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MSI Z77A-G43 FF error

  • MSI Z77A G43 A2 Error with Bluray SATA DriveNovember 30

    Hey guys! My old Asus P67 motherboard died last week so I bought this board as a replacement. I plugged everything correctly and it seemed to work at first. PC booted fine into windows and I was able to play all my usual games and do my usual stuff.

  • MSI Z77A-G43 RAM ProblemsNovember 30

    Hi everybody, I have some big problems with my new build: Intel Celeron G1610 MSI Z77A-G43 2x4gb Corsair Vengeance LD low voltage 1600 mhz 1.35 v dual channel kit Seasonic 620w PSU Saphire 7850 2gb GDDRAM5 My system wont work with both ram sticks in.

  • Black screen at boot MSI Z77A-G43 with HD7850November 30

    Hi, I've tried everything You suggested in this topic. I've upgrade and downgrade bios (official 2.3, 2.4, 2.8, 2,9 / beta 256, 281,296) few times but still is black screen at boot. Now i'm on the newest beta bios 296 and still same issue on Sapphire

  • Can i crossfire two radeon 7950's with msi Z77A-G43November 30

    Im looking to buy MSI's version of the Radeon 7950 twin Frozr to complete my system but im not sure if i will eventually be able to crossfire two of these cards in the future. I know that this MB only has one PCIe3 slots. Does this matter in crossfir

  • Three beeps when booting new computer with MSI Z77A-G43 MoboNovember 30

    I just built this pc and pressed the power button. Nothing happens for a few seconds and then I hear 3 beeps from the PC speaker. It powers off by itself and opens again, with 3 beeps again, and repeats this until i press the power button to close it

  • I bought a MSI Z77A-G43 and 1st PCIE(3.0 I guess) slot doesn't work?November 30

    I bought a MSI Z77A-G43 and 1st PCIE (3.0 I guess) slot doesn't work? I mean when I put my gf card in it , my screen wont start. BUt when I put it to other blue Pcie (2.0 I guess) it works. What will be the reason? Do I need to do anything in bios ?I

  • MSI Z77A-G43-memory problemNovember 30

    Hello I bought lately new cpu,mb and memory. When i turned it on it was still rebooting after few seconds after start. So i treid to put just one memory in slot. It worked but only if memory is in bank 3 or 4. In 1,2 computer is still rebooting. Also

  • Msi z77a-g43 bios code b4 black screenNovember 30

    Hi, i have this mainboard update to day with bios 2.12 and this card reader, coolbox cr600v2. Well, the problem is that when i turn on the system i have black screen bios with code b4, any solution?won't boot with the card reader Board: MSI Z77A-G43

  • MSI Z77A-G43 GAMING LGA 1155 MOTHERBOARDNovember 30

    Does anyone know where I can get one of these in the UK, everywhere I look it says out of stock/discontinued..... I mean everywhere I have no choice to get a z77 version of the motherboard as im running an i5 3350p ivy bridge which is a 1155 socket.

  • MSI Z77A-G43 UEFI Overvolt+Intel Exteme Tuner Overvolt comboNovember 30

    Hey all, I just wanted to run past you an experiment I did and I think worked. I currently overclock my i5-3570k with an every day overclock of 4.4 at no offset voltage and a benchmark overclock of 4.7 at +.14V - however my benchmark overclock isnt e

  • MSI Z77A-G43 (MS-7758) + MSI 970 4G - PCIE2.0 instead 3.0November 30

    Hello, I got parts descripted in tittle and GPUID and Nvidia panel cant show gtx970 in pcie3.0 Operating system64-bit Windows 8.1 (6.3.9600) Motherboard MSI Z77A-G43 (MS-7758) - with bios 2.D0 (lastest) Processor Intel Core i5-2500 Processor 3,3Ghz M

  • MSI Z77A-G43 and mixed drive typesNovember 30

    Hi, I have an own-built desktop using a MSI Z77A-G43 motherboard. The OS boots from an SSD but all documents, media, etc, are stored on 2x1TB HDDs, configured as RAID. However, having performed a benchmark on my SSD I'm finding that it's speed is hal

  • MSI Z77A-G43 DRAM underclockingNovember 30

    hello guys, for some reason my DRAM on my MSI Z77A-G43 board underclocks itself. i went into my bios and set it to run at 1600 mHz but when i use CPU-Z to check my actual DRAM speed it is only at 800 mHz. so here is my questions, how does this happen

  • MSI Z77A-G43 crossfire?November 30

    i got a quick 1 can the MSI Z77A-G43 run dual crossfire yes or no? can't find a soilid answer on the main website saying yes or no but looking at the express slots i think just don't want to make a mistake. i'm doing some searching for a clan mate no

  • MSI Z77A-G43 - have Lucid MPV???November 30

    I want to buy MSI Z77A-G43 and I have a question: Have this board support for Lucid MPV?? ThanksHi all Here is a link to Lucid's list of Intel 7-Series motherboards currently supporting Virtu MVP. http://www.lucidlogix.com/mvp-product-list.html Hope

  • MSI z77A-G43 - After Shutdown - Fans will not turn offNovember 30

    Just installed a new MSI Z77A-G43 Motherboard for my husband since his old motherboard died. The one thing I've noticed though is that the fans will not turn off after I do a shutdown and I'd have to do a manual shut down instead. Any ideas what coul

  • MSI z77A-G43 C1E enabled and strange noise from cpu area ?November 30

    MSI z77A-G43 C1E enabled and strange noise from cpu area ? What will be the problem? When I disabled it there is no sound. BUt when I enabled it there is a strange noise while moving my mouse cursor or when there is some CPU activity, sounds like a s

  • MSI Z77A-G43 - extreme memory profile problemNovember 30

    Hello everyone, I'd really appreciate a piece of help here. I've bought the MSI motherboard MSI Z77A-G43 and currently I'm having problems with my memory (slots 1 and 3). My PC has following specs: -   MSI Z77A-G43 -   Intel Core i5 2500K (not overcl

  • Is MSI Z77A-G43 a good board? For Ivy Bridge?November 30

    Is MSI Z77A-G43 a good board? I have read few problems posted here in the forum. Obviously majority of users use it just fine? Is the mobo good for Ivy Bridge? I don't see Ivy Bridge listed here http://www.msi.com/product/mb/Z77A-G43.html#/?div=CPUSu

  • Z77A-G43 "B4" error code - Logitech G500 MouseNovember 30

    Whenever I boot up or restart, the bios hangs at a "B4" error code. Some research shows that it's a USB error. Whenever I unplug the mouse, it starts fine.  My BIOS version is 2.40 Any help would be appreciated.Also several release notes in the

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