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msi k9n sata conectors want working

  • Msi k9n with 2 sata disc in strip and a plextor sata burner connectedNovember 30

    can all msi k9n motherboards run with 2 sata disc in astripe and a plextor sata dvd burner connected to the sata connectors ? I think on following msi boards : http://www.msi.com.tw/program/products/mainboard/mbd/pro_mbd_detail.php?UID=730 http://www

  • MSI K9N Ultra (MS-7250 v2) SATA II ports dosnt workNovember 30

    I have problem with 4 of 6  SATA II ports in the mainboard  (MSI K9N Ultra (MS-7250 v2)(SATA II 1~6 supports RAID 0/ 1/ 0+1 or RAID 5 mode by NVIDIA® nForce 570) doesn't work after install wrong program please help thankswhy no any body help this pic

  • MSI K9N SLI SATA problemNovember 30

    i have just board the MSI K9N SLI and a AMD X2 6000+ processor. i have a ATA harddisk with my system on and a SATA harddisk, BUT i can't see my SATA. i can see it i the Bios and at the "remove safely icon" BUT nowhere else!! enyone now WHY, i ha

  • Can you expand a RAID 5 on an MSI K9N Platinum mainboard?October 11

    Greetings, I'm planning on buying a MSI K9N Platinum mainboard for the purpose of a HTPC with plenty of storage. I was planning on buying either 3 500GB drives or 3 750 GB drives as budget allows. Since this board holds 6 SATA II connections it is id

  • MSI K9N NEO-F V3 Cannot install Windows 7October 11

    I am trying to install Windows 7 Professional 64 bit on my wife's desktop computer. The system is: MSI K9N NEO-F V3 Motherboard with BIOS American Megatrends Inc. V2.4 AMD 64 X2 3.00 Gigahertz 2 Gigs of RAM Windows XP Pro 32 bit 500 gigs SATA HDD 120

  • MSI K9N DIAMOND boot problemsNovember 30

    Hi. I have given the main PC sig below to my son. And I now have / building MSI K9N DIAMOND AM2 nvidia nForce 590 SLI 8channel audio DDR2 ATX Corsair 1GB DDR2-6400 128Mx64 non-ECC 240 DIMM unbuffered 5-5-5-12 AMD 2x 5600 cpu I have kept the PSU, wifi

  • Bug USB on MSI K9N SLI Platinium & Athlon X2 3800+October 11

    Hello! first,i'm french, so excuse my bad english(i try to do my best!) so, the problem is that i don't have any USB working on my K9N SLI Platinium with my Athlon X2 3800+!(anywhere,all other devices works => lan, sound, storage..) the "controlle

  • Planning To buy MSI K9N Platinum + AMD X2 3800+October 11

    Hello everyone, as the title as Iam planning to buy a MSI K9N Platinum board with an AMD X2 3800+ for a new system build. Ive been out of the game for a while, the last time I was really up to date on computer technology is when the AMD XP 2500+ Bart

  • MSI K9N SLI: acpi, shutdown, ethernet "not enough resources"November 30

    I recently got the MSI K9N SLI, new ram, gpu to upgrade my computer. I did a fresh install of windows xp pro but the computer kept going into some hibernating/power saving mode suddenly during install of windows. (The power led blinks slowly) After t

  • MSI K9N neo - black screenNovember 30

    Hi everyone I have a computer with a MSI K9N neo (v.1.0) motherboard. About a 1,5 years old. Until last week it was working fine, but after a hard disk crash (and replacement), i can't get it to boot properly. When i start it up, I can hear the fans

  • MSI K9N SLI V2 nForce 570LT 64 Bit Driver ProblemsNovember 30

    System Specs X2 4400+ 2.3ghz 8800GT 512mb GPU 250gb HD 4x 1gb G-skill pc6400 DDR2 800 MSI K9N SLI V2 nForce 570LT Socket AM2 vx450w PSU Lite-on DVDRW LH-20A1S So I recently jumped ship from XP Home to Vista x64 to XP pro x64 and I am having issues up

  • MSI K9N SLI V2 MS-7390 onboard sound problemNovember 30

    Hi, My PC has stopped outputing sound. It was working fine yesterday morning, but when I got home from work 8 hours later it no longer seemed to want to play any sound. I know my taste in music is a bit naff but it not playing anything is a bit extre

  • MSI Starbox SATA external hddNovember 30

        Hi, this is my first post here, I hope we'll find a way to solve my problem.     About three years ago I got a MSI external sata 2.5" hdd. First time when I plugged in my usb port everything worked fine, as few times after that. Then there was a

  • MSI K9N SLI-2F+4GB DDR2 big problem....November 30

    I got this PC: MSI K9N SLI-2F AMD Athlon64 x2 4200+ 2x1 GB DDR2 Vitesta Extrema 800+ WD 500 GB AAKS LEADTEK 8800 GTS 640 MB 450 W PSU Recently i got another 2x1 GB DDR2 Vitesta Extrema 800+.My OS was Windows XP SP2.Of course i knew about de 32bit SO

  • MSI K9N DIAMOND CA0106 chipset AUDIGY or SOUNDBLASTER LIVE 24November 30

    I have 2 PC's one with an MSI K8N SLI PLATINUM mobo with onboard SOUNDBLASTER 24bit li've (CA006) http://global.msi.com.tw/index.php?func=proddesc&prod_no=69&maincat_no=&cat 2_no=&cat3_no= This system has run fine for over 2-/2 years now w

  • MSI K9N Neo (AM2) memory troublesNovember 30

    Hi guys, I just got a new system which is having some issues, and I'd appreciate any suggestions on what could be wrong. At first, the system simply crashed during OS boot. A quick test with memtest86 showed 50-60 thousand errors on a single run, so

  • MSI K9N ULTRA 2F & PALIT 8800GT SONIC ISSUENovember 30

    i have msi k9n ultra 2f and ati x1950gt. i decided to buy palit 8800gt sonic. but no monitor signal when i put palit 8800 gt sonic. everything works but no screen. then i replace my old card, working pc at the beginning. it says like this : " your bi

  • MSI K9N ULTRA 2F max vdimm (max DDR2 voltage!)November 30

    1st:   I would like to ask you, the maximum voltage for the vdimm, that MSI K9N ULTRA-2F provides. 2nd:  Will it work with OCZ PC2-6400 EL DDR2 1GB (2X512MB) GOLD EDITION GX XTC ? Greetings from Greece Original 7250 supports 1.80 - 2.45v in 0.05v ste

  • MSI K9N Neo V1November 30

    I have got MSI K9N NEO V1 motherboard AM2. I use AMD Sempron AM2 3000+ CPU. I would like to upgrage 2X2Gb Memory 800Mhz. Bios update 1.9 version. If I upgrade 2X2Gb DDR2 800Mhz memory the screen is black, bios auto settings. If I upgrade 2X2Gb DDR2 8

  • Need to buy a MSI K9N SLI Platinum I/O Back Plate, But where ?November 30

    Where can I buy a I/O back plate for a MSI K9N SLI Platinum Motherboard in the Uk online  I've looked on ebay, but most are standard design,,, have email MSI, but no reply so far  Thanks for any help....... Regards NC ........Quote from: nuttycompute

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