November 30

    Hi, my phone has strangely lost all signal for no apparent reason for a day now. I've been in areas where I have always got signal in the past. The only thing I can think of is I had it on in the petrol station, but no signal works and a call didn't

  • Nokia 5500 weak signalNovember 30

    Hello, I just purchased a Nokia 5500 for my wife. The signal strength bars jump up in down and are not very consistent. She also has no reception as soon as she steps into a building. Her other phone has signal and they are both using the same provid

  • Nokia lumia 800 signal problemsOctober 11

    I have a lumia 800 with terrible signal issues. I know it is the phone and not the signal strength as i have a htc phone for work on the same network. The problem mainly is that the signal will dissappear for hours at a time, even restarting the phon

  • Nokia 6230 no signal & unknown iconNovember 30

    I have a 6230 and i have no signal / network coverage. It's with vodafone and my other 2 work phones (on vodafone) are working fine. I have swapped the sims over to check if the phone is faulty (phone is OK), so I think it's the sim card. My service

  • Nokia Lumia 920 Signal StrengthNovember 30

    Hello, This is my first post.  My iPhone 3gs failed so I bought the 920.  I have Windows 8 on my home computer so it seemed like the logical choice.  I like the way the software works and 8.1 will even be better.  I also like the "Drive To" GPS

  • Nokia 6131, No signal after updating software.November 30

    Hi, after my last phone update to version 5.50 my phone worked for a couple of days and after that I haven't been getting signal from my mobile provider. I even purchased a new antenna thinking that maybe that was the problem. I went to the dealer re

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