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n96 certificate error

  • N96 certificate errorsNovember 30

    Hi all, Apologies if this is in the wrong part of the site, brand new to this forum. I've just received my nokia n96. I've tried to install a few programs downloaded from legit websites and I keep getting alot of 'Certificate error - contact applicat

  • N96 & Windows Live Messenger Certificate Error ( P...October 11

    Hi all.... An annoying problem getting windows live messenger to work on my N96 has come back. I recently had the version off Planet 3 working fine but had to format mass memory due to problems with my music folders, anyways I went to download and in

  • Certificate error while calling a webservices from application deployed inOctober 11

    Hi, When we are trying to invoke a web service from a client application which was deployed in weblogic server we are getting the certificate error. We are using go daddy certificate. Here is the log file Anyone Please advice. FileName weblogic.log F

  • How do I remove the certificat error everytime I try to access the Cisco Unified CM Administration web-page?October 11

    Hi, Every time I want to have access to the Cisco Unified CM Console (System version:, I use the https://10.10.x.x/ccmadmin/showHome.do homepage on my client computer, but when I open the page, I get a SSL certificate error, stating no

  • Certificate error when try to send mailOctober 11

    Masters, First of all sorry for my poor english. Im not IT specialist, so please ... I need help to fix my problem. I know there are many post with this but i can't figure out. We had a working enviroment with no certificate issue. I tried to set the

  • SSL Offloading and Certificate ErrorsOctober 11

    I am attempting to offload SSL on an F5 load balancer.  I made the certificate request from the load balancer, procured the certificate from Entrust, and installed on the load balancer.  I then followed SSL Offloading TechNet instructions here: http:

  • Office Web Apps deploy certificate errorOctober 11

    IIS Using Domain Certificate, when access "https://fqdn/hosting/discovery"  with certificate error.  Office web apps using same CA with Front End Server. new web farm with this new certificate name. Any suggest? Thanks.When you get the certifica

  • Certificate Error while updating Maps in Nokia N95...October 11

    Sir/Madam there is an error (certificate error: contact to supplier) occurring while updating nokia maps by using "nokia maps uploader".. please help me outDo you mean Nokia Maps Loader or Nokia Maps Updater? If you want to thank someone, just c

  • Certificate error while connecting to multiple web serviceOctober 11

    I am having a web service test client through which I can connects and get reports from multiple web services. In Development unix box, we are using "self-signed certificate" using keystore type JKS. In Production server, we are using certificat

  • I am getting a certificate error message and there is no link on the page to add this site as an exception.October 11

    I am trying to open up the web page where we log into our employee email. Evidently the security certificate has been changed. I am getting a certificate error message, but I am not seeing a link provided where I can click to add this web site as an

  • Certificate error when downloading itunes...October 11

    I'm getting a certificate error in Internet Explorer when trying to download itunes on new computer. It's blocking the download. Help!worked like a charm!  I know PSE but don't know computers that well:))Read other 4 answers

  • Iphone getting a certificate error logging into Lync 2013October 11

    Hello, I am having a strange issue with Lync Mobility. Android seems to work just fine, but my IPhone clients are throwing certificate errors. Everything is showing up properly in the Lync Connectivity Analyzer. The LyncDiscover URL seems to work jus

  • Autodiscover, domain controllers, and certificate errorsOctober 11

    I have just deployed and Exchange 2013 server in one of my sites. I'm having tons of issues with it, but one issue I'm having trouble thinking through goes like this: All users have email addresses that are [email protected] Domain.com is our interna

  • Best practice for licence server for RDS Farm & Certificate errorsOctober 11

    Hello, I am in the process of creating an RDS farm using Server 2008 R2.  I have three Session Hosts and a Connection Broker. I have a set of 10 user CALs available and also another 20 on our current RDS server which will need migrating once we go li

  • OEM dbcontrol 64 bit on Windows 2003 / XP 64..certificate ErrorOctober 11

    Hi When DB Control (OEM) is launched, raise the error "Certificate Error" and provides the option on click "Continue to this website" Login page appears with certificate error.. How / where can i find certificate or fix this problem -M

  • 5800 XM "Expired Certificate" error messageOctober 11

    For people who own a Nokia 5800 XM, the error message of "Expired Certificate" when downloading applications onto the device will be mean you cannot load on new apps, which can be frustrating. Firstly you should try to update the firmware on you

  • How do you know if trust certificate error about imap.aol server is the result of an imposter or the "real" aol imap server?October 11

    I keep receiving a trust certificate error about imap.aol server. Says it may be the result of an imposter or the "real" aol imap server?  How do you determine if the trust certificate is for an imposter?Please post a direct link to the page you

  • ADF Mobile : Rest call to a webservice using https - Certificate ErrorOctober 11

    I'm trying to connect to a web service giving json and which uses https. I am using the following code. Also SalesApp connects to https://abc.com RestServiceAdapter restServiceAdapter = Model.createRestServiceAdapter(); restServiceAdapter.clearReques

  • Get certificate error trying to access yahoo mail, and there is no exception to bypass the error.October 11

    I am getting a certificate error trying to access https://mail.yahoo.com. Unlike most other certificate errors, there is no option for "I understand the risks" to add an exception for the page, just the following: mail.yahoo.com uses an invalid

  • How to "fix" RV180/180W Certificate ErrorsOctober 11

    When I access setup on a RV180 or RV180W with Internet Explorer the following message always displays: "There is a problem with this website's security certificate. The security certificate presented by this website was not issued by a trusted certif

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