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msi h55M-E21 does not turn on

  • MSI H55m-E21 OC issuesOctober 11

    Hey guys, recently purchased a MSI H55M-E21 mobo. Got everything setup and I am having a few issues with the BIOS. First, RAM is not listed at 1600Mhz which was listed on the site as being supported while OC. Most of the settings for this option have

  • H55m-e21 Raid problem.November 30

    Listen guys i apoligize if im posting in the wrong place but i dont know where else to find a answer for the problem. I have a MSI H55M-E21 and i really cant do a RAID1 in it.I'm using windows server 2003 r2 and i have done this process a lot of time

  • H55m-e21 msi computer loses boot driveNovember 30

    h55m-e21 msi computer loses boot drive once every week or so sometimes it might go for a couple of weeks before it does it again, then you have to go into the cmos and reset the boot drive and it is fine again for another week or so/ i have replaced

  • MSI H55M-E33 MB OCNovember 30

    Hello everyone! I got an MSI H55M-E33 mother board paired with an i5-760 currently running at 3.6 ghz, unfortunately thats the maximum i ever managed to get it to, i was wondering if anyone has the mentioned motherboard and ever managed to get to 3.8

  • H55M-E21 LAN off (LED off) in S3 state, can't use wake on LAN (WOL)November 30

    I'm using H55M-E21 and Win7. I can put PC to sleep mode (S3) and can wake it up by PS2 keyboard. Now I want to try remote desktop to wake up and connect to the slept PC. I can't connect to it. The LAN link is down, the link LED from the back of PC is

  • MSI H55M-E23 Mother Board is it compatible with Usb 3.0?November 30

    Just curios if the MSI H55M-E23 Mother Board is it compatible with Usb 3.0? Thank you!if you are asking if its able to use a USB 3.0 Device then the answer is yes but it will operate at USB2.0 speeds only on the ports as they are only USB 2.0 ports a

  • Overclocking an MSI H55M-E33 with easy OC switch.November 30

    Hi everyone, Im new to overclocking, tempted to overclock through the easy oc switch on the mainboard. Has anyone tried it out? how did it go?, but more importantly do i need to change setting from the bios or does it change itself automaticaly after

  • Self-adhesive plastic part on bottom of MSI H55M-E33?November 30

    Hi, I just got an MSI H55M-E33 from my retailer. The problem is that I have the feeling that the board is not new (someone may had already installed it). I found a small piece of black self-adhesive plastic on the bottom on the board which I had neve

  • Help ram issue msi H55M-P31 (ms-7636)November 30

    Help i just buy a 4 gb crosair ddr3 1333mhz and my mainboard (msi H55M-P31 (ms-7636) not accepting 4GB sticks only 2GB why????????? its Supposed to accept!!!!!!!!!!!! My spec Core i3 530 Motherboard msi H55M-P31 (ms-7636) Internal memory 2GB DDR3 133

  • I have a Question i have a MSI H55M-P33 Intel Mainboard(Gaming Desktop)November 30

    im new to the Forums everybody so pleaser bear with me anyways as the subject line says i have a MSI H55M-P33 Intel Mainboard and i would like to know what MSI Nvida Cards i can run on my Borad also i love intel but my borad can only use i3 and i5 co

  • MSI H55M-E32 will not detect Graphics cardNovember 30

    HI, I just bought a new cpu, i am using the intel intergrated graphics (on-board) at the moment. I tried installing radeon 9600 pro graphics card but the mobo does not detect it. Monitor is black screen, no boot up. btw the fan on radeon 9600pro is n

  • MSI H55M-E33 SATA Not DetectedNovember 30

    I've been putting together a new computer with this H55 board fresh out of the box. No matter what I do though all my SATA ports still show up as Not Detected in my BIOS for my hard drive or disk drive. I've tried all kind of combinations with every

  • H55M-E21 Windows 7 64-Bit 3TBNovember 30

    Hi Having problems installing Windows 7 64-Bit onto my new 3TB Seagate HDD. I've updated to BIOS v17.4 (says 3TB Infinity is supported) yet in the BIOS menu it only says 2.2TB Infinity... Any help would be much appreciated. Let me know if you need mo

  • Msi h55m-e33 motherboard AHCINovember 30

    Hello, is it possible to enable AHCI mode on this motherboard because I cant find any settings for it in bios. Any help would be really appreciated.If you are changing to AHCI mode with Windows 7 already installed you need to enable the AHCI driver i

  • Re: MSI H55M-E55November 30

    Quote from: Nichrome on Today at 00:14:52You're mixing RAM as they're not single 2x4 or 2x8 kit, so that might be why you got so many errors when used together, but none when alone. Hmmmmm OK solved i kno...Quote from: Nichrome on Today at 00:13:34No

  • MSI H55M ED55 will not bootNovember 30

    Hello everybody, Recently I purchased said motherboard with a core i3 530 processor. The problem is that windows fails to load. The pc restarts every time the Windows logo appears. I have tried several things wich I will summarize: I tried different

  • H55m-E23 onboard lan doesnt workOctober 11

    i have an h55m-e23 mother board and the on board LAN stop working after 12 hrs. id looked in the bios to make sure that it was enabled and it was. i also tried to reinstall the drivers for it but it said that the device can not be found. is there any

  • Can't Install Windows on H55M-E33November 30

    I just bought this new sets of PC : Processor : Intel Core i3 550 3.2Ghz Box Motherboard : MSI H55M-E33 Memory : Team Elite Dual Kit 2*1 GB TED32048M1333HC9DC (I assume PC10600) Timing : 9-9-9-24 VGA : GeForce GTS450 1Ghz Harddisk : Hitachi SATA 1TB

  • H55m-e23 not detecting video cardNovember 30

    Hello i recently upgraded my pc with new video card (asus engtx570 directcu ii gtx 570) the problem is that main board(MSI H55M-E23) is not detecting video card, so here is what happens when i turn the pc on it starts to beep 1long beep and 2 short b

  • Compatibility of corsair vengeance pro on H55M-E33November 30

    Recently i bought a new kit of corsair vengeance pro (2x4gb) 1866 mhz to replace my old 2x2gb. By using the same memory slot of the old ones(i plug them out and place the new in), bsod of windows appear (irql not equal, bad header, etc) So is there a

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