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my memory card is locked how can i v

  • Updated my vivaz and the memory card has locked. how do i unlock it ?November 30

    Hi, i updated my vivaz last night and i didnt have the memory card in because i didnt want to lose anything. When i put my memory card back in, it says its locked and enter a password. I never put a password on the memory card so how do i sort this a

  • Remote lock & Memory card corrupted issueOctober 11

    Remote lock & Memory card corrupted issue Hi Dear Friends, You might have experienced the "Memory card corrupted issue." Don't panic! The solution is here! Your memory card is just 'locked', it isn't 'corrupted'! For sure, this post would be

  • Memory card lock codeNovember 30

    i just updated my nokia 5310 firmware from 5.81 to 8.32 and now my memory card has locked itself. can anyone help with this? does anyone know the code?use a computer (card reader) to save your data from the memory card, and then format it with a comp

  • 5610 - memory card lockNovember 30

    My memory card is locked with password after firmware upgrade and factory reset. However, I forget my password. (I think that i didn't input any password.) How can I get back the password? In the worst case, I give up all the data in my memory card.

  • Help me.. memory card lockNovember 30

    Dunno y.. but after updating software for my E71.. my memory card is lock requesting for a password.... i never even set a password when i first got e phone.. is there a way to tackle tis problem without even reformatting it??? Solved! Go to Solution

  • Once I updated software on my N95 the memory card ...October 11

    I have read various posts about the same problem. I backed up my phone memory to my memory disk memory before updating my Nokia software as suggested. I have now been asked to put in a password. I didn't set a password, and have tried 12345, but no l

  • How to unlock memory card nokia 5310October 11

    i just updated my nokia 5310 firmware from 5.81 to 8.32 and now my memory card has locked itself. can anyone help with this? does anyone know the code?19-Oct-2008 07:22 AM paittola wrote: I think the locking code returns to "factory default" aft

  • How to Lock Memory Card.?October 11

    Hi. I'm using Nokia C2-00. I set Password to Memory Card. But now i have doubt that is der any possible to Lock Memory Card while using in Same device..? (with same Password which i already set)Hey lahiruthisaru, Welcome to the discussion board! You

  • Memory card lockNovember 30

    Have a brand new elph 520 HS.  First time trying to operate receive "Memory Card Locked".  Purchased a brand new memory card.  Same error.  Can't format, the "format" option remains in the background and is not selectableAre these card

  • E71 locking the memory card?!November 30

    I think I found a bug: I activated the remote lock optio (you send a SMS when a predifined lock message in case your phone gets stollen, nice feature, btw), after that my battery went dead, upon powering up the phone I got a prompt "enter passwod to

  • Memory card locked, can't take pictures ... help!November 30

    Camera says "Memory card locked", my grand baby is coming over this afternoon ! What to do...Good to hear it is working now! This depends on your camera's model number and the type of memory card you are using. As previously posted by USER-94492

  • 6630-Memory Card Lock CodeNovember 30

    Hello frenzz!! I am using Nokia-6630 and i want to know how to give lock code to the memory card, plz don't provide info on how to lock phone. My concern is related to memory card lock, but not phone lock. Thanks in Advance Ashish Thanks and Regards

  • Memory issues - kernel panics / system freezes with 1Gb Memory CardOctober 11

    I've recently updated my PowerBook OS to 10.4.7 and now more recently 10.4.8. Prior to this, i had been running a pair of pc2700 memory cards (1x1Gb + 1x 512Mb) bought from crucial technology on 10.3.9 with no problems. During the upgrade, i experien

  • Hi, I have a Lenovo 3000 n100 that does not recognize the dvd player or SD memory card slotOctober 11

    Hi, this is my first time on here so forgive me if I don't give all of the right information, I will try.  Until about a month ago my dvd player and SD memory card slot worked fine.  I was attempting to download pictures from the SD memory card to my

  • Nokia C5-03 memory card issueOctober 11

    I have C5-03 for a couple of weeks only, but there's one annoying issue concerning the memory card (which came with the phone) Sometimes (and it happens often and often) there's a message that pops up "Can't remove memory card without selecting "

  • Problem with Access of memory card and internal storage after updateOctober 11

    Hej, I cant save anything on intern or extern memory. Was about to write some file into a folder belonging to some application. Made this with a copy from external to internal memory alst friday without any problem. But I even could not save a file o

  • How do you select multiple messages/conversations on SMS/MMS to forward or save to memory card on Samsung Stratosphere?October 11

    How do you select multiple messages/conversations on SMS/MMS to forward or save to memory card on Samsung Stratosphere?  My screen is cracked and I need to replace my phone and I don't see a way of selecting multiple messages or even conversations on

  • Please help! memory card password! I never set one...October 11

    I plugged in my memory card from my broken nokia e71 into a new nokia e6 and it asks for a password! I never set a password to begin with! is there some default code to override this? I really need my pictures off this sd card. please [email protected]

  • Set password on memory card and is now corruptOctober 11

    I tried setting a password on my memory card, and it just locked up my phone. I waited for ages but eventually just turned the phone off and on again. Now the phone doesn't recognize that there is a memory card at all, and when I plug it into my comp

  • Theme on memory card for Nokia 5500October 11

    Hello! I got a problem with the nokia 5500. On the memory card are two themes that I would like to use, but the size of the memory card is to little(64MB) for me to use it normally. The problem is that I can't move the themes from the memory card to

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