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  • Nokia 100 hard resetOctober 11

    Hi, My company recently purchased two dozens of Nokia 100 to lend to our foreign visitors so they can make local calls free of charges (it costs us nearly nothing and our clients love it). Obviously we have to "clean" the phones between each use

  • Nokia 100 - Message Sending FailedNovember 30

    Newbie mobile user, with Nokia 100 on Orange PAYG in the UK. Trying to send my first text message, the display shows "Message Sending Failed". Not sure if it's just me still finding my way round and not getting something quite right, or if there

  • Nokia 100 Stuck in Keypad LockNovember 30

    Hey guys - I have a super bad problem with my Nokia 100 right now and I need your help if possible. When I got my Nokia 100, I changed the security code to something personalised and activated the code requirement for keypad unlock. Everything was wo

  • Nokia 100 questionNovember 30

    Hello all, I wonder if anyone can help and let me know how to download ringtones to a new Nokia 100, it is my wifes and she is very happy with the new phone but would like some extra ringtones, wallpapers , themes etc. Many thanks TonyHello Tony Sorr

  • Nokia 100 Symbol Part TwoNovember 30

    Further to my first thread regarding my MIL's Nokia 100 and a symbol on the screen we can't get rid of...please see original thread...yes it was me that posted but for some reason I can't log in to that account and so had to register again...sorry. M

  • Phone Language - Nokia 100November 30

    Nokia Model 100.1 RH I purchased this phone yesterday in the Dominican Republic. I needed a simple phone as I will be spending my winter months here. The staff where I bought spoke English but my problem is there are NO instructions in English and al

  • Nokia 100 (not enough space for new messages)October 11

    Hi! From time to time i get messages that there is a text message that wants to come through but that there is not enough space. I then delete some inbox messages and then within minutes i get the text. However, recently it has taken much more time f

  • Asian language support for Nokia E7November 30

    Hi,  I cant view any web pages in other languages except english in E7.I cant even install anyother fonts in E7.  Can anybody help me to view and type in other languages, and to install other fonts? Solved! Go to Solution.dear nokia, i live in greece

  • Nokia original replacement housingNovember 30

    Hi people, I live in Singapore since a year and brought a long some of my Nokia phones (others i bought here in SG) I am searching for some replacement housing for some of my phones (here is a list) Nokia 100 = front + back cover (ocean blue) Nokia A

  • Nokia N8..... bye bye N900November 30

    an other power going to come and N900 will out soon.... guys check N8 ,hi bro: I like ur study and back ground from computer, as u said this phone will be upgrade from N97 and N900, and I think it will something can be use with less problems am not s

  • Nokia 301 - SMS time shows receipt time instead of...November 30

    Hi, I have just replaced an old trusty Nokia 100 with a 301.  Unlike my old phone, if I receive a new SMS on the 301, it shows the time the message was received by the phone, not the time it was sent.  So if I turn off my phone at night, and then bac

  • Lumia 800 in China?October 11

    Hello, Let me start of by saying how outstanding the Nokia Lumia 800. The design and the OS make it a remarkable phone. So my inquiry is when will the Lumia 800 be available in mainland China(Beijing). As a finn i support Nokia 100% therefore i only

  • N8/e7 and asian language supportNovember 30

    does either of the n8 or e7 still classified as NAM version and non-NAM version? and does either phones support asian/chinese fonts? i.e. can you change the OS language to chinese? and can the browser display proper chinese fonts?dear nokia, i live i

  • Cannot buy a album only a singleNovember 30

    Cannot buy an album from iTunes only a single off my iPod helpI have found several pyshical shops that were selling the Nokia 100 and Nokia 101. So far I am very pleased with the Nokia 100, no VGA camera, no WIFI, no 3G, ... It is perfect and is curr

  • Nokia Suite 3.2.100 Contact backupNovember 30

    I am using Nokia Suite 3.2.100. Is there any way I can save my contacts from phone as csv file or as individual contacts (vcf) file? Earlier version, it was storing contacts in mdb file, now in which format and where the files are stored in the syste

  • Latest firmware v21.0.100 for Nokia 5800 XpressMus...November 30

    Nokia has just announced the latest firmware ver21.0.100 for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. Anyone know what's new in this firmware? 3310 >>> 8250 >>> 3120 >>> 6070 >>> 5300 XpressMusic >>> 6120 Classic >>> 5

  • IPhone 3GS and Nokia CK-100 Car KitNovember 30

    Hi All, I am having a problem with my new iPhone and a Nokia CK-100 car kit. The car kit worked perfectly with my previous phone and the iPhone is in the compatability list for the kit so I'm assuming its been tested. When I first pair the devices th

  • Nokia suite 3.2.100 software updates "something ha...November 30

    I updated mu Nokia Ovi Suite to Nokia Suite 3.2.100 . It installs just fine. I can connect my N8 to my laptop. But when I hit the Software Updates tab i get the message "Something has gone wrong" stating that some files are missing and I should

  • Nokia E7-00 - Nokia Suite 3.2.100November 30

    Hello! After on computer (windows XP Pro SP3) I've updated the Suite, to newest 3.2.100 version - it does not see/connect/recognize my phone via USB. Previous version worked just fine. I have on phone also latest Symbian Anna Using pho

  • Nokia 6270 and BH-100November 30

    I just got bluetooth headset 100 and i tried it on my nokia 6270 it worked but there is a noise in the headset i mean distortion...the problem is not with headset cause i tried another one and the same noise was there and even i updated the phone fir

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