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  • Muse Themes Mobile Menus- how to customize Classic AccordionNovember 30

    Can anyone help me on how to customize the Muse Themes Mobile Menus - specifically the Classic Accordion. Or lead me to a tutorial. Thank you so very much in advance!This will help you : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Thm8bsNccvI Thanks, SanjitRead

  • How would I create a mobile blog layout, by combining Business Catalyst's Modules and Adobe Muse's mobile design function?October 11

    The title says it all. I absolutely love Adobe Muse's ability to design mobile and tablet layouts and have grown very fond of the workflow between Business Catalyst and Adobe Muse. The only issue I have found is the ability to incorporate the blog mo

  • Muse website Mobile version not displayed correctlyNovember 30

    Hello, I have created a website for a client in Adobe Muse. When viewing and testing the Business Catalist version looked fine. Now when I uploaded it to the live version, only the first page of the Mobile version is displayed correctly, the rest is

  • Adobe Muse previewing mobile view on iMacNovember 30

    Hello, just wondered if someone could help, when I preview site or preview page in adobe muse it takes me to the mobile version of the page or site. How can I make it so that it previews the desktop version? Thanks.Make sure you have the desktop vers

  • Adobe Muse and mobile devices?November 30

    When will Adobe Muse be ready for mobile devices?We have also updated the Getting Started with Adobe Muse (Part 7) tutorial to include information on how to approach consistency in your design across multiple devices: Making a Device Friendly Website

  • Adobe Muse: Create Mobile Versions | CS6 & Creative Cloud Feature Tour for Design | Adobe TVNovember 30

    Design unique tablet and smartphone versions of your websites. Control the content, style, and interactivity for each device. http://adobe.ly/RP3aSPAlso would be nice if you let everyone know how to export from Animate as this might be confusing. You

  • Muse update - mobile devicesNovember 30

    Good Evening I did the update, and now I can only view the site desktop not mobile.  How can I fix that, all I get is the background non of the elements. Thanks!Hello, Please tell me did you create the site and then unable to see it in the Mobile Bro

  • Adobe Muse: Create Mobile Versions | Adobe Evangelists - Terry White | Adobe TVNovember 30

    Design unique tablet and smartphone versions of your websites. Control the content, style, and interactivity for each device. http://adobe.ly/RP3lxxNo info on mobil device in this show. ? wrong videoRead other 2 answers

  • How to set up slider mobile menu widget on master and pages of mobile website in MuseOctober 11

    Adobe Muse Slider Mobile Menu Widget by MuseThemes I am new to mobile website design and Muse, I love this widget, but I am not sure how to set it up on multiple pages. Do I put it on the master? Content covers it when it is on master, so I could use

  • Using Muse, I was wondering if there is a way to convert a website that is already built into a mobile website.November 30

    Using Muse, I was wondering if there is a way to convert a website that is already built into a mobile website. I have no idea how the website was originally built. My client is asking me to build a mobile site for his current site without touching h

  • Muse Mobile and Tablet questions!November 30

    Hi Everyone! I have a couple of questions: 1. For one of my web pages I didn't make tablet layout. It's not an empty layout - it's not activated at all. That page is not visible on iPads. Is this because there is not tablet version and I need to make

  • Muse mobile site and desktop siteNovember 30

    I have made two seperate muse sites, one mobile and tablet and the other desktop. I want to put them together?? With having to redo either of them, there must be a wayUsing Muse, I was wondering if there is a way to convert a website that is already

  • Mobile Site and System PagesNovember 30

    I know you can create a separate mobile website for tablets and phone. I will be doing this for a site I am building that has content specifically targeted for iPad devices. The question I have though is how are system generated pages handled? For in

  • Mobile flyout menu opens from the wrong side (left to right)November 30

    Hi, I'm using this flyout menu by  Muse engineers: http://blogs.adobe.com/muse/2013/02/11/create-super-widgets-in-muse-the-mobile-flyout-menu / Something strange: my menu doesn't open as smartly as in the sample. It appears from left to right instead

  • My site does not come up on iPad or iPhone.October 11

    Why does my site not come up on iPad or iPhone? It's fine on the computer.You will need to learn how Muse handles mobile devices and the options for it. I do not use Muse (hate it) and you may want to post in the Muse forum for help. The reason is be

  • Lightbox stays darkNovember 30

    I'm having problems with Muse lightbox functionality in Safari on an iMac. Seems to work OK on my MacBook (Safari too), and OK in Firefox. When a thumbnail is clicked, the screen goes dark as if it's about to show a full image - but just hangs there,

  • Google Mobilegeddon algorithmNovember 30

    Google has rolled out its algorithm which will favour mobile-friendly websites in search results. In Google's perspective mobile-friendly sites are 'Responsive' web sites, which consist of one domain and multiple meda screens. Technically, web sites

  • Can a button activate an accordion?November 30

    I'd like something else on the page to activate the accordian (a menu button like on microsoft's mobile site). It doesn't seem like I can format the size or location of the accordian label to be anything but the same length as the content? JUST FOUND

  • Lumia 820 & 920 treated as tabletsNovember 30

    Hi, i have just recently started to use muse for mobile sites. I have created 5 sites and on my daughters Lumia 820 and my Lumia 920 all sites show as ../tablet/index.html. However with her old 3GS and my iPhone4 the same sites show as .../phone/inde

  • How do I add a mobile and tablet site created in Adobe Muse to an existing website?October 11

    Hi I have created a mobile and tablet version of an existing site in Adobe Muse and would like to add these versions without affecting the original site! is this possible?Are you planning to have separate URLs for desktops, tablets and mobile devices

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