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  • Myrio accelerometerNovember 30

    Hi I am using MyRio to build small autonomous robots. I am using a battery as a power supply and I already have 3 working robots. The robots have 4 small DC motors that get their power directly from the battery while to command comes from MyRio DIO.I

  • Connection lost after compilationNovember 30

    Hi, i am currently using a myrio accelerometer board. I was running my code,  but suddenly, an error pops up telling me my myrio connection is lost. I have checked everything, the usb and the power connection, everything is secured, and this error on

  • Connection lost after compilatio​nNovember 30

    Hi, i am currently using a myrio accelerometer board. I was running my code,  but suddenly, an error pops up telling me my myrio connection is lost. I have checked everything, the usb and the power connection, everything is secured, and this error on

  • MyRIO FPGA FFT Express VI timing analysis for multiple input mode - trying to perform fft's on a 3-axis accelerometerOctober 11

    Hi Everyone! Project Background: I've been working with the myRIO FPGA in an attempt to generate an application capable of sampling a tri-axis accelerometer and performing an fft on each axis. I've successfully developed an application for a single a

  • How do I record the data from the accelerometer on myRioNovember 30

    For example, using the template from myRio project for the accelerometer, I wanted to record the x,y,z values and store it in an array for future calculations( like k = x+y * z for every 0.01 sec). How do I do that? I tried using the array block diag

  • Help needed in connecting accelerometer to MyRIONovember 30

    Hi guys,  I would want to acquire signal from an accelerometer (KISTLER 8776A50) to MyRIO. The accelerometer is currently connected to MyRIO via a coaxial cable, which I have obtained the positive and negative wires and connected them to MyRIO via fe

  • Executing program on myRIO with access to controls via wifiNovember 30

    I built balancing robot using myRIO. It does perform very well and I can control it over wifi. The setup I have now is pretty straight forward: I can control it and set PID and Kalman (gyroscope accelerometer) values. However, there are significant d

  • Myrio vs. 10DOFNovember 30

    Hey, i just got my MyRio a few Days ago and i now wanted to work with a 10DOF Sensor. 10DOF Sensor Components: - ADXL345      accelorator - BMP085       pressure - L3G4200D    gyro - HMC5883L   compass I tried to get the I2C connection work. My quest

  • Labview myRIO 2013 stopped working after product activation, system vi files not found, (Hex 0x8004041F)November 30

    Hello, My Labview myRIO 2013 had been working while it was in its evaluation period. Recently, I activated Labview 2013 with a 6-month activation code. Now, if I try and create the standard myRIO tutorial starting project, when it tries to load "Main

  • IPhone 4 Photos Accelerometer not workingOctober 11

    I just received a new iPhone 4 and the Photos application appears to ignore the accelerometer and is always stuck in portrait mode. All other apps work fine, just Photos is not working. This is a new phone setup, not a restore from a previous phone.

  • Windows 7 Pro x64 does not detect HP Mobile Data Protection Sensor (accelerometer)October 11

    Hello there. I installed win7pro x64 yesterday and already came across a serious problem that makes my way of using the notebook a bit dangerous for my precious data. When I was working on HP-branded Vista 32bit (from recovery partition etc), there w

  • IPod Touch accelerometer not responding, can't detect in iTunes to RestoreOctober 11

    Well here's an odd problem. My 64GB iPod Touch 3rd gen suddenly stopped responding to rotation/movement from the accelerometer. The Rotation Lock feature is off. I've toggled this on and off many times. There is no icon in the status bar indicating i

  • How can I collect and record data in LabVIEW from Sensirion Temperature/Humidity Sensor connected to myRIO?October 11

    The product documentation of the sensor and the datasheet is attached. Also Digilent MXP Breadboard's image is attached. I've connected the sensor to myRIO using the starter kit's MXP breadboard: http://www.digilentinc.com/Products/Detail.cfm?NavPath

  • Save myrio backup take overOctober 11

    Hey guys I recently launched by robot with a variety of sensor's.  These sensor's were programmed using labview and saved using the write to measurement file, express VI.  I had made a VI in labview then turned it into a RT target, and thus deploying

  • How to create a c++ shared library (.so) for linux real time (for myRio) with Eclipse to use in LabView?October 11

    I tried already these Tutorials and Advices but I didn't find a solution: - http://www.ni.com/tutorial/14625/en/ - http://www.ni.com/tutorial/14690/en/ - http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Shared-Library-on-myrio-Linux-Real-time-system/m-p/2842540/ - ht

  • Position sensor with accelerometerOctober 11

    Hi,           Recently, I have finished a project with accelerometer to detect the noise when the motor stroke hit some part or near by mechanical part. I wonder about using position sensor to my project in order to detect the stroke or mechanical pa

  • Satellite P70-A-11V - does HDD protection work without accelerometer?October 11

    Hi all, I am new here. I already made another post. In brief, I am pretty much expert in Toshiba Satellite laptops, but my new one, Satellite P70-A-11V, a high-end professional laptop, had some issues. It came with Windows 8, which I upgraded to 8.1.

  • What is the uses of this programe(accelerometer)?October 11

    what is the uses of this programe(accelerometer) in N95 original or N95 8g and from where I can get it?This is Rotateme, but needs to be signed. http://www.bysamir.fr/rotateme/ This is the movingball which just needs to be installed (doesn't require

  • What are the scaling co-efficients for Accelerometer input in Daq-mx ?October 11

    hi im using daq-mx to take accelerometer input. i want to read the raw data and scale it myslef later. i want to know what are the scaling co-efficients for the accelerometer input in daq-mx and what is the process of determining them. thanks.Rahul,

  • MyRIO memory, data transfer and clock rateOctober 11

    Hi I am trying to do some computations on a previously obtained file sampled at 100Msps using myRIO module. I have some doubts regarding the same. There are mainly two doubts, one regarding data transfer and other regarding clock rate.  1. Currently,

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