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My nokia e65 keeps switching off on

  • Nokia E65 unable to switch to GSM instead of Dual ...November 30

    hey, I bought a nokia e65 a week ago and this phones rocks. But the problem i am having is the battery life. First off, the battery on this phone last me about a day with around 1hour worth or call time with bluetooth/wifi off. Did some searching, an

  • New firmware for Nokia E65?October 11

    Hi! I've heard many who have updated their Nokia E65 to firmware v3.0633.69.00 but my updater still says v2.0633.65.01 . Where do I get the v3? And my E65 is very very very slow to open menus and messages. Anyone else got this problem? How can I fix

  • Nokia e65 while updateNovember 30

    Dear all, Your urgent help required. i was updating my nokia e65 and only 12 minutes where left when i had and electricity failure and my pc restarted. now my phone is not starting. please suggest as i dont have any nokia care center near by.urgent h

  • Nokia e65 freezeNovember 30

    my nokia e65 freeze when ever i switch it on.plz need help Solved! Go to [email protected] Although all user data would be lost probably no alternative other than to try three key depressed "hard reset" as detailed here under "What if that

  • Nokia e65 memory card problemOctober 11

    Is there any possibility that an 8gb micro sdhc card to work on a Nokia E65?Check it here: http://mea.nokia.com/find-products-en/accessories/​all-accessories/memory-cards-and-cables/memory-car​... I note it's not there - your E65. So ask yourself th

  • How to use GPS on Nokia E65October 11

    i am unable to use GPS on my Nokia E65. can u please tell me how i can use GPS on my mobile fone. secondly tell me does it coast some thingDepending on your software version Nokia maps can be used as a GPS programme. With the latest Version 2.0633.65

  • Nokia won't switch onNovember 30

    My Nokia Asha 201 switches off right after I switch it on.. I was resetting my phone to factory settings and after that it wouldn't switch on anymore but instead it keeps flashing on the buttons. When I try to switch it on it shows NOKIA then it swit

  • Invalid serial number Nokia e65November 30

    Hi, i'm trying to register my new nokia e65 on the site My Nokia. The site always responds Invalid Serial for my serial number. Can anybody help me? ThanksI wonder if this is related to the previous version issue with Acrobat 8 that displayed the sam

  • HELP ME NOKIA E65November 30

    Hello I have a Nokia E65 and I want to know if it's technically possible to not register the correct time and date for sending and receiving messages in details. please help me, thanksHow about here: http://europe.nokia.com/get-support-and-software/d

  • Nokia E65 Firmware Updating Problems.November 30

    Hey guys I have a Nokia E65 (RM-208). Whenever I try and run the Nokia Software Updater it is never able to find an update. Even though I know there are updates available. When I press *#0000# it says 1.0633.03.00 28-09-06 RM-208 Nokia. Does anyone k

  • Nokia e65 and cable dku-5November 30

    I have baught a Nokia e65. Could anyone tell me, please, is a cable dku-5 compatible with my telephone?08-Jul-200708:07 PM vasiliy wrote: I have baught a Nokia e65. Could anyone tell me, please, is a cable dku-5 compatible with my telephone? Hi vasil

  • Nokia E65 Update to 2.0633.65.01November 30

    Hey Guys, i have a small problem. My Nokia E65 has the Firmware Version: Version: 1.0633.18.01 11-01-2007 RM-208 Nokia E65 The Nokia Software-Update Newsfeed says a Update to Version 2.0633.65.01 is available. When i try to Update my Cell, the Softwa

  • Nokia E65 - Firmware upgradeNovember 30

    Hiya I have an E65 with the following firmware version: 1.0633.18.01 11-01-07 RM-208 With Vodafone software as well. It runs rather slow and sluggish. Is there a new version which will make it quicker? I have to re-boot the phone as some of the funct

  • My Nokia E65 wont show my caller idNovember 30

    Hi I recently bought a Nokia E65 and i am noticing that whenever i call someone, my caller id does not show on their phone. I set my phone to show my caller id and it still doesnt work. Does anyone know how i can fix this problem? ThankyouWhen during

  • Nokia E65 - SMS tone problemNovember 30

    My Nokia E65 CAN receive messages (SMS), but there is NO indication about receiving. There is no tone, no vibration, no light when message is received. I have tried restore factory settings, update Firmware. But there was no result, it is still catat

  • Nokia E65 big problem had to reset twice in 3 weee...November 30

    Hi all i have had my nokia E65 for 3 weeks now and i have had to turn the phone off and on twice in that 3 week period, why you may ask. when i use my phone its fine but the problem is when i dont use the phone the display go`s dark which it should b

  • Nokia E65 themesNovember 30

    help plz... my nokia e65 themes can't be deleted.. i have search it through e65 file manager (from the handphone and pc suite) but i still i can't find the theme so i can't delete it.. plz help.. T_____________Tyou need to uninstall via the app manag

  • Nokia e65 Security Master-codeNovember 30

    Hello everyone my friend have a nokia E65 he use a Security code on his phone the thing is his kid typed the codes wrong 5 time and he accidentally remove the battery now every time when he start the phone it asks for a Security Code the code is not

  • Please help me to download freethemesfor nokia e65November 30

    iwas downloading some themes for my nokia e65 but it wouldinstall on my phone because itsyasthatit isnot recognise could anybodyhelp me or givemeasite inwhich i can get free themes for e 65 andalso some freeapplicationssoican **bleep** up my fone...

  • Nokia E65 pretends to be dead after upgrade to fir...November 30

    I upgraded my Nokia E65 and the upgrade failed while Nokia was in "test mode" after about ten minutes of upgrade process. But the phone restarted and worked well in new firmware. I decided to give one more chance to be sure and the upgrade faile

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