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msi5450 win7 problem

  • Dma2200 win7 problemsOctober 11

    my hard wired network works fine with vista media center connecting to the extender and also on another win7 pc connecting but my main pc connects for 1 second then on the extender the screen goes black (sounds can be heard) then after a few minutes

  • MSI GT70 0ND win7 problemNovember 30

    Hi! Im having problems installing intel integrated graphics card on win7 x64 and without that i cant install my GTX 675MX 3gb... my config: intel core i7 3630QM                nvidia gforce gtx 675mx                DDR3 16gb                750gb HD +

  • P45 and Win7 problems?November 30

    Hi, My system is about 10 months old, homebuilt, originally installed Vista64. It took a while but with bios Ver.1.4 was finally able to get stable,Ram at 1066 and OC to 3.0ghz. Upgraded to Win7 64. Started having random blue, green or black screen c

  • Laserjet 1300 driver for Win7 problemOctober 11

    Plugged my Laserjet 1300 into my new computer (System 7) via USB- and Windows couldn't find the right driver for it. I canceled Windows trying to install driver automatically, and put original CD driver disk (Serial #Q1334-60107 ver 2.0) into drive-

  • Win7 problem with Telnet with IE8 (32 bit version)October 11

    We are not able to run Telnet in Win7 (64bit)  with IE8 (32 bit ) (example: telnet://ip), but it works with 64bit IE8. Any solution? Thanks BahramTo enable Telnet client functionality in win 7, 64 bit, with IE 8 ,32 bit, please follow these instructi

  • G400s after installing win7 problems..November 30

    I install windows 7 in this preinstalled windows 8 notebook, but there're several problems that I need helps with. 1. After installation, the preinstalled programs like youcam and onekey recovery are gone. I can't find them in the g400s drivers downl

  • Downgrade to win7 problem with audio drivers. beats audio software for win7?November 30

    I recently purchased the HP Envy 700-074 from best buy.  it was necessary to downgrade to windows 7 for some work software and I would like proper audio drivers/software for windows 7. Right now it seems to be detecting as Nvidia audio driver but in

  • M125 synch to Win7 problemNovember 30

    Trying to USB synch my old m125 with my new Win7 Pro (32 bit) machine at work. Always worked fine on prior XP machine. Per Palm's suggestion, I installed Palm Desktop v. 6.2.2 and the installation went smooth. HotSynch appears to "work" normally

  • Is it possible to get a cler answer on the Gameport/win7 problem ?November 30

    Hi people, I got a SBLive audigy 2 ZS installed on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and of course the gameport is not recognized ... I tried a driver posted on this forum ( http:// forums.creative.com/t5/Windows-Vista/Creative-Game-Port/td-p/35808/page/3?vie

  • MBA 2011 installed WIN7 problem!!November 30

    after i installed WIN 7 using bootcamp cannot connect the internet in Windows, MAC OS is ok for network, it look like missing the driver and i checked in hardware installation page is show fault on internet control card, where can i find the driver?

  • Win7 problemsNovember 30

    windows explorer stops responding causes computer to freezeHi, You can also download this reg file from this SkyDrive: http://cid-128fc518635be2dc.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/.Public/MS%20Foren/Registry/WER%5E_Explorer.reg and make a double click on

  • My Adobe XI only shows gray pages when I try to scan to my drive from an Epson WF-3540.  The file shows it is a multiple kb pdf file.  To read it I have to e-mail it to myself and let online mail reader open it.  Can scan jpg and tiff with no problem.October 11

    Is there a compatibility issue with Adobe Reader XI 11.0.10 and the pdf scan program fro an Epson WF-3540 All In One?  Is it an Epson Problem?  Is it because the "source" shown in Properties from an Epson is a PDF 5.xx file?  I can't understand

  • New problem connecting time capsule to PC running windows 7November 30

    I have a time capsule/airport that has been connecting wirelessly to a PC running Windows 7 for almost a year.  The PC is now unable to connect to the time capsule giving an error message of 53 regarding TCP/IP Netbios settings.  I have attempted ope

  • Win7 install does not see new hard drive (640gb Samusung) on MacBook ProNovember 30

    Replaced MBP 5,4 (mid 2009) hdd with a Samsung HM641JI 640gb drive. OS X installation went fine using SL install disk, updated software to 10.6.4. Problem is with Windows 7 installation using Boot Camp. Partition is created (tried 32 to 300 gb). Wind

  • DLL causes error when quiting LabVIEW 2009 on WIN7November 30

    Hello, I have reduced the problem in my EXE application to the following attached code (see attachment). Somehow the DLL (To User32.dll) calls are creating a problem when quiting Labview 2009. The Application stays resident in the Windows taskbar and

  • Verizon Jetpack 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot 890L. Is there a problem with Windows 7?????November 30

    I have Verizon Jetpack 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot 890L. Have had it for almost 2 years. I was on the internet with my Dell desktop and all of a sudden got a message "not connected to Internet". Spent an hour with Verizon and the Jetpack works fine on

  • Re: Msi z77a-gd65 usb 3.0 ProblemNovember 30

    I also have a problem with the msi usb 3 driver or chipset; of course the driver & chipset are Intel's; however my mb is a z77a-gd65. My problem with win7 is that autoplay kept interrupting copying files onto the usb3 drive sot that the drive is not

  • Windows 7 crashes when I try to "Edit Original in Soundbooth". Any fixes?October 11

    I am using CS4 and I recently upgraded from Windows Vista Ultimate tto Windows 7 Ultimate so my system should not have required a clean install according to the matrix published by Adobe. Any help would be appreciated.Barry, The thing that worries me

  • Critical error, blue screen stop errorOctober 11

    after installing installation CD today, my laptop keeps going to a blue screen reporting a STOP error.... a critical error, but can't reslove. Have now removed the iTunes and it hasn't happened yet. Maybe a conflict, I don't know. Dell Inspirion Lapt

  • RAW files not launchingOctober 11

    After a system crash I reinstalled Lightroom 3.6 and subscribed to Creative Cloud. Downloaded and installed without issue Bridge and Photoshop CS6 - 64bit Windows 7 system. Some (NOT ALL) of the RAW files (ORF) that I restored from a backup will not

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