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mvh-x560bt bluetooth dropout

  • All OS X is really buggy - mouse lag, bluetooth dropouts, FCP X beachballs - iOS issues with iTunes = CRAPNovember 30

    I have had so many issues of late with both OS X Mavericks and iOS 8, that I am looking to change.  Bluetooth dropouts that infuriate me despite swapping to brand new batteries, cleaning terminals, adding alfoil to hold the batteries more snuggly, et

  • Iphone bluetooth dropouts are still happening after installing ios v5November 30

    Hi I have just installed iOS v5.1 on my 3GS hoping that it would stop the bluetooth dropouts when connected to my car.  This still hasn't fixed it, with something like 19 dropouts and reconnections in 25 kilometers.  This happens everyday, therefore

  • Nokia C5 Bluetooth DropoutsNovember 30

    I have a Nokia C5 with latest firmware (062.001).  I have a blueant car kit.  It works fine (blueant car kit) with my other phones.  What happens is my phone connects and begins working well.  Usually after a call it drops out and when the bluetooth

  • Bluetooth audio dropoutNovember 30

    I just got a Z3 compact.  I switched from a Moto X that did not have any bluetooth issues (which is still in my possession in case I can't fix this). Anyway, when I connect to my Pioneer MVH-X560BT stereo, music will play but the audio will drop out

  • My bluetooth headphones/-set problem?November 30

    So, I bought these bluetooth headphones with a mic, I pair them with my Macbook. It says I can use it as audio in and audio out. But when I go to System Preferences, the headphones appear as Bluetooth Headset and Bluetooth Headphones. The microphone

  • UK Sony Xperia Z1 Kit Kat updates for unbranded phones?November 30

    I have a UK generic unbranded Sony Xperia Z1 (i.e. I purchased my phone outright, not through a carrier) and am experiencing distorted audio and dropouts with Bluetooth when connected and playing music to some devices.  My phone is running Android 4.

  • My Iphone 5 sometimes is responsive and sometimes will not respond at all! help!November 30

    Sometimes my Iphone works perfectly and then the next minute I can't even unlock it because the touch screen is being so unresponsive.  Then sometimes I unlcok it and then it gets unresponsive again.  Help.  Has anyone else been having this problem? 

  • IPhone 4 iOS7: Playing music over bluetooth, short dropout during mp3-id-transferOctober 11

    After upgrading my iPhone 4 to iOS7, i have a little problem with the music-player. I use it, playing music in my car over Bluetooth. Everytime a new song starts, I have a short dropout while my iPhone transfers the MP3 tag to my car's soundsystem. I

  • IPhone 6 bluetooth audio stutter/dropout issueNovember 30

    I have a 64GB iPhone 6 (Verizon) and am having an issue where when I stream music/audio through my 2013 Toyota Sequoia's audio system via Bluetooth, the music will have a stutter/dropout of about a 1-2 seconds every 20-40 seconds while the audio cont

  • N78 + Samsung SBH-500 bluetooth stereo DropoutsNovember 30

    Even after updating my N78 to FW 21.xxxx my A2DP Stereo Bluetooth Headset Samsung SBH-500 isn't working properly. Every other second there're dropouts... Even though it was working with my Nokia 3600 slide and Nokia N82. It's a shame!You must pair th

  • [temp fix] Z2 bluetooth audio stutter/dropoutsNovember 30

    My new Z2 D6503 is on .167 (4.4.4 KK) firmware, and when I connect it to my car's bluetooth audio system, sometimes it stutter really bad that I cannot enjoy the music.  My car is 2014 and it also has the ability to read text messages. So after some

  • Bluetooth connection dropouts, Mouse-MacMiniNovember 30

    I have been experiencing random connection dropouts between my Apple wireless mouse and my mid 2010 MacMini.  Connection dropouts typically last only a few seconds.  Battery swapouts and replacements seem to have no effect.  Anyone have an idea on ho

  • Bluetooth intermediate dropout MSI GP60, GS70, and GS60November 30

    Well, this was posted on the dragon army site, but no solution, so lets see if we can find a solution on these forums. Only thing I can thing of is maybe its a bad driver? Issue: When using a Bluetooth device. Whether a headset or a mouse. The Blueto

  • I have bought a new airport express and using it with my macbook (iTunes 10.2.2). I have joined an existing network for internet in my home and with that i am trying to play the music via itunes but there is audio dropouts every 60 secs or so. any soln ?October 11

    I have bought a new airport express and using it with my macbook (iTunes 10.2.2). I have joined an existing wireless network for internet in my home and with that i am trying to play the music via itunes but there is audio dropouts every 60 secs or s

  • What are the best bluetooth headsets for running?October 11

    With the new 3.0 software update, I want stereo bluetooth headsets to go running with. Any ideas on what the best brands are?I have the s9 as well and have discovered that the Bluetooth reception is not as good outdoors as in. When I run at the gym I

  • Warning: Z3c doesn't seem to work with many common bluetooth devices. No fix immenent?October 11

    Hello. I just bought the Z3c as a replacement for the far-too-large Samsung Galaxy S5.  However, unlike the Samsung phone, the Sony fails to detect almost all bluetooth devices I've tried. In particular it fails to connect with my Jaybird Bluebuds X

  • Wireless Keyboard and Magic Mouse (Bluetooth) ProblemsOctober 11

    Hi folks, I recently got a new Mac Mini, wireless keyboard (Apple) and Magic Mouse. During high LAN activity, the keyboard and Magic Mouse will often lose connection and will have trouble re-connecting even when LAN activity goes back to basal levels

  • Lion audio dropouts with external speakers?October 11

    Since I installed OS 10.7.3 (upgraded from 10.6.8), I get audio dropouts whenever I use external speakers.  I use my Mini (purchased a year ago in Feb 2011) connected to my TV for Skype, Netflix, and listening to iTunes, so this effectively eliminate

  • Mac Pro and the Internal Bluetooth AntennaOctober 11

    Hello All; Recently I acquired a Sony Bluetooth headphone. It works great for my MacBook Pro and iPod Touch. It is another story with my Mac Pro, it drops out frequently. I wonder if it is possible to improve the internal Bluetooth antenna inside my

  • Is there a separate program to handle the Bluetooth?November 30

    I have T42p and I am sick of the limited functionality for the Bluetooth. Is there another program to give more functions?To resolve this issue with my T41 I bought a Jabra doggle. Uninstalled IBM's BT software, installed Jabra's software and never l

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