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  • 5 WAY BATTLE! DCU/PenFed/USAA/NFCU/Cap OneNovember 30

    So I was in the market for a 2015 ford mustang GT premium with all the bells and whistles. Found one sticker price was 46 almost 47K. Negotiated price, trade in (had negative equity but got the dealer to agree to pay it off), rebates, so on and so fo

  • Summer App Spree AMEX, CITI, NFCU, BOA Building CreditNovember 30

    Have been deployed since August of 2014. Soon returning. Used the time to rebuild and work on my credit. Got a car loan in April 2014 with M&T then refinanced through USAA for 4.00%. Applied for nRewards with NFCU in July 2014 and was approved for 3,

  • Who has the Unlimited Data Plan and has Been Speed Capped when You went over 5Gig?October 11

    Just checking to see how many others have been speed capped to 200Kb on the unlimited data plan when they went over 5Gig in a billing cycle? (you can get a one time reprieve if you call them at 1-888-483-7200) Did they ask you to change your plan to

  • ERROR while generating CAP fileOctober 11

    Hello, Iam trying to generate a cap file of JCRMI applet. Iam getting the following errors while generating a CAP file. Can anybody help me. Thanks in advance, With Regards, Abhishek Goud {color:#ff0000}{color:#008080}*C:\Documents and Settings\Admin

  • I have data caps and need to do a clean mavericks installOctober 11

    Hello. I recently bought a used Mac mini and not realizing the new Mac OS installation options are over the internet, I erased the hard drive and tried to do the system recovery.  Unfortunately I'm on rural broadband, I have a small data cap and my c

  • Num + caps lock on MBP 17"October 11

    I reinitialized a MBP from the recovery DVD. At the very beginning of the process num + caps lock lighted up and remained so through the complete installation. I did not touch them before and during the installation After the installation war finishe

  • I suddenly have two flashing lights on my keyboard by the caps lock key and over the end/pg up key.October 11

    I encountered a problem waking my laptop (Pavilion dv7-1270us) this morning.  At first it would not wake up and had to do a hard reboot.  Now I have two flashing lights on the keyboard -the caps lock light and the one over the end/pg up keys over the

  • Caps lock/scrol​l lock/num lock/ LEDs not working - instead pop-ups in bottom RH corner of screenOctober 11

    Specific details; p/n: GS066PA#ABG,  4 GBytes DDR2 RAM, OS Windows 7 (6.1) Ultimate Edition 64-bit Service Pack 1 (Build 7601) DirectX 11.0.  LED's were working but during one of the windows automatic updates they stopped working.  I don't know which

  • Problem that starts with *apparent* sticking caps lock keyOctober 11

    I have a mid-2009 MacBook Pro (two weeks outside of AppleCare, of course!).  Last night, it appeared the caps lock key was sticking. It would type in all caps even when I hit the button and the green indicator light went off. Moments later, I noticed

  • Need to convert all text frames to intinal caps.October 11

    Hi All, I need to convert all text frames in the eps files the text should be first letter to be caps. EXAMPLE: " The Example Text In The Discussion"   to be " The example text in the discussion " I am manually converting around 350 Ep

  • Custom CAPI service - default value of varchar2 parameterOctober 11

    I have a Custom CAPI Service function. That function has a varchar2 parameter (argument) and I wish to set a default value NULL for that parameter. I set Default=null, and when I generate CAPI package, my function in that package looks like this (not

  • How do I transfer my data from damaged computer to my new itunes library on my current functioning computer. My data plan has a very limited band width cap ( I live in rural AlbertaOctober 11

    Hello: following computer malfunction,I purchased a new computer and downloaded itunes. when I try to sync my purchased data on my ipad I am asked to delete data from previous library. The first library has all of my stored data. How do I transfer th

  • Cap 4 Installation Problem On Vista MachineOctober 11

    I'm having difficulty with a particular Windows Vista machine. I have two machines that are almost identical - both Gateways with Windows Vista Enterprise 32-bit OS, both 2 GB of memory. One has only one hard drive while the other has 2 physical dirv

  • HT1192 caps lock function does not work after latest updateOctober 11

    Hi there, I have a Macbook 13" Early 2011 and recently after updating my operating system to Mac OS X 10.7.4, i have found that the caps lock button isn't functioning. At present if i hold or press the button, it is failing to light up or function at

  • Jabber call to email address does not allow video because email has no CAPs and it goes ext not intOctober 11

    Jabber, on a cloud based install, does not route the call internal when you hover over the persons email address because there are no caps as in AD (ie [email protected] vs [email protected]) so you cannot use video only audio because we only allow v

  • 200n Keyboard - Caps Lock inverted = no numbers + all files highlightedOctober 11

    Factory o/s Vista Home + recovery CD Faults occurred sometime after installing wireless printer. Computer left unattended. Son heard lots of beeping. Caps lock worked but text was inverted which also resulted in no numbers. Selecting a file from a li

  • I think my sync speed is stuck or been cappedOctober 11

    Hi everyone, last week i had a full line reset because i started dropping in speed, from 16meg al the way down to 9meg, at the time time of the reset my sync speed went to 12.5meg, 24 hours later i was down to 9.494meg down and 1.12 up, im supposed t

  • Excise modvat accounts not defined for CAPE transaction and TS excise groupOctober 11

    Hi Guys, Suddenly we are facing issue during exicse invoice capturing with MIGO system is giving following error "Excise modvat accounts not defined for CAPE transaction and TS excise group Message no. 8I402 While in Excise account assignment table C

  • Pls help with .CAP file.October 11

    Hi. I read a lot about how to write java applet for smart card and after read a lot about how to convert .class file into a .CAP file. But I don't know where to find informatin about what to do further. Pls can you tell or give link to a text which e

  • How do I convert Wallet.class to a CAP file?October 11

    I was trying to convert one of the sample files( Wallet.class) to a CAP file but it didn't work. Please help!!!Please be more specific. Describe what you did in detail, provide outputs of your actions etc. Otherwise noone can help you. Somebody save

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