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multiple instances on single os in SAP

  • Is it possible to integrate multiple instances with single OAM (Oracle AcceNovember 30

    Hi All, Please could anyone clarify,is it possible to integrate multiple instance with single OAM(Oracle Access Manager). We have two instance in development environment, Among them one is already integrated with OAM 11g,Now we want to integrate the

  • Multiple Instances on single oracle homeOctober 11

    Hi, If i have multiple instances in a single oracle home How can i know which instance is running (up) to which table i fire query to find instances status how to start single instance out of multiple instances Thanks, Mustangmustang4455 wrote: Hi, I

  • Multiple instances on single serverOctober 11

    Hi all, I have a Solaris 10 server with 2x dual core CPU's. I am wondering if it was at all possible to install Business Intelligence Server on this single OS twice? And if it is, can I split the CPU between the different instances? The reason for th

  • Log messages from multiple instances in single file.October 11

    Hi! I have a requirement that i need to log messages from muliple instances of the same object in a file. The new file will be created every day. Likewise, multiple objects might have various instances each. One class ->multiple instances -> log mes

  • EBS R12 - Multipl Instance using Single Databse ( with Different SID )October 11

    Hi, Is it possible to create Multiple R12 EBS instance (i.e. TEST and DEV ), in to Single Database ( using same database binary ). Or Can these different EBS instance , configured with Single Database using differant Oralce SID ( means creating Multi

  • Logging into multiple instance using single IDNovember 30

    We have multiple instances of CRM ONDemand and have login ID for each instance. I have a group of users who are users across multiple instances, the problem is they have to login using ID and Password every time they navigate across instances. Is the

  • Multiple instances with single DADNovember 30

    Hello, I need an example on how to configure multiple schemas example i have test1, test2, test3 schemas in one database, In DADS.CONF file how can i configure multiple instances to point to how ever logged in... test1 is used by one user, test 2used

  • Upgrade Multiple Instances with single mid-tierNovember 30

    I posted this last week, but it looks like the forums had a little "issue" recently . . . I know that I can install HTMLDB in many databases and use a single mid-tier (see http://htmldb.oracle.com/pls/otn/f?p=18326:54:14495624057419435878::::P54

  • Patching multiple instances from single unzipped patchNovember 30

    Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to patch two Oracle Apps instances on two different machines from common shared patch location. For eg: two instances -ABC on S1 and XYZ on S2 are to be patched. The patch is unzipped in a common,shared loca

  • Multiple Oracle 9ias instances on single hostOctober 11

    hi all i tried installing more than 1 instances on a single host, under different oracle home......but i am facing certaing strange errors. Can anyone tell me what are the things that we have to specifically take care of while installing multiple ins

  • Multiple Instances of NetWeaver in a single installation (binary)October 11

    Hi,    My product has several versions. In WebLogic I have one installation and have created multiple instances each for each of the version. Can I do the same thing in NetWeaver? I am looking to see if I can create multiple instances of NetWeaver wi

  • Db2 multiple instances in a single hostOctober 11

    Hi, os - windows 2008 db - db2 9.1 fp7 if i want to install 2 sap instances in a single machine in windows how to proceed? 1) I have read the documents where installation doc saying default db s/w path is /db2/db2sid/db2_software.is this the s/w path

  • CRM Implementation Landscape: Single Vs Multiple InstanceNovember 30

    Hi Experts, We have a requirement where SAP CRM has to be implemented across Multiple Geagraphic Loacations (Europe, APAC, NAFTA). We have to advise the client to go for Single Instance of SAP CRM or Multiple Instances. What are the factors that have

  • Can there be multiple ASM instances on single node?October 11

    Hi, Can there be multiple ASM instances on single node? This one says No : http://www.freelists.org/archives/oracle-l/02-2008/msg00317.html And This one says Yes : http://www.databasejournal.com/features/oracle/article.php/3571371 Thanks in advance.

  • How to use/sync single data (file) across multiple instances of same applicationOctober 11

    Currently we have an application (a diagram editor), that have the ability to save and load (serialize) its state in a xml file. Now we want this application to behave like Microsoft OneNote application. Where multiple users have the ability to acces

  • Multiple instances operated on a single database on a single machineOctober 11

    Hi friends, Can anybody tell that "Is it possible to operate multiple instances on a single database on a single machine"!?. If so.., where this case is useful. Please help on this doubt. Thanks in advance. Thanks Srinivasa RaoHi, I just asked w

  • Multiple BI instances on single BI  ServerOctober 11

    Hello, I want to know if we can have multiple instances of BI run on single installation i.e on single installation I would like to run two different rpds and two different webcatalogs. Can this be done? If this can be done does oracle support this k

  • Multiple Instances of OEDQ on a single serverOctober 11

    Hi, I am running a Linux Machine (Linux 2.6.18-308., on which I have the latest version of Oracle 11g release 2 installed. I have an instance of oracle Enterprise Data Quality tool running on an apache-tomcat-7 server. Port 8080 Now I hav

  • [SOLVED] Multiple Instances of Word 2010; Possible to Force Single Instance?October 11

    Is it possible to either: Control Word instancing so that its a single instace application; OR Adjust the behavior so that if there's already an Word of word, new documents (no matter how they're launched) will open in the existing instance and NOT a

  • Configuring multiple instances of weblogic server 7.0 on single machineNovember 30

    Hi, I am trying to configure multiple instances of weblogic server 7.0 on single machine ( sun Solaris 7). I tried to create everytime new domain. Can anybody help me. Thanks in advance. RaviYou can have several servers under one domain. No need to c

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