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nest and twixtor adobe premiere

  • Could Twixtor be used with Adobe Premiere Elements 9?November 30

    Hello - I want to get the 2k fps slow motion in my videos and I was wondering if the Twixtor plug-in would work with Elements 9?  If it is, is there any installation or startup guide? Thanks! ZanI installed it into: Computer>OS(C:)>Program Files>

  • How do I create an orange flash transition effect using Adobe Premiere CS6?October 11

    I am trying to create an orange flash transition effect using Adobe Premiere CS6 with my MAC computer.Try this: Add Cross Dissolve, cut and nest Add a Fast Blur to the nest and tweak as in first screendump Superimpose orange Color Matte and tweak as

  • Will Sony A7s 4k files only work on Adobe Premiere CC ?November 30

    Currently using Adobe Premiere CS5 and I am having a hard time trying to find which setting to import my 4k video file from my Atomos into Premiere. Whenever I try, it just states "unsupported file".Posting for anyone else who comes across this

  • Unknown Error when trying to export movie with certain PNG files in Adobe PremiereNovember 30

    Hi! I've made an animation video in Premiere Pro CC2014 combining apple pro-res live action with png animation. When trying to export, some parts of the video are no problem, and some (seemingly random) png files Adobe Premiere just doesn't like?? I

  • Error message when downloading Adobe Premiere Elements 11October 11

    When attempting to download the Adobe Premiere Elements 11 from the cd, I'm getting an error message that reads: "The installation process has encountered an error while installing Shared Technologies. Please restart your system and try again".I

  • No Disk Error for Adobe Premiere Elements 12October 11

    I installed Adobe Premiere Elements 12 to my PC. Everytime I load the software, I get this annoying alert saying that there is no disk located error. I can get it to go away if I click on try again a bunch of times, but I want to get rid of this prob

  • How to install Adobe Premiere 6.0 on Windows VistaOctober 11

    I purchased Adobe Prmiere 6.0 11 years ago  and installed it on my computer which was running Windows Millenium at the time I now wish to install and run this program ( Adobe Premiere 6.0 ) on my Window Vista. I have the serial  number When I try and

  • Problem with Adobe Premiere Elements 11October 11

    Hello Need your advice . Problem Description: Adobe Premiere Elements 11 (BOX) After adding any the timeline material ( pictures or music or video) , 2-3 seconds hanging. Then closes without any notification. This program gave me a friend, not for ne

  • Adobe Premiere Elements 10 with Photoshop Elements 9October 11

    Is it possible to use both Adobe Premiere Elements 10 with Adobe Photoshop Elements 9? I don't want to upgrade Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 because has not enought new functions but need new Premiere with Organizer. Does Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 will

  • Adobe Premiere CC crashes on startup on windows 7October 11

    I have a HP Pavilion DV6t. it is windows 7 and has 8gb of ram, and an nvidia graphics processor. I have just reset my system after a hdd failure and on that hdd it worked perfectly every time. On my new hard drive, I still have windows 7, same driver

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 Crashing very often! Please Help!October 11

    Hello, I am currently editing my first feature on Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 and it is currently up to date. I am editing on a iMac 27in, late 2013 brand new computer. Processor: 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory 32GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics: NVIDIA GeForc

  • Error installing Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 on winows 7October 11

    Installing Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 on my new Winows 7 computer and get an error 1311.source file not found.  The last file shown on the addy is Data1.cab.  Does anybody have an idea why that program will not install?  Thanks........Adobe sent me the d

  • Is Adobe Premiere Crashing on you??? - Solution to almost every cause...October 11

    I've been trying to fix this problem of mine, and I've found that countless people have had the same problem with previous versions of premiere and still do with even the more recent versions. I'm going to be posting this on multiple forums to help o

  • Adobe Premiere Elements 9 has encountered a problem and needs to close.October 11

    Adobe Premiere Elements 9 has encountered a problem and needs to close. Asked to be debugged no response an then the program don not respond. If i Run an old project direct from the file PE 9 it works and then go to a new project it works but from th

  • Adobe Premiere CS2 Export Problem.October 11

    I'm running Adobe premiere CS2 on a windows XP machine, and I'm having trouble exporting are Sunday services. I'm encoding them into Adobe with a Matrox RT. Here's my problem, I can export the message part of the service fine which is about 20 to 30

  • AMD and Adobe Collaborate on Upcoming Version of Adobe Premiere Pro SoftwareOctober 11

    AMD and Adobe Collaborate on Upcoming Version of Adobe Premiere Pro Software to Enable Breakthrough Video Editing Performance through Open Standards AMD A-Series APU, Radeon and FirePro graphics technology work seamlessly with next version of Adobe P

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC startet nichtOctober 11

    Hallo, ich habe Adobe Premiere Pro CC installiert. Beim Starten kommt die Meldung "Adobe Premiere Pro CC funktioniert nicht mehr". Die Version 6 funktionierte einwandfrei. Auch Deinstallation / Neustart / Neuinstallation brachte keinen Erfolg. C

  • Adobe Premiere Tech ProblemsOctober 11

    Mid project editing a short film when the video files werent visible to edit.  Saved my project and closed the program.  When I went to re-open Adobe Premiere nothing happens.  There is no error message just nothing.  ADobe Cloud Desktop told me ther

  • Adobe Premiere CS4 Projekte archivieren.October 11

    Hilfe- ich verzweifle: Ich arbeite mit Adobe Premiere CS4 (Windows). Grosse Probleme habe ich einzig beim Archivieren fertiger Projekte. Kann mir da jemand helfen? Ich lege meine Projekte so an, dass sämtliche Footage-Dateien (AVI,MFX.JPF,WAV,MP3, ve

  • Adobe Premiere Elements 11 - install on new computerOctober 11

    I have previously purchased Adobe Premiere Elements 11 and have the serial number available.  How do I install it on a new computer using the serial number?jzd The important question is "Is this Premiere Elements 11 Mac or Windows?" If Mac, did

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