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msi ms-6501 cpu support

  • MSI K7N414D-PRO CPU support?October 11

    Does the MSI K7N415D-Pro support the new TBRED 2100+ If it does, then I'm in trouble...because I can't get it to boot.... I'm running bios 3.1 on it. Why is there very little info on this mobo anyway??? ? ?(http://www.msi.com.tw/program/support/cpu_s

  • MSI 745 Ultra CPU Support ?????November 30

    Hi,     I have just sent back my 1.6ghz Duron (applebred) due to crashes etc even slowed down to 1.2 ghz still crashes etc. I would like to know if this board will run the Duron 1.4 ghz 200 fsb ? this is not listed on the website (cpu support), is th

  • MSI Media Live cpu supportNovember 30

    Hi I don't seem to be able to find the CPU support table for the MSI media Live, all the links I have followed go to 404. I have tried the motherboard model numbers MS-7329 and MS-6421, bit nowhere is the info available. :( I am hoping to fit a 4850e

  • MSI G41M-SP20 cpu support?November 30

    Hello Can somebody tell me what CPU supports this motherboard?Hi, Martin987 I checked from several e-shops sites that your motherboard supports LGA775 (socket ) processors. From this MSI product site (only for your reference) these processors are (ht

  • 785GTM-E45 CPU support COMPLETELY MISSINGNovember 30

    Howdy all! I checked the MSI website, I checked this forum, I googled the whole Internet but I cant find a list of working processors with the MB in subj. http://www.msi.com/service/cpu-support/ leads to a "Not found" page when selecting the MB

  • MSI Prescott CPU Support List (FSB800, 1M L2)November 30

    finally... http://www.xbitlabs.com/news/mainboards/display/20031215133027.html and http://www.msi.com.tw/program/products/mainboard/mbd/pro_mbd_cpu_support_detail.php?UID=proscottAt last, a clear answer from MSI, after 6 months of waiting   MSI Presc

  • MSI K8N Neo-V nForce3 250 CPU SupportNovember 30

    I've been to about a million MSI pages looking for CPU support for this Mobo and can't find a definitive answer. I see where this board supports Semprons but does it support - AMD Sempron 64 3300+ Palermo 800MHz FSB Socket 754 Or does 64 support only

  • Msi Kt7 Pro2-a Kt133 highest cpu support???November 30

    Yes I was wondering I have The MSI KT7 Pro2-A mobo Well my 4 year old duron 750 finally gave out cause it was chipped too much.:( I was wondering how high of a cpu with my motherboard take?? Another thing about this board. Why is it that I can never

  • MSI X58 Eclipse 7520 - Latest BIOS & CPU support List?November 30

    Hi... http://www.msi.com/product/mb/Eclipse-SLI.html#?div=CPUSupport http://www.msi.com/product/mb/Eclipse-SLI.html#/?div=Download does Bios v1F support newer Xeon w3690, 990x, 995x ? CPU support page is outdated.. .txt does not say.Quote does Bios v

  • Msi ms-7255 v2 cpu supportNovember 30

    I have a question, is the intel dual core 5200 supporten bij this board? I have it running but it is stuk @ 6x multi, cpu also seen correctly by bios v5.7b but i cannot run it correclty @ 12,5 mlti, is there anything i can do?Quote from: Henry on 28-

  • K9N4 SLI - Lack of 125W CPU SupportOctober 11

    Hello, Just wondering why does this board not support any 125W CPU's? I was looking at getting one of these boards to throw in a 6000 X2 but according to the website, this board only supports the 89W version, which is unavailable where I am. I've see

  • FM2-A75IA-E53 CPU supported list is missingOctober 11

    I read the subject about how to know the CPU supported by the Motherboards but in the case of FM2-A75IA-E53 motherboard there is no SUPPORT -> CPU SUPPORT in the product page.I think (hope) they are revamping them because they are definatly missing.

  • GX700 bios 1.22 cpu support???November 30

    Does anyone have a full list of GX700 bios 1.22 CPU-support? I have asked msi support directly, but they do not want to give me direct answer. Just wondering whether I can bring my gx700 closer to modern laptops with a cpu upgrade (most likely X7900

  • B85M-G43 CPU SupportNovember 30

    Hi all I'm thinking to buy mobo B85M-G43 along with celeron g1820. The problem is that in CPU support list there is no celerons but in spec page I see this Supports 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 / Core™ i5 / Core™ i3 / Pentium® / Celeron® processors

  • K9N2 Plat CPU supportNovember 30

    looked at the list at msi website , didn't see it there yet. anyone know if the new 955 denebs will work on this with the 3.3 bios?Quote from: Henry on 11-May-09, 05:51:46 What happened now? I just looked and Phenoms are all gone from the CPU support

  • MOVED: 880GMA-E45 Fx-6300 CPU support?November 30

    This topic has been moved to MSI AMD boards. https://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?topic=184599.0Quote from: Pilotito on 05-November-14, 04:30:23 I've come across to a site that is some sort of official announcement from MSi regarding the upgrade of 'ol

  • MSI AMD board which supports AMD mobile ?November 30

    Is there a MSI Mainboard which supports an AMD Mobile ? Does anyone of you have any experience with that combination or does anyone know a (desktop) mainboard able to run that combination ? Thanks for any answers.I have never understood why BIOS chip

  • Max CPU Supported?November 30

    Hi there, Could someone tell me what is the max cpu speed supported for the msi 5182 (socket 7 & alladin 5 based) motherboard? Thank you.http://www.msi.com.tw/program/support/bios/bos/spt_bos_detail.php?UID=230&NAME=MS-5182 1.4  Update date  1999-

  • CPU support for KT3 Ultra2?November 30

    Mainboard manual says that fastest supported CPU is AMD XP 2200+ 1,8GHz (=Thoroughbred). Board homepage says that 2700+ is the fastest supported CPU http://www.msi.com.tw/program/products/mainboard/mbd/pro_mbd_detail.php?UID=341 CPU Support page says

  • K9N6SGM-V best CPU supportNovember 30

    Dear all, apparently there is a post here that may help me as well since I have similar problem concerning CPU compatability My existing CPU dies and I'm looking for replacement keeping the same board ( see subject ) According to MSI web site and all

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