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Nok asha 305 update available

  • Asha 305 update problemNovember 30

    I have download new software but it is not install in mobile due to less memory. So i delete all data from my phone memory it still need more space now what i can do help me.Hi, I am using Nokia Asha 305. I installed latest phone software version 7.4

  • Nokia asha 305 software updateNovember 30

    When will be the new software updated for nokia asha 305? we need it plz do s0mething to rectify the bunch of problems in nokia 305 so we can have a self belief on nokia like bef0re. thanks.srikar9: the FOTA update packages for the latest Asha 305 up

  • Add maze lock and copy paste option into asha 305November 30

    I want to suggest to add maze lock and copy paste option into new software update of asha 305..i have nokia asha 305 the best phone but it the version 07.42 dosent support sum whatsapp features like copy paste and sum other features like maze lock no

  • Need Of Important Updates Required Asha 305November 30

    I loved the update of Nokia Asha 305 V7.42. But there are many missing features which are required. Phone memory gets full and only remedy i find is deleting the messages and contacts or going to nokia care and reflashing it. Removing of unwanted app

  • Software update for Asha 305November 30

    Is there any new software update for nokia asha 305 except v 07.42 Moderator's note: We have amended the title of this post as this was moved from another board.Hey, v. 7.42 is currently the latest available SW version for Asha 305. http://www.micros


    when i update my nokia asha 305 it says that no new software update available plz help meThe software of my nokia asha 305 is not updating it shows updating cancelled by the server what should i do? Can You Help Me to FIX it ? Pleaseee ? Thanks ! Rea

  • Nokia asha 305 software update issueNovember 30

    The software of my nokia asha 305 is not updating it shows updating cancelled by the server what should i do?The software of my nokia asha 305 is not updating it shows updating cancelled by the server what should i do? Can You Help Me to FIX it ? Ple

  • Having trouble with Asha 305 after updatingNovember 30

    Hi.... I have a problem since i updated my Nokia Asha 305. I mean a major problem like.... The phone supported some MP4 videos in the previous version 5.92 .. But I updated my phone to Version 07.42. Now I can't play any MP4 Videos... Plzzz tell me h

  • Asha 305 firmware updateNovember 30

    Nokia asha 305 v7.42 .mp4 vedio not supported instead of notification app notifications should be received on slide slide should have more options youtube inbuilt app should be in next comming firm ware update Moderator's note: We have amended the ti

  • Update the software for nokia asha 305November 30

    Hey plz update a new sw for nokia asha 305 as the phone has got lots of drawbecks like, hangs up quite often and doesnt restart after it gets hangs,youtube not supported,poor battery backup,always shows application error whenever i try to run any app

  • Nokia asha 305 not updateNovember 30

    please update nokia asha 305There is no such thing. V. 7.42 is the latest available SW version for Asha 305. http://www.microsoft.com/en/mobile/nokia-x-updates/ http://www.microsoft.com/en/mobile/nokia-x2-update/ http://www.microsoft.com/en/mobile/as

  • Required Update for Pattern lock nokia asha 305November 30

    Nokia asha 305 is not supporting pattern lock apps like maze lock.. (since it has a s40 os which will not support sis files). But can i get an update for my asha with in-built pattern lock like in androide.. i really loves to use pattern lock.. Why c

  • New software update available for Asha 305: v. 7.3...November 30

    Hey, We have started rolling out  a new software update for Nokia Asha 305 (RM-766): v.7.35. This is a major release and is should be available to most countries/regions via FOTA and Nokia Suite. Find the update instructions from here: http://www.nok

  • New update for asha 305November 30

    Nokia asha 305 which is next new version other that v.7.42 becouse it has hangout problem,very low quality video it does not play 3gp hq videos and mp4 videos , if i open the store application it gets erorr"application not found" and i reinstall

  • Hi friends. I am trying to update my Asha 305 to v...November 30

    B Solved! Go to Solution.Strange. It might be for example just a server timeout (due to slow connection), but I'd like to check/verify, that there is not anything wrong with the update packages.  Can you tell me what is the product code of your devic

  • Asha 305 - Nokia Maps app deletedNovember 30

    Hi i update my asha 305 v5.92 two months ago and i lose my nokia maps application, please help me reinstall Moderator's note: We have provided a subject-related title to help other forum users easily view and respond to this post.You seem to be makin

  • Asha 305 shows Squares instead of letters in game...November 30

    Hello there. After the 7.42 update on my Asha 305 (previous one was 7.35 and everything worked fine), my pre-installed games( Solitaire-golf tour-memorize etc) stopped showing the letters  in game menus. Instead, there are squares that look like this

  • Mp4 videos on asha 305November 30

    I updated the software of my nokia Asha 305 to 7.42 which is till now its latest version. But I am unable to view Mp4 videos on my mobile. How can I overcome this [email protected] this thread is about videos. Because you posted a second message in

  • Software problems on nokia asha 305November 30

    @armagon after update of new version 7.42 the phone becomes worst any app does not open also nokia browser,ebuddy,whatsapp and downloaded apps and does not play any video tells video quality too large only sound plays does not play any type of videos

  • New software 5.9 in asha 305 not working goodNovember 30

    Still have problems like- 1. Poor streaming. 2. Restarting problem. (restart automatically several time) 3. Copy paste option. Please update new and better software for asha 305.kksriganesh: I tested 2 different SW variants. One was using the product

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