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n82 main camera suddenly open

  • N82 Freeze While Updating Plz Quick HelpNovember 30

    i was updatig my N82 firmware and suddenly my computer freeze after it says failed to update remove battery and try again when i was trying again my computer freeze and i had to restart it and my phone shutdown and turned off when i try to open it no

  • N82 suddenly not working - 'No WLAN found'November 30

    I used the wlan wizard fine since getting my N82 a few days ago. worked brilliantly, and even this morning i used it ok. Yet i have been trying all afternoon to connect but it just wont work. normally about 3 wireless networks appear, but suddenly to

  • N82 sudden death of nokia mapsNovember 30

    Hi, yesterday I started a collection (of waypoints) for the first time. After naming it maps crashed. Ther is no way to ha a restart. Maps will be loaded up to 40 % an then crashes. I reinstalled Maps several times, deleted the cities-Folder. Nothing

  • N82 Personal Impression (3 week use)October 11

    General observations for anyone considering purchasing an n82. *Stuff between the asterisks indicative of my reaction * Firstly, I don't think anyone will deny that it's a great mobile/PDA/Smartphone for its price and size *haggle at an Aussie store

  • N82 Memory problemOctober 11

    My N82 has suddenly started to fail to send text messages. When I look at the details it says "memory fukll, close some applications before trying again" There are no applications open and, when I look at the memory information, of 1914MB capaci

  • Strange issue in my n82 handsetNovember 30

    I experience a strange issue in my n82 handset. When I'm listening to any radio station the sound suddenly swaps from stereo to mono and back, especialy when I'm on the move. First I thought it was because of the headset, but yesterday I bought HS-45



  • N82 Auto Rotate (Accelerometer) Problem !November 30

    Anyone has problem with auto rotate? My N82 its kinda very hard to auto rotate. I do know it will not rotate on stand by screen and only rotate anti clock wise. The phone is just 2 weeks old, the auto rotate just work fine for the first week. Suddenl

  • N82 V30 Map 2.0 ProblemNovember 30

    hi i updated my N82 juts befor 3 days and the new version is going so slow when i open my map app i format the memory + phone 4 times but still the same problem + i re install it again,, anyway the problem is when i cant get the map on the phone and

  • Web browser on n82 won't startNovember 30

    hi people! I was using my n82 and all of a sudden the web browser closed when I tried to restart the web browser it wouldn't open. I tried letting the phone rest but it still wouldn't work Can anyone help me? Thanks Nokia N82 User but loves all Nokia

  • N82 Completely Crash, Please HELP!!November 30

    Hi everyone, My N82 is completely crash and I do not know how to fix. I never dropped this phone and never used messily. Because I love this phone since I got it. I tried all possibility to fix. To take out SIM and SD. To reinstall the firmware. I gu

  • Nokia N82 failed software update - phone dead, wha...November 30

    Hello there, I was using the latest version of Nokia Software Updater today to update my Nokia N82 phone. Everything run smoothly at first, until suddenly at the mist of installation, the Nokia Software Updater pop up a message that the software enco

  • Bluetooth connectivity with N82November 30

    This problem started a couple of days ago. When I connect my N82 to my laptop via the USB cable, it runs as smooth as silk. However, when I try to connect my phone via bluetooth, it just doesn't connect! I have no idea why. It used to connect perfect

  • N82 Camera won't turn on.November 30

    After using the phone for a year now the camera suddenly will not turn non when I hit the switch on the back of the phone. Any idea what can be wrong, or does it need a repair? MariaI presume when you say 'hit the switch' you mean, open the lens cap

  • Upgrade maps for Nokia N82November 30

    I had download Nokia Maps 3.0 from nokia website & tried to install it through Nokia suite (existing is 2.0).   But, suddenly my phone show message "Unable install.  Component is built-in".  But, I had download the software from below websit

  • N82 VERY LOW brightness!November 30

    hi, I've just purchased a n82 and the first thing I noticed is the display backlight: it's TOO LOW! and the strange thing is that it's not a hardware limitation: brightness is software locked to about 50% of its full potential (with brightness settin

  • N82 keypad faultNovember 30

    Hi, buttons 4 & 5 have suddenly stopped working on my N82. they feel normal but just don't operate, which is a pain because i can't get past the security code now. Any ideas? Presumably it just needs to go in for repair Nokia N8 on BelleIt's most lik

  • Problems with N82November 30

    Hi folkes! I've just bought the N82. And i have some questions. 1. How can i increase the light sensor? I've made it maximum, but it's still lower than on N73Me. Why? how 2 fix this bug? 2. How can i increase the volume level? The problem is similar,

  • N82 crash/hangNovember 30

    My N82 worked fine for half a day, but it's been regularly crashing and hanging since then. I played with pretty much all the features when it was working and they were all fine - GPS, radio, WLAN, camera, etc. Now it crashes on startup (black or whi

  • N82 best 5MP camera phone ? hmmm..November 30

    hi all, i am not here to thrash it.. i love N82. I bought it because the reviews usually place it as the best cam phone... however, i dont seem to be getting such results. Either my phone is spoil or i do not know how to use the camera settings. 1) t

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