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msi gx60 bios key

  • MSI GX60 3BE BIOS UnlockNovember 30

    Hi, Looking for an unlocked BIOS for an MSI GX60 3BE laptop. Currently using version E16FKAMS.D0L. Thanksreceived it, will work on it and will be back to you when its done after 2-3 hours until wait check PM for query EDIT: It's now done, check PMRea

  • MSI GX60 Hitman BIOS on GX60 1ACNovember 30

    I saw that MSI GX60 Hitman BIOS had an update for Windows 8.1 but on the GX60 1AC (Windows 8.1) doesn't, is it Okay to flash the BIOS of GX60 hitman Edition to a 1AC? Oww, Thank you   Read other 3 answers

  • Request: Unlock BIOS for MSI GX60 3BENovember 30

    Dear Svet I would like to please for BIOS Unlock for my MSI GX60 3BE. Marketing Name: GX60 3BE Model Name: MS-16FK Firmware Information - BIOS Version: E16FKAMS.90L - BIOS Build: 01/09/2014 16:15:25 - EC Version: 16FKEMS4 Ver5.06 - EC Build: 03/06/20

  • Requesting unlocked BIOS for MSI GX60 3CCNovember 30

    Hello, I bought an MSI GX60 for college, and I like it, but I feel the BIOS is limited and doesn't have enough options for my liking  Model: MSI GX60-3CC BIOS Version: E16FKAMS.D0K EC Version: 16FKEMS3 Ver 5.04 Thanks in advance!Hi Svet, sent you a d

  • Clean Install of Preloaded Windows 8 on HDD to SSD (MSI GX60)November 30

    Good Morning Guys!  This is my first post here so I'll try my best to explain my problem / confusion coherently. I recently ordered a MSI GX60 off ExcaliberPC. I haven't gotten it yet but my plan is to install a new 2.5" Cosair Force 3 120 GB SSD mak

  • MSI GX60 problem sata3 HDDOctober 11

    I have a problem with with the 500 GB hdd Hitachi Travelstar Z7K500 HTS725050A7E630 in one of the slots in the laptop GX60 (slot DVD drive). The Russian Support Center could not help and advised to contact with support center - "for the objective dia

  • MSI GX60 RAIDNovember 30

    Hi guys! I'm looking to change the storage configuration on my MSI GX60 Destroyer notebook. I have seen in the BIOS that there is an option for RAID instead of AHCI for storage; does anyone have any more information on this? I was thinking of the fol

  • MSI GX60 3BE only run PCIe 2.1 x8 5Gbit/sNovember 30

    Hello, is it normal that the MSI GX60 3BE (8970m) run only with  PCIe 2.0 x8  5Gbit/s? Normaly is PCIe 3.0 x16  with 8Gbit/s. GPU-Z and other Programs like HWinfo show the PCIe 2.0 x8  under full load of the 8970m  Is it normal or something wrong in

  • Connectivity problem with MSI GX60October 11

    Good morning, gentlemen, 9 months ago I bought me a Steelseries MSI GX60. Everything was working quite fine, but after four months I started to have complications with my wifi, as it was saying, that I have excellent signal, but I could not load any

  • MSI VGA Bios Not availableNovember 30

    I ran Sandra last night to pull up sys info. The MSI 9800GT BIO was written in the year 2000. I also know the next comment will be,> what do you think a bios does and why should it be update. It should be updated to unlock parameters that were not ta

  • MSI GX60 3BE and SSD/HDD (RAID0, height 7/9,5 mm)November 30

    Dear Friends Please answer the following questions, if you don't mind: 1. Will SSD or HDD with a height of 9.5 mm will fit the MSI GX60 3BE, or only 7 mm? 2. Is it possible to use RAID 0 with 2xHDD? Are the drivers are included on the DVD, so I can i

  • Request MSI GX640 BIOS unlockNovember 30

    Hi, I would like the bios to be fully unlocked and Fn/Ctrl swap. Is it possible to enable the UEFI boot option too? Does the UEFI boot in GX640 support Windows 8 UEFI? MSI GX640 Bios Information: BIOS Version: E1656IMS.10F BIOS Build: 09/13/2012 10:3

  • MSI GT780R Keyboard keys defective disorderNovember 30

    MSI GT780R Keyboard keys defective disorder 1 year ago, I bought 1 MSI GT780R laptop (with Windows 7), moved to Vietnam to use. The keyboard of the MSI GT780R French language, is not suitable for me, July 2013, I was ordered U.S. language keyboard on

  • [Solved] Network problems with MSI GX60 Destroyer, killer newtork LAN and wirelessNovember 30

    Hi, I bought a MSI GX60 Destroyer 2 weeks ago, and I realized that my internet was a little slow, you don't realize in the web but when downloading it doesn't perform how it should, I tested the speed now with wireless and I got 5 mb/s, and I have 20

  • MSI GX60 Webcam not there? No drivers available...help!November 30

    Maybe I'm missing something, but my fresh out of the box MSI GX60 is supposed to have a 720p webcam built in, but Skype, Windows Movie Maker and Cyberlink Youcam 5 all say there is no webcam. I am really bummed out that the webcam isn't detected, I t

  • Msi gx60 backlit keyboardNovember 30

    I wanted to ask and know can msi gx60 1AC keyboard non-backlit change to keyboard with backlit like the msi gx60 3BE or the gx70?Quote from: clauis on 23-August-13, 05:12:12 I wanted to ask and know can msi gx60 1AC keyboard non-backlit change to key

  • MSI GX60 hitman APU temperature over 90CelciusNovember 30

    Hi, Im new to the forum, been searching about my problem and doesnt seem to be found, so decided to initiate new post, my laptop msi gx60 hitman apu temperature was over 90Celcius... what could possibly happen? is it because of thermal compound or is

  • Msi gx60November 30

    Hi there I recently updated my msi gx60 to windows 8 from windows,i began having screen flickering when playing games i updated my drivers and it didnt work and i also lost my switchable configurable graphics settings Thanks Sent from my GT-N7100 usi

  • HELP MSI GX60 webcam errorNovember 30

    I just bought this new MSI GX60 AMD and to my dismay I cannot turn on the webcam, it reads "Connect the camera" Please help. Thank youOH! I was able to turn on the camera but all I got is pure silhouette,Read other 2 answers

  • Help me for msi gx60 destroyerNovember 30

    I have the following problems. Please help! 1: my notebook is msi gx60 destroyer but vga r9 m290x in gpu-z Is not (gpu clock: 900 - memory: 1250), bandwidth : 160. gb/s my is in gpu-z --> gpu clock : 950 - memory : 900 !!! what?!!!! Please help me an

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