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my n8 flash not workin

  • Flash not workin after uploadNovember 30

    Hii friends i develop one swf for my site in which i hyperlink some pages with images swf is working on my pc but when ever i upload it on my site it stops working My Flash Player version is 9 and Action Script version is 3 Plz help me out that how i

  • Flash Player not working on Flickr MySpace ..October 11

    well, not sure if it's cos of this apple-adobe twist, nevertheless. since the last update to the latest version of flash player, i am no lonver able to watch videos on myspace or listen to music on the bands profiles. flash is workin fine on youtube.

  • Please help me with my flash playerOctober 11

    my adobe flash player keeps saying that their is a problem with my license files, and the only way to fix it is the reset the files. I did and it still doesn't workIn any case, the Flash Player forum is here: http://forums.adobe.com/community/flashpl

  • Smooth animation in Flash CS5.5??October 11

    I've been workin in Flash for some years now and I've animated a lot of elements during these years. But now I seem to have a problem getting my stuff to animate in a smooth way (it hasn't been a problem before). I've created a car (cartoonstyle) ent

  • Brand new imac flash player keeps freezing in webchat sitesNovember 30

    hello;-) to start, i did read some other posts on this subject however i wasnt sure if it would be the same for me as i am running a mac, and the responses i saw were for pc's. my problem is that my camera will freeze up in some sites that require a

  • Flash 8 crashes when publishing (Mac 10.3.9)November 30

    I've searched the forums and haven't found an instance that is relevant enough to my situation. Pretty basic, really. I have a registered version of Flash and I go to publish. Not doing anything crazy with the publish settings. The document I'm worki

  • Will flash be available for iphone?November 30

    I'm workin on html5 (edge+dreamweaver) and it still got problems, if flash will be available for iphone we can continue our way with flash?Hello, Flash allows you deliver applications for iOS by prepackaging Flash content and applications in to AIR.

  • Adobe flash player on face book vchatterNovember 30

    Adobe Flash player not starting my cam on face book vchatter program. it was workin fine b4 but then it stopped starting my cam. Can som one help me?Yes. 1.  Install Adobe Flash Player.      Download Flash Player here and follow the prompts.     http

  • DRM flash player 11.8.800.168November 30

    Hello, i have a problem with this version of flash. I use Adobe Access for protect content. And work in flash player 11.7 but with flash player 11.8.800.168 other version in IE i have only sound but black video screen..... I dont understand why... i

  • Flash 4.6 shows error for JSONNovember 30

    My code that was workin perfect on flash 4.5 shows JSon Error in Flash builder 4.6 I am using json as3corelib library for JSON Parsingworkin replase JSON.encode() & JSON.decode() with full package path as com.adobe.serialization.json.JSON.encode()  &a

  • Flash video not working? Embed wrong?November 30

    I was told the following Flash videos are not workin on IE on pc. I am wondering what I did wrong with embedding them? http://www.agilitygraphics.com/clients/cs/pages/destination.html http://www.agilitygraphics.com/clients/cs/pages/history.html http:

  • Flash of lenevo S90-ANovember 30

    Hi, just wanna ask, how to use the front flash of camera? Tried the basi but still not workin..1. Open Default Camera App 2. Change Camera to front view 3. Ensure that "Flash" is enabled 4. Smile 5. Take picture 6. Flash comes onRead other 9 ans

  • 6500 Slide Camera Flash has stopped workingNovember 30

    I was just about to take a photo... and my double led flash light has stoped workin iv tried putting it on and off also put it on automatic and it seems the lights wont work anymore can this be solvedwhat exactly do you mean? do you mean when taking

  • Tried latest Flash version 11.4.402.265, but ?????November 30

    Installed Flash version 11.4.402.265 last night (e.g. clean install). Using Window 7 64 bit and FireFox 13.0.1. Computer very slow this morning and when I had 2 Flash instances open,it just about died. Anyone tried this latest and greatest version ye

  • Flash player very slow or crashNovember 30

    Hi, I'm trying to fix my flashplayer. Movies is working fine (only when I have opened it on one tab), if I'm wathing/loading movies in more than 2 tabs flash player working very slowly or just crash (crash when I'm enabling options "EnableLinuxHWVide

  • Plugin container bug with flash video.November 30

    Using latest portable FF4 and latest flash plugin, While playing flash videos the "plugin container" module of FF starts using up 100% cpu and whole computer is bogged down. even after closeing the page with the flash video the plugin container

  • Nano 1st gen lcd flashes whiteNovember 30

    Hi, i bought this nano already faulty. It showed anythin on the screen so I opened it 2 check what's wrong n i found out that the lcd ribbon was not plugged. I replaced the screen w/ a workin 1 n it flashes white 4 a couple of seconds, when connectin

  • Flash media server as final year projectNovember 30

    Hey, Was thinking of workin with flash media server as my final year project. Like exhibitin the live videos on mobile phones, pcs  and some apps.. Do u think its viable..for a final year project..Any additions would be appreciated..ThanksCheck this

  • Adobe Bridge Buttons in Dreamweaver, Flash, and Fireworks?October 11

    Hello, Adobe says that the button to connect to Adobe bridge is in every CS3 application. I can find it in Photoshop, Illustrator, and even Contribute, a former Macromedia project, but none of the other Macromedia projects (Dreamweaver, Flash, Firewo

  • MSI Forum HQ USB flashing tool!!!October 11

    Hi guys, We the forum team have developed  a new way of flashing. You no longer need a floppy or anything, just an USB-stick. The tool has been tested together with MSI and as far as we have done our testing, there are no problems at all. As long as

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