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my hp compaq dc 7700 wont turn on k

  • Compaq CQ62 a25SA - wont turn onNovember 30

    Hi, i have a Compaq CQ62 a25SA that wont turn on. initially it would turn on but lost power despite being plugged into mains and switched off by itself and then would not turn back on.  I have tried removing the power lead and the battery and depress

  • Compaq presario sr1110 wont turn onNovember 30

    When I go to turn my Compaq Presario Sr1110NX the fans immediatly start running. However, the light on the power button wont turn on. When I connect the computer to a monitor it wont connect. Please help me figure out whats wrongCompaq, welcome to th

  • Compaq Presario CQ61 Wont BootNovember 30

    So Like Most owners of the Presario, My Computer wont boot. Its a blank screen and the LED blinds towards BIOS Corruption but since I cant even get out the blank screen Any help would be very well indeed Helped. Below is Info and things I've Tried Co

  • My compaq presario cq57 wont download any new files.November 30

    hey guys I'm in need of some help. After doing a system recovery my computer will no longer download any new files from the internet. from browsers to games I've tried it all. and nothing will download. it keeps coming up with a message that says tha

  • HP/Compaq Presario CQ61 wont start up or charge, only the side charging light is on.November 30

    I have a major problem with this Laptop Compaq presario cq61. I had to fix the cpu fan and after putting back the parts laptop i came to know it wasnt turning on.It is not even charging. only one charging light is lit, (the one on the right).when i p

  • Compaq 6610b laptop wont start up windows after a last known configurat​ion boot.discNovember 30

    compaq 6610b rm400ut#aba vista insert start up discHi! Has anyone that is replying on this thread created a system repair disc?? If you have boot with it and try each method to fix your problem. http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/how-to-use-a​-sys

  • Compaq presario cq56 wont boot even to BIOS.November 30

    Compaq  CQ56 laptop  Recently after shutting it down normally I cant boot it up again. The battery  and the power adapter are good. The CAPS lock light flashes every 2 seconds. The orange wireless light remains on. The screen is totally black. What i

  • My compaq 610 laptop wont boot up.November 30

    I have a compaq 610 laptop model # CPQ610UT1500Q5X250MBNNCN22Xa p/n: FNO13UT#ABA s/n: [Personal Information Removed] Windows 7 It will not boot up. The compaq logo comes up briefly with F9 F10 & F12 options then it goes to a black screen and i get tw

  • My compaq presario f700 wont't power onNovember 30

    my laptop won't power on but is charging. i have checked the power buttton but is not from there.Hi emanny, Welcome to the HP Forums! For you to have the best experience in the HP forum, I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide Fi

  • Compaq Presario 6150b wont boot - no BIOS screen - powers on and off repeatedlyNovember 30

    Hi, i bought a 6150b from a company auction. Everything worked perfect for the longest time. Then last week i went to go turn it on, and all it does is run the CPU fan for a couple seconds, flash the AC LED about 7 - 8 times, and while thats flashing

  • Hp compaq dc 7700 won;t start red light blinking with a beepNovember 30

    my pc won't start i get a beeping sound and front red blinking light ,helpHi: Please read the troubleshooting guide at the link below, appendix A starting on page 57 for the blink/beep codes, probable causes and possible solutions. http://bizsupport1

  • My cq56 wont start it keeps saying windows is loading files but wont startNovember 30

    my compaq presario CQ56 wont sart. it just keeps telling me "windows is loading files" but just wont startIs the message that the printer is offline? Running the diagnostics at http://www.hp.com/go/tools may help resolve the issue.   If not then

  • HP compaq presario cq56November 30

    HP Compaq Presario CQ56 wont get pass the startup. it just loops back without any error messageHi, If you wish to check the specification of your existing ram, download and run CPU-Z - the information you require is found on the Memory and Spd tabs.

  • What upgrades if any can I do to an older computerOctober 11

    My computer is Windows 7 Professional 32 bit HP/Compaq DC 7700 Small Form  4Gigs shared memory I cannot play games well because the memory runs low very quickly. Would getting a new motherboard and new Processor allow me to change to a 64 bit. Or wou

  • Compaq SQ58 wont boot upNovember 30

    Compaq 58 has just ran out of its warranty, and now wont boot up. the power light comes on but wont boot up.after reading other peoples notes this seems a typical problem for this product, is there any fix for this.Hi @paulc2 , Welcome to the HP Foru

  • Reset my compaq pessario too factory settings an now wont startNovember 30

    reset my compaq pessario too factory settings an now wont start..... Just came up black screen an said use arrows too select windows  but woildnt do anything push enter an screen  flicked an came on same page......can anyone help please.....it's a pe

  • Compaq presario cq61 312sa wont perform a system recovery from hard driveOctober 11

    When i turn on my Compaq Presario CQ61 312SA it looks like it is going to start ok then flicks to a white page with page cannot be found??? i have tried and would like to completely restore to it's original settings but when i turn it on and repeated

  • Compaq 615: Wont switch to headphones !!October 11

    Hello. I bought this laptop for like 3 weeks ago. It all worked fine, and suddenly it wouldnt auto switch when i plugged in my headphones. My headphones are working all fine on other PCs, but i wont switch when i plug in! Any fixes on this?I have the

  • Compaq Presario wont recognise cd's/dvds?November 30

    I have a compaq presario CQ61-214TU Notebook PC, i've been trying to backup my doumuments but it says i havnt inserted a disc.. but i have? I've tried reinstalling the software but nothing is working. Help?!? PleaseI looked up your model. You are run

  • Insipre 7700's (Side-Left connection wont work under direct-7.1 mix)November 30

    Hi all I just noticed today my side left speaker wasnt working.. well first I thought it might be the speaker so I checked all connections and the terminal wire behind speaker and all is good. So I do some channel test on the THX setup program and it

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