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my dvd tray ejects when pc starts up

  • DVD tray ejects on reboot. Cannot complete install.November 30

    This is a recurring problem. Whenever I reboot my system, the DVD tray ejects, so when SL goes to reboot, it pops the DVD out and just boots up on the old system. I've tried holding down "C" during reboot. I've repaired permissions. I've unplugg

  • Close Open DVD Tray Via Software / Menu ItemNovember 30

    My DVD tray eject key has gone bad I need menu item to Open Close DVD tray. Is there any such tool available?Vijay, Navigate to your Macintosh HD/System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras Folder and double click on the "Eject.menu" file. ⏏ will th

  • DVD tray sticks when ejectingNovember 30

    I'm having trouble with my DVD tray, When ejecting it sticks on the slide down door. It tries twice to eject before going all the way back in. They only work around is to lower the door manually before ejecting. Even leaving a piece of card cut to si

  • Eject/open external DVD trayNovember 30

    Hi, is it possible to eject/open an external DVD tray by short cut or a program? I have found a script but I don't know how to use the terminal and further steps (path etc.). Please, could you help? Thank you.Unfortuantely, that didnt work because th

  • I can't open the DVD trayOctober 11

    I can't open the DVD tray. There's nothing inside. I hear a sound (a grrrr) but it won't open. I had that 2-3 times in the last 5 years and I always managed to open it by pushing the "DVD ROM drive open button" while I restart but not this time.

  • DVD Drive Ejects on BootupOctober 11

    I have a PowerBook Pismo (Firewire and bronze keyboard). OS X 10.3.9 with all the latest secutity upgrades. When the machine starts up, the DVD drive ejects whether or not there is a disk in it. This makes it difficult to boot from the install CD to

  • How do you open the DVD tray on a K430 without using Windows Explorer?October 11

    How do you open the DVD tray on a K430 without using Windows Explorer? I can't find a button on or below the door.  Am I missing something?  Additionally, will the K430 boot from a DVD/CD if it finds one in the DVD tray instead of the hard disk?  Ple

  • Cannot recall how to open iBook G3 14-Inch DVD trayOctober 11

    I just gave my ancient iBook to my neice. She called and asked how to eject the DVD tray? I could not recall. I thought it had a small oval button on the right side that ejected it? Thanks in advance for assistance.If it's like the 12-inch model, the

  • Epson R220 DVD tray error - any ideas?November 30

    I have a Epson R220 for printing DVD labels, using the Epson Print CD software. It worked for a while, but now the tray keeps ejecting with a message "CD/DVD tray not aligned". I'm careful to place the tray under the rollers, and align the marks

  • How to open the CD/DVD tray?November 30

    I tried with ctrl+eject keys, aslo cmd+eject, fn+eject, only eject, but nothing happens. How do you open the CD/DVD tray to incert a CD or DVD?I'd also suggest you take a look at Mac 101 and Switch 101. There's a wealth of info there. Enjoy your Mac

  • DVD tray not openningNovember 30

    OS 10.5.2 will not open DVD tray with F12 key. It will if I mounted on my backup hard drive. How do I fix it?Norm, I haven't got a solution that restores eject the F12. I too have a PBG4 Aluminium and F12 does not open the tray (actually no tray it i

  • DVD tray catching on G5 caseNovember 30

    I have a 'pre-loved' G5 PowerMac I got on eBay and it's been a great machine for the last 2 years, apart from one little problem. The tray catches on the top of the case when you eject (and it won't read DVDs burnt on my PVR but more on that later) P

  • Dvd tray opens rarelyNovember 30

    Sometimes it requires 40-50 tries for the eject button to open the dvd tray. Any advice please? True also when using software activators. Is there a mechanical way to make this open? Or some fix? ThanksBased on your description, it is more likely tha

  • DVD TrayNovember 30

    Suddenly, I can't open or close my DVD tray using the keyboard. It will open with an application such as Toast and will close if I drag he disk icon to the trash. I have rebuilt the directory with Disk Warior, started with extensions off, started wit

  • CD/ DVD tray not openingNovember 30

    I have an early 2008 Mac Pro that has always treated me well and never given me any problems. This morning when I push the eject button on the keyboard it registers on the screen as usual BUT the tray does not open. Any ideas?sure----carefully pull d

  • DVD tray won't open on Satellite C650November 30

    Hi I'm sorry if this ques has been posted before, but I am having trouble getting my DVD tray to open without having to stick something in the small gap. When i try and open it normally, a little light next to the button just starts blinking orange.

  • Will not recognize jump drive nor allow me to open DVD trayOctober 11

    Intermittantly, my G5 will not show my jump drive nor a CD on the desktop. At those times, it will not open the DVD tray either. When this happens, I can go to system profiler and see both the jump drive and the CD--it's just not showing up on the de

  • I am try to burn a dvd from iPhoto in iDVD, when I click burn I get error message I don't have SuperDrive and dvd is ejected. I have burned dvd's before. What am I doing wrong?October 11

    I am try to burn a iPhoto slideshow on to a dvd in iDVD, when I click burn I get error message and dvd is ejected. I have burned dvd's before. What am I doing wrong?error message I don't have SuperDrive and dvd is ejected If you don't have a SuperDri

  • I'm running OS X 10.7.5 on my MacBook Pro.  I can't get a DVD to eject.  I'm getting an error message "supported disc not available".  How can I get the disc to eject?October 11

    I'm running OS X 10.7.5 on my MacBook Pro.  I can't get a DVD to eject.  I'm getting an error message "supported disc not available" when I try to use the DVD player eject button.  It also does not show up on my desk top as an icon as it normall

  • USB Bose Audio Doesn't Work & DVD/CD Ejects during startup 10.6.1October 11

    Anyone having this problem on the Mac Pro 8 Core USB Bose Audio Doesn't Work, have to pull USB plug out and put it back in for audio to be recognised & DVD/CD Ejects during startup >>> 10.6.1What is the ouput of cat /proc/asound/cards, aplay

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