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negative stocks in sales order md04

  • Userexit to prevent negative stock in Sales orderNovember 30

    Hi Is there any userexit avilable to prevent negative stock in sales order. When i an creating a sales order, the schedule lines are getting confirmed without posting any stock. In availablity check when click on ATP quantity it shows negative stock.

  • Check Credit and Stock on Sale OrderOctober 11

    Hi All Could you please tell me how to check Credit and Stock on Sale Order. Thank and Best Regard ThangHow To Do Configuration For Credit Management Credit and risk management takes place in the credit control area. According to your corporate requi

  • How to transfer the stock form Project stock to Sale order stockOctober 11

    Hi How to transfer the stock form Project stock to Sale order stock I tried to do this with movement type 413Q System is giving me error Valuated project stock not allowed with customer stock. Message no. KI346 How to do this Thanks NKYou can use Mov

  • Stock ans sale order stockOctober 11

    Dear All, What is difference b/w stock and sale order stock.and what is its impact if i use strategy 40.and what is the movement type to transfer stock to sale order stockWhat is B/W stock? Strategy 40: Planning with Final assembly. When you plan the

  • Stock transfer from Unrestricted Stock to Sales Order StockNovember 30

    Hi, We have one sceanrio where we are transferring Unrestricted Stock to Sales Order Stcok through TC: MB1B and movement type - 413. In this the material consumption account of the material hit is assigned in GBB/VBR. Also I have made this GL as cost

  • Project Stock to Sales Order StockNovember 30

    Hi, I need to convert Project stock to sales order stock is any T code for direct conversion of Project stock to sales order stock, and my client don't want convert project stock to unrestricted stock he want directly convert the project stock to sal

  • Issue related to confirmation of Stock in Sales Order.November 30

    Hi Gurus, I have an issue related to confirmation of Stock in Rescheduling. I have created a Sales Order for 10 Cases. I am using a Rescheduling Program for the confirmation of Stock in Sales Order. I have a stock of 100 Cases but still when i am put

  • Displaying stock and sales orders for aggregated product in Product ViewNovember 30

    Hello, We have successfully created an SNP aggregated planning scenario which uses CTM to plan purchase requisitions and planned orders at the aggregated product level.  The disaggregation to the sub-product level is working as well. We have one issu

  • Opening and closing stock with sales order and with out sales orderOctober 11

    hello, any body please help me my client want to check opening stock and and closing stock in areport. material contains batch and some material with sales order and some are with out sales order. my client is asking this in a single layout. please t

  • Un restricted stock to sale order stockOctober 11

    Hi experts, I have the qty of 10 nos in unrestricted stock. I need to move to sale order stock. kindly advice meHi, Go to MB1B, here specify the movement type 412 and special stock as "E" and press enter here enter the material, quantity and Sal

  • Sales Order Stock, using Sales OrdersOctober 11

    Morning! We are receiving Sales Order Stock (stock segment E), thus creating special stock with a number that consists of the Sales Order Number + the Item number of the order. This is to support our Repairs process in CRM. (So we are NOT using NB Pu

  • Stock trsp of normal stock to sales order stockOctober 11

    Dear colleagues, I have been working with stock transport of sales order stock before and it worked - I have no issues with it. But this time my client needs to transport normal stock in one plant to sales order stock in another plant. FYI, this is a

  • Customer Reserved stock on sales order creationOctober 11

    Hello experts We have a business requirement to be able to reserve an agreed quantity of a material in stock for a nominated customer, such that when that customer places an order for the material it will always be available.  The material is also pu

  • Negative amount in sales orderOctober 11

    Dear experts, We are in support project, ours is order related billing, we get a error message in a sales order, when we enter a base value is "zero", and add a discount in the same sales order with absolute amount which is a negative value, thi

  • Regarding: table having block stock field sales order wiseNovember 30

    Hi, I am working on report in which i have to display the block stock sales order wise ,i had used to tcode MB52 and MMBE and i was first using table MCHB and MARD ,it displays only the bocked stock ,but when i click on  special stocks icon in tcode

  • How can I reallocate sales order stock within sales order?November 30

    I have a material that is strategy 50 and produces sales order stock.   A customer placed an order for a quantity to be shipped to a single location.  So the sales order was set up with a single line item and a single ship-to partner.  Just before sh

  • Customer stock  reset -- sales order deleted.November 30

    Hi Gurus, customer stock tied to the sales order is updated. But now the sales order is deleted. Now, How to remove the material form customer stock. Thanks in advance ramI think you need to have a sales order, remove the stock first then delete the

  • Sales Order - MD04November 30

    Dear Gurus, Am working in a ECC 6.0 environment. Noramally whenever a Sales Order is created, the demand is visible in MD04 for which planned orders are generated (If the material is being planned and the item category for the line item is not CN). T

  • Stock against sales order in splitted mannerNovember 30

    hi   consider that i have to do the goods reciept of 10 mt  prodn order in a lot wise such as 3mt , 2 mt ,1mt , 4 mt with having an drum number attached to it against that particular sales order  so it should diplay in this manner sales order no.79--

  • Reg confirming stock in sales ordersNovember 30

    Hi Gurus: I am not able to confirm stock in the sales order. Normally it is because of 2 reasons: 1. Either the stock would not be available. 2. The stock would be used for some other sales order. But here the scenario is, I have sufficient stock in

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