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msi gt60 bios unlock

  • MSI GT60 2OC unlocked latest biosNovember 30

    Hi Svet please unlock/unhide all hidden options in bios version E16F4IMS.50Y non RAID SKU for my MSI GT60 2OC. Thx! Donation sent ! Confirmation number: 5YG65632P8646554D.received it, will work on and send back to you when its done after 3-4 hours ED

  • MSI GT60 20c unlocked bios 10YNovember 30

    Hi Svet, i need a fully unlock/unhidden Bios for an MSI GT60 20C with Win7, bios E16F4IMS.10Y no RAID Donation: 9X940289SR2454103 Thank youwill work over it and send back to you when its done after 2-3 hours EDIT: It's now done, check PMRead other 3

  • Request MSI GX640 BIOS unlockNovember 30

    Hi, I would like the bios to be fully unlocked and Fn/Ctrl swap. Is it possible to enable the UEFI boot option too? Does the UEFI boot in GX640 support Windows 8 UEFI? MSI GX640 Bios Information: BIOS Version: E1656IMS.10F BIOS Build: 09/13/2012 10:3

  • MSI GT70 Bios unlock RequestNovember 30

    Hello, i was wondering if you could unlock this Bios for me. Its an MSI GT70 0ND 452US laptop Mainboard:  MS-1762 PCB Version:  REV:1.0 BIOS Version: E1762IMS.50X BIOS Date:  21/01/2013 EC-FW Version:  Not sure why this hasnt come up? Aso i am having

  • GT60 Bios UnlockNovember 30

    Hi, My Nvidia card failed, removed it and now fan is running at 100% all time, i read on another topic you provided an unlocked firmware to fix this issue. I need this same mod. BIOS Version using E16F3IMS.10U ThanksReceived it, will work on it and w


    Hi Svet,  Could I get the Haswell GT60 bios unlocked?  I am using 4900MQ and want to be able to OC using the extra multis from the bios.  It seems to not like the software OCs with the lastest XTU version.  I think the bios has this locked down.  Tha

  • Unlocked Bios MSI GT60 2OCNovember 30

    hi, Can I have unlocked bios for MSI GT60 2OC 15,6 ?? Can i Overclock my laptot with this bios ?? Thx and give me the adress for donation ! #INTERhello, what is your current bios version? look in bios setup system information Quote Can i Overclock my

  • Unlocked BIOS for MSI GT60 2OCNovember 30

    Hi Svet is it possible to unlock/unhide all hidden options in bios version E16F4IMS.50R for my MSI GT60 2OC ? Now I use E16F4IMS.50K, can I simple flash over it this modified version? Thanks for response ! Donation sent ! Confirmation number:2VY22815

  • Unlocked BIOS for MSI GT60 2QDNovember 30

    Wondering if I could get an Unlocked BIOS made for the MSI GT60 2QD from someone? I would appreciate it a ton! Thanks!Quote from: Svet on 31-March-15, 22:04:02 what is your current bios version? E16F4IMS.51A. Thank you sir!Read other 6 answers

  • Unlocked msi gt60 0nc BIOS which is compatible with nvidia 5xx graphic cardsNovember 30

    hey guyz i m looking for unlocked BIOS for my msi gt60 0nc. so i may install alienware m18xr2 gtx 580m in my notebookyou have flashed to the wrong one.. .4xx is the correct one based on your BIOS version used http://www.msi.com/support/nb/GT60-0NC.ht

  • MSI GT60-0NC-004US BIOS UNLOCK RequestNovember 30

    Dear Svet, I'm Brazilian and I own a MSI GT60, I bought it at EUA in August 2012. I've searched a lot about GPU upgrades and  I'd like to try. However I'd like to talk with one of the best in BIOS mod, and this guy are you. I'd like to update my curr

  • Request for unlocked bios / swap keys MSI GT60 0NE-220USNovember 30

    Hi I want the unlocked BIOS + swap keys from this topic: https://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?topic=163049.0 for the MSI GT60 0NE-220US [will donate] And also another question, can you do the same for an HP Folio (13-1050) ? (bios unlock + swap keys) T

  • GT60 20C unlocked biosNovember 30

    Hi Svet, i need a fully unlock/unhidden Bios for an MSI GT60 20C, bios E16F4IMS.50Y no RAID Donation: 1VW32597FH630693R Thank youQuote from: odon on 18-October-14, 22:55:15 working No option to disable Intel GPU / Optimus and use only NVidia GPU ? th

  • Request For MSI GS70 2PC 419XFR Bios UnlockOctober 11

    Hi Svet! Request For MSI GS70 2PC 419XFR Bios Unlock (i5&860M) Bios: E1772IMS.109 Bios link: www . download . msi . com / bos_exe / E1772IMS.109.zip VBios: 80.04.F7.00.0E (860M) EC Version: 1772EMS Vers5.04 I don't have PayPal Account - please send m

  • MSI GT72 2QE BIOS Unlock and vBios GTX980m unlockOctober 11

    Hey guys, searching for an MSI GT72 2QE unlocked BIOS with all possible voltages, like in XTU (see: ) Offset voltage, processor cache voltage, digital IO voltage Oh and Graphics voltage for the integrated HD 4600 is very important for me (also integr

  • GT60 Request for BIOS UNLOCKNovember 30

    Hi, Looking to get my BIOS unlocked. Unable to do anything I want or don't want for the matter. Let me know what's needed. BIOS Type AMI EFI BIOS Version E16F3lMS.305 Thankswell typically voltages are N/A even with unlock BIOS, about OCing is also qu

  • MSI GT60 2PC Dominator BIOS Update RAID0 problemNovember 30

    HI THERE , this is my first topic in msi forum and I hope you can solve my problem  I have the MSI GT60 2PC Dominator, my laptop came with FreeDOS with E16F4IMS.50Y non raid0 bios version (installed only one msata 128Gb), One day i upgraded my Laptop

  • MSI Gt60 2OD black screen after bios updateNovember 30

    I decided to update the bios for my msi gt60 2OD gamer notebook. Downloaded the AHCI bios file from msi notebook site then flashed the bios inside Windows 8 x64 using a bios flasher DOS tool that came inside the folder of the bios downloaded from msi

  • RAID & BIOS issues on MSI gt60November 30

    Hi, I apologize if this is not the right section or this question was already submitted (I honestly didn't knew what to search for,i'm a newbie). This is the problem: I can't access to the BIOS anymore clicking repeatedly the "delete" button on

  • BIOS MSI GT60 ONC mod for recognize VGANovember 30

    Is it possible to mod BIOS for recognize GTX770M? I'm not sure BIOS E16F3IMS.10U already supported this one. Screenshot from GPU-Z on Windows 8 http://s1176.photobucket.com/user/kiba208/media/GTX770M_on_GT60ONC.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1 My problems are HD4

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