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my nokia 5230 on switch dont work

  • Nokia 5230 - US Version UnlockedNovember 30

    Hello All, I recently purchased a Nokia 5230 Unlocked US version. I am having problems with dropping calls! I am on the AT&T GSM/WCDMA Network. When I got the phone, I upgraded the firmwares, ran all the updates etc. Seemed good for several days then

  • Having problem with my nokia 5230November 30

    Hi, i have purchased nokia 5230 one month before. After one week i have notied that my phone network has some trouble in automatically accessing the network. I am using airtel network and then i contacted the shop and they said it may be sim problem

  • Nokia 5230 dont update to 51.x.002November 30

    Hi all, I have a 5230 and if i try to update to latest software, dont update to 51.x.002. I use Nokia Suite 3.8.48 > Sofware Update > Refresh or on phone Menu -> Applications -> SW updates. More info from Nokia Suite: Model :5230 Type: RM-588

  • Nokia 5230 completely deadNovember 30

    Hello, I was normally using my Nokia 5230, finding that I can not access the radio. So I have tried to switch Nokia off to start it again, but..... My Nokia has black screen, call buttons and menu button are lighted, but I have tried different keystr

  • Installation 'General Error' Nokia 5230November 30

    I cannot install the latest Ovi Maps on my Nokia 5230 as each time the installation fails with 'General Error' as the message. On clicking the blue i-button it merely says the error has occurred and instructs to try to install again. I have tried rep

  • Nokia 5230 not recognized by Ovi SuiteNovember 30

    Hello, Ovi Suite no longer recognizes my Nokia 5230 since I switched to version Windows Vista and Nokia PC Suite recognizes it. I uninstalled and reinstalled Ovi suite but to no avail. Thank you for your help.Thank you for your feedback. C

  • Nokia 5230 is no longer recognized by Nokia Ssuite...October 11

    I have created a backup from my Nokia 5230 some time ago using Nokia Suite, but now the program doesn't recognize the phone, but the pc does. and I haave accepted the Ovi Suite Mode in the phone. @Louropt As farby points out if you have updated Nokia

  • HELP ME! Nokia 5230 does not work after updateOctober 11

    My nokia 5230 will not boot after update. I've also tried everything and red green camera button intedruken but nothing worked. Can someone help me I am so on vacation. Sorry for my English I am DutchHave a look at this complete guide.. If nothing wo

  • Why my ovi store in nokia 5230 always close automa...October 11

    My phone model is nokia 5230. Why my ovi store always close automatically after i've opened it about 3mn? I've tried to uninstall it and reinstall it again, but this couldn't solve my problem. Anyone please help me, i'm very thankful for that.Hi, Ple

  • How to connect my Nokia 5230 to internet using Blu...October 11

    I would like to be able to connect my mobile (Nokia 5230) to internet without using the GPRS connection. The only option I can see, is to connect my mobile to my PC (which has an internet connection) via bluetooth or USB and share the pc internet con

  • My faves open and again close in nokia 5230October 11

    Hi all, I have T-mobile Nokia nuron 5230. When i tap on "myfaves" icon onhome scree. ...it just open and again close.....why? i use my faves a lot....please help me as soon. thnks a lot in advance... plz replyfinally i got solution...... .soft r

  • Nokia 5230 connection problemsOctober 11

    i am using nokia 5230. i have just downloaded and installed PC suite with windows visa 32 bit. the very first time, everything worked fine. i synchronised all the phone contents to PC. now, whenever i connect the phone to PC, it gives me a m

  • Firmware upgrade Nokia 5230 - SLOW device!October 11

    I see that the device 5233 had an firmware upgrade availibe from 12.1.089 to 12.1.092. This upgrade is now not availible for the nokia 5230. This device is much slower than the 5233 and 5800. Is there a way to make this upgrade also soon availible fo

  • Nokia 5230 and Garmin Mobile XTOctober 11

    Hi ! I have decided to install Garmin Mobile on my Nokia 5230. I have asked the official Garmin support for informations about Garmin Mobile and Symbiaa S60 v5. They answered that the last version of Garmin Mobile is v5.00.60 and in theory it should

  • Nokia 5230 - Wish List for Next Firmware UpgradeOctober 11

    heya guys, I'm using Nokia 5230 with the latest firmware, V 12.0.089. The following are my wish list for the next firmware upgrade:- 1. Messaging > Sent Items: Please include short cut icons to Forward, Create New and Delete as in Inbox. 2. Log > Re

  • Help needed to uninstall whatsapp nokia 5230October 11

    who can help me to uninstall whatsapp from my nokia 5230, I cannot remove the app and it is eating batterys so I really want to have it removed as soon as possible Solved! Go to [email protected] You would need to backup essential data first, then

  • Urgent help with nokia 5230 and ovi suiteOctober 11

    translated from Spanish to English translator by gogle I need help because my nokia 5230 I can not install applications from nokia ovi suite because it is not clear that anything the phone as you ago I can sync I can send things to your suite ovi ovi

  • Image open problem in nokia 5230October 11

    Dear All, I have nokia 5230 mobile & i am using from last 10 months but from past few days i am facing problem regarding image/songs open problem.  whenever i trying to open image my phone gets hang & it shows nothing in it but i have 100 pics in

  • My Nokia 5230 has not showing the Photos and video...October 11

    My Nokia 5230 has not showing the Photos and videos(from Memory Card) in gallery. and Music library has not updating. Please send me the solution.It has been released 3.3 version of NS which is working fine with Thunderbird Cheers, Marina Nokia Suit

  • Nokia 5230 - using it with the car speakerOctober 11

    i possible to use the nokia 5230 with my car speaker. I want to use my phone on the car speaker, while driving. I am able to use aux to connect the nokia to my mp3player in the car, but i cant seems to use it on the voice calls. (it works fine if i u

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