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my n96 does not want to play music

  • Nokia Has Forsaken the N96 in Asia-Pacific.October 11

    Go to the Nokia Asia Pacific support page for the N96 - http://www.nokia-asia.com/get-support-and-software​/product-support/nokia-n96 and it's official - Nokia have forsaken this handset. It's actually quite embarrassing. This page has not changed si

  • N96 V 30.0.33 Unstable,frequent restarts, lock ups...October 11

    Hi all. Upgraded my firmware using FOTA the day the V30 firmware was released. Ever since though I have had major issues with my N96. The previous version 20 and version 12 were stable enough and I had minimal issues with them. I have not installed a

  • Nokia N96 - A long review!October 11

    The Nokia N96 Long Review by Jupstejuho v. 1 (Please notice that this is the first published version so I will be making this much longer a bit later if you just want me to do so) In this case I have only reviewed the phone's main software things, no

  • Moving event with mouse in iCal gives me problems on Nokia N96October 11

    When I move an item (event) with mouse in iCal, and then iSync to my Nokia N96, I get multiple events in the Nokia Calendar. As if I copy-pasted the item too many times. The multiple events are on the hours, on which I have dragged around the event.

  • Low memory in my N96October 11

    I have every day the same error low memory, please can someone help me??. This is the memory status: Memory used: 80Mb Memory Free: 2244Kb Agenda: 242Kb Guia:495Kb Mensajes: 844Kb Documentos: 41Kb Aplicaciones SIS: 6646Kb Others files: 72MbThe "Other

  • N96 is not recogniZed by my PC - please HELP!October 11

    hi, please can someone help me. have just bought a nokia N96 mobile and have used the cd that comes with the phone to install ALL the programmes etc. into my PC. however, i have a problem. when i reach the stage whereby i connect the phone to the pc

  • N96 No longer connects to PCOctober 11

    Hi guys. I seem to be having a weird problem. This started after I updated my N96 to the latest firmware 20.050. Before then I could connect to the PC with the standard Nokia cable (CA-101) but now after ther update the phone doesn't connect to the P

  • N96 Photo Gallery Problems @ V20 Firmware UpdateOctober 11

    After updating my 96 to v20 i'm found broken icons/thumbnails in my gallery rather than the original pictures that we're there before the update. When i tried to delete i got an error message, the files didnt delete and remained on the phone so i was

  • Messages are not being saved on N96October 11

    On my N96 I have set save sent messages and receive report as 'yes' but after updating firmware (20.050) messages are not being saved.Is there any solution to someone.I have exactly the same problem with my N95 but I can't really say when it started.

  • Problem with opening Transformers.dcf in my N96October 11

    My phone have transformers movie and a i play it and didn't have any problem but yesterday i resotore all setting to original factory setting with this code "*#7370# after restoring finished transformers movie didn't play and said "file is locke

  • N96 won't detect my captured picturesOctober 11

    hi i have nokia n96 and 2-days ago i got corrupted (mass) memory error so i restarted the phone and it was ok. But now Photos application won't detect my Captured pictures. The directory tree of Images was intact after corruption (probably) so nothin

  • What are Nokia playing at? N96 UpgradedOctober 11

    I upgraded my 1 month old N96 to the latest firmware 4 days ago after it kept "White Screening" on me and freezing etc etc..... Now my Battery will not last 24hrs, it used to last 8 to 9 days, this is so annoying, also I cannot use the # hash ke

  • N96 offline - can't get it back online!October 11

    Hi all - my N96 (had it about 2 months) keeps doing some annoying things: -randomly it will come up Insert Sim and require restarting -it will turn itself off and the killer one -when I restart it, it comes up frequently in Offline Mode. Sometimes I

  • How to delete an image from bluetooth in Nokia N96...October 11

    I am using Nokia N96. I received some images from a freidn via bluetooth and i have transfered them to my PC. I need to delete the images in my Nokia phone but it seems not working. Please advice me how to delete these images? coz teh Option DELETE i

  • Cant view my photos and listen to my music on N96October 11

    I use a Nokia N96 which i have had for 12 months or so now. However, in the last few days, i have noticed that i cannot access my photos and also can not listen to my music. Each time i attempt listening to music, it tells me general system failure.

  • N96 - updating to V20 with only little memory leftOctober 11

    Hello I'd like to install the new firmware for my N96 but I don't want to do it without advice: My C: drive on the phone is nearly full - about 8MB left and a few times a day, especially when I'm using maps, web and music player at once, it says: mem

  • N96 OTA UpdateOctober 11

    I have an original N96, never been upgraded.  I haven't had any major problems with the phone (quite a few minor ones) and wanted to wait for a few Firmware updates, before I took the plunge and updated.  I just did a OTA check and my phone did downl

  • N96 Problems!!!October 11

    Just yesterday I had the opportunity to upgrade the firmware to V12!!! The thing is that during the update (using NSU), there was a problem twice and after that I managed to install the new firmware. Now the thing is that this morning I found the mob

  • N96 Update - No updateOctober 11

    I see many users talk about v12 firmware for the Nokia N96. I am however, still stuck on V10.065, the NSU says there is no update available - I am experiencing the same problems as many of the N96 users out there. N96-1 RM-247You are welcome Just kee

  • N96 Firmware UpdatesOctober 11

    I have got N96 today and I want to update the firware from v12 to v20 but FOTA says v30 is available,please any help about this cuz under v30,the feature is supported.I prefer v20 to 30 Solved! Go to Solution. Unfortunately, you cannot pick and chose

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