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  • How to configure a shell and tube heat exchanger with Lab VIew to get dataOctober 11

    HiI In our undergraduate chemical engineering labboratory we want to configure our shell and tube heat exchanger  with a DAq and Lab VIEW to get information about the temperaure (of the cold fluid stream being heated), the pressure (of the steam on t

  • How to get lab view to display my plot in DBOctober 11

    hi guys i desigED n an operational amplifier to determine the gain product band width using a 741 chip and the gain of the circuit is 1000, meaning that the gain bandwidth PRODUCT  will occur at a frequency of 100hz. but i have a problem, when i star

  • Simulating small branch office in lab networkOctober 11

    Hi, I have to setup what seems to be a very basic configuration, but it doesn't work. In our lab there is a cluster of switches with a 3550 that does all the routing for vlans. I need to simulate a sort of a small branch office that has one connectio

  • Lack of LAB and CMYK support in Lightroom is plain dumbOctober 11

    There is a lack of consistency in Lightroom if it allows you to elect to edit an image in Photoshop but then it can't follow through and display either a LAB PSD or a CMYK PSD. Both these file types are widely used by Pro-photographers. Afterall ther

  • Looking for Help on how to get wireless near computer labOctober 11

    Ok Im Near A Computer Lab, And I want to get free wifi. I can log into the router from one of the computer lab's computers by the > and see passphrase, wep keys all that stuff... My Question is how can I get internet at home from this rout

  • Browser Lab displays wrong for IE8 ?October 11

    I am trying Browser Lab for the second time, so I'm not experienced! However BL's Flash display of IE8 (Win)  is significantly different from my own local IE8 (Win) display. I have screenshots but this Adobe Forum message app' does not seem to have a

  • Need to convert lab from UNIX to DOSOctober 11

    I need to convert this lab from Unix so that it will run as a batch file in Windows (substitute with the appropriate commands). (I will definitely be starting some UNIX classes soon). FILE=${1:?'Parameter 1 should be set to file name'} BLOCK=${2:?'Pa

  • Trouble with my T1's and E1's in the lab - please help.... :-)October 11

    I'm working through my CCIE Voice/Collaboration training materials and am just about finished with the physical construction of the lab.  At this time I'm just going to install a new T1 card into my BR1 router and I'm trying to get my T1 to HQ (HQ ro

  • When I select the lab color mode, many options are greyed out?October 11

    Can anyone help me .  When I select Lab color, many options are grey out.  The following are greyed out: exposure,vibrance, black and white, channel mixer, and selective color.  It worked perfectly the first time I used it but will not work now.  Do

  • Questions before an internal lab POC (on old underperformant hardware)October 11

    Hello VDI users, NB: I initially asked this list of questions to my friends at the SunRay-Users mailing list, but then I found this forum as a more relevant place. It's a bit long and I understand that many questions may have already been answered in

  • Is there a solution for Higher Ed Computer Labs?October 11

    I am an instructional Technician for the Photography Department at a Community College. We currently purchase and use the Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium here in the Photography, Graphics and Journalism departments. We have over 150 Macintosh c

  • Issue with PP-6 in BPI-O Lab setOctober 11

    Having issues with the PP6 screen in BPI-O lab set. Won't allow the setting of USD in teh costing.  Can only set the costing in MIN (time units).  A studnet suggested the follwoing work around. But is the correct solution or, someway to convert to US

  • Few Questions 'bout Printing in Lab ColorOctober 11

    I'm a little confused about how LAB color works. I have a document thats currently in CYMK color mode, and I'm having difficulty finding satisfactory colors. I was advised elsewhere to abandon CYMK. I therefore want to convert my image into to LAB co

  • My 5s iPhone is stuck on Itunes icon and a cable. I tried to do a restore but the iPhone isn't updated. All the labs that i send it to, couldn't fix it, what I can to? help! thanks.October 11

    My 5s iPhone is stuck on Itunes icon and a cable. I tried to do a restore but the iPhone isn't updated. All the labs that i send it to, couldn't fix it, what I can to? help! thanks.Sounds like a 'stuck' Shift key. You could try to take the key off an

  • Open letter to Crative Labs regarding lack of support for soft subtitOctober 11

    Dear Creative Labs I'm a proud owner of a Creative Zen Vision W. In this day and age you either have to be a millionaire or truly love videos to buy one; I belong to the secound group. We need support for soft subtitles in Creative Zen Vision, Vision

  • Preview in Browser and Adobe Browser Lab show website differently? Please helpOctober 11

    Hi...working on my first website and I have a question about the differences in viewing the site through choosing file...preview in browser.... from within Dreamweaver, and using the Adobe Browser Lab to view the website. There seems to be a very sig

  • How do you use an outside Lab ICC Printer Profile in PSE 12?October 11

    I have an image that I scanned in from an old print then I edited it using PSE-12. Now that I've completed the editing and retouching I plan to have the image printed by an outside that has the ability to read ICC Printer Profiles designed for their

  • Ipod learning lab failure to sync multiple devices after ios5 upgrade? cart or IOS problem?October 11

    We have 4 ipod touch learning labs at our school, one of the carts we have upgraded all devices to IOS5, which we had to do one at a time in order tomake the upgrade stick.  The cart that now has IOS5 devices no longer shows the devices in ITunes, un

  • How can I easily set up Mac lab to access windows 2008 server directory user files?October 11

    I am wanting to start shifting our school to Apple computers. The problem is that we have already invested significant time and money into windows and we need to run them side-by-side. My initial plan would be to set up an open lab of computers with

  • How do I use the built-in audio input with AU Lab?October 11

    I just tried AU Lab for the first time, and I can't select an audio input. The "Create New Document" window lets me choose "Built-in Output", but the pulldown for Input Source is greyed out. The area under the "Input" button

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