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msi ge 70 power blinking blue and orange

  • Have a compaq cq61 319wm, blinking blue lightsNovember 30

    i have a compaq cq61-319wm. when i press the power botton there is no boot or post. just blinking blue lights at the caps lock and the number lock. i have switched the ram around and even used other ram. any is appreciated.I think you have to begin t

  • HP Mediasmart Server EX490 stopped booting; health light blinks blue foreverNovember 30

    My server recently stopped responding on the network.  I power-cycled it to reboot, but it never came back up.  The network conection light goes solid blue (and the server shows up in the router's list of clients), but the health indicator continues

  • MSI Z77 M-Power - Network Cable UnpluggedOctober 11

    Hey, first post here. I just (today) built a rig with the MSI Z77 M-Power mobo and everything works great! Everything but the internet. The network controller doesn't want to recognize my connection. The network cable works fine on my laptop, so it c

  • Lenovo 3000 H series computer boots up to a small blinking blue square on a black screenOctober 11

    The computer powers on but after the Lenovo screen, the screen goes blank with a small blinking blue square on the left hand side and that's it? Anyone experienced this and know what could be the problem?  Message Edited by Bloome on 07-15-2009 12:39

  • 2nd gen Shuffle not syncing blinks green and orangeOctober 11

    My mom got a new computer. I installed Itunes and connected her 2nd gen Shuffle which previously had been administrated by her niece's computer. I deleted all music,restored to factory settings, bought new music but am unable to get music on her shuf

  • Msi x99 ac power do you have to enable last pci slot ?October 11

    on the msi x99 ac power do you have to enable the last slot? do you have to do something special to get it working ? all the pci lane switches are onQuote from: badboy2k on 24-September-14, 09:26:05 all 3 cannot be x16 as there are only 40 lanes ther

  • MOVED: Display driver stopped responding and has recovered. MSI GTX 670 Power EditionNovember 30

    This topic has been moved to Graphics Cards. https://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?topic=251843.0Hey there, Noticed that my BIOS drivers were outdated so i updated them (Z68A-GD65 G3, version: 25.8), after all the reboots i logged on my computer, starte

  • Blinking Blue Bar On Start UpNovember 30

    Since the recent OS update, when I open my ipad cover to start it up, the top bar where it has the time and battery percentage, it blinks blue. I thought at first maybe it was notifications, but ther are no notifications, it just blinks. Any ideas wh

  • Blinking blue screen after updateNovember 30

    Hi, was having updating troubles (would not download), but tonight it finally did. However after it applied the update, I get a blinking blue screen, going from blue to a lighter blue then back again. The system seems to start normally, however once

  • I was on YouTube while charging my MacBook Pro I left for two mins when I came back it was turned off and the charging cord was blinking green and orange now I can't turn my Mac book back onNovember 30

    I Have a MacBook Pro 13-inch LED-backlit widescreen notebook. I was watching YouTube while I was charging my laptop then I left the room for two mins while I was gone it turned off and the cord is blinking green and orange. What do I do?Ok, then you

  • Blinking Blue LightNovember 30

    I know that a blinking Green light tells me that an e-mail is coming in among other things. Now, since updating the OS to 4.0.3, I am getting a blinking Blue light in addition to the Green light (not at the same time.) I have no idea what this blinki

  • L655 has solid white power LED and soid orange battery LED and will not power on at all.November 30

    L655 has solid white power LED and soid orange battery LED and will not power on at all.  I tried a second power adaper.  Any other suggestions?  It does not even try to power on.  No fan or any other noises.if it is not powering up on battery or AC,


    today is january 23rd, 2010 i just bought the msi 975x platinum power up edition in new york, from a store that was going out of business, but i am having problems because this does not power on. i am using brand new and tested functioning: thermalta

  • MSI GTX 670 Power Edition/OC max temperature?November 30

    I've had a MSI GTX 670 Power Edition/OC working great since October 2012, no problems even with the most demanding games. But now the summer heat has come (it's 40°C in the shade) and I've been getting crashes (classic TDR, no video signal, windows r

  • My shuffle blinks green and orange....November 30

    My shuffle blinks green and orange and my computer won't recognize it. I've tried installing the latest version of Itunes, but every computer I use won't recognize the shuffle. Any suggestions or am I SOL?Welcome to Apple Discussions! That means that

  • N73 Blinking blue LED from light sensor What is it...November 30

    Sometimes a blue LED flashes (blinks slowly), from the light sensor (next to the front camera). This is particularly irritating when resting at night. It can go on for hours. Does anyone know what causes this, and how I can turn it off?The blinking b

  • MSI 870A Fuzion Power Edition helpNovember 30

    Hi got a MSI 870A Fuzion Power Edition with amd 1100t 2 xddr3 4gb with hd 6780 in crossfire my psu is coolmaster 1000w silnet pro. Crossfire is freezing my computer up when play games .Can any one help me he is my psu volts Voltage 0   3.31 Volts [0x

  • Hp Monitor 2009m power button blinks blueNovember 30

    I left my monitor on and came back serveral hours later and find that its black screen and the power button just flashes blue.  Mouse, keyboard and cpu are all on.   What do I do?Javid18, welcome to the forum. Here is a guide that may help you solve

  • GE70 2PE Apache Pro Power button flashing Blue and OrangeNovember 30

    It does this every few seconds and it just worries me a lil. Just hoping it's nothing serious. I haven't noticed anything wrong software wise but, could it be telling me something is wrong internally hardware wise? ThanksQuote from: Satanlygun on 26-

  • Msi 965P Neo Power Up ProblemNovember 30

    When I swicth on my pc only the front lights and the cpu fan turn on, there's no beep and no video.  Then I turn it off, wait five seconds, swicth on again and then computer boots. I've change my old power supply for a 550 W 24 pin new one, the 12V C

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