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msi 7176 platinum bios

  • MSI x48c platinum bios? ram? problemOctober 11

    I bought myself the following system (all brand new/ 1 month old): mobo: MSI x48c platinum other random information on motherboard - T6308P 0801CD TAIWAN 2UG4099621 MS 7353 Ver: 3.0 Fintek F71882FG G809CAB FL 1926.1 Ram: Transcend 1 GB DDR3 1333 DIMM

  • Msi P35 platinum: bios auto-raises NB & SB voltages when fsb over 316November 30

    Why does this happen when I'm overclocking FSB in bios and reaching over 316, NB voltage goes 1.250V->1.450V and SB I/O Power 1.5V->1.8V automatically. Both are in red text after this. Of course, I can try to lower these settings back to normal but

  • Are there any MSI K9A2 Platinum Bios version with better V-core adjust?November 30

    Hi everyone  I wonder if anyone knows if there are some bios version to MSI K9A2 Platinum there they have change the V-core settings. I think it´s very big step between the different V-core setting. In my bios (v.1.3) i have this settings at V-core.


    Hello, i post this topic cause i don't saw any end for my problem, i got the same problem then a lot of people CPU work at half speed i send already message to MSI Customer Service, but what they tell me to do don't solve my problem: MSI Customer: As

  • MSI K9A Platinum BIOS fails to post after inserting Radeon HD 5750November 30

    Ok so I'm Giving one of the ageing rigs in my house a little boost for my sons birthday by grabbing him an XFX Radeon HD 5750 to put into his system, at the same time I upgraded the PSU (OCZ Steath 650W), however the machine failed to post at all so

  • I have a MSI K9A2 Platinum Motherboard. Bios version 1.8 overclockingOctober 11

    I have a MSI K9A2 Platinum Motherboard. Bios version 1.8 AMD Phenom II X4 940 3.0 GHZ that I have over clocked to (17.5) 3.4Ghz However anytime I go over that to say multiplyer set to 18 (3.5 ghz) it still runs but crashes when running high end games

  • MSI x48c PLatinum and Intel E8600 ProblemOctober 11

    Hello, I'm from Greece My computer Setup is: Mobo: MSI X48C Platinum (bios version 7.0) CPU: INTEL CORE 2 DUO E8600 PSU: HEROLCHI 525 Watt RAM: OCZ OCZ3SOE10664GK DDR3 4GB (2x2GB) VGA: Albatron 8800 GTS HDD: WD 300GB SATA The problem is: I bought the

  • OCZ DDR3 1333 4gbkit PC3-10666 Reaper on MSI x48c platinumOctober 11

    Hi to all, i have recently bought this pc and having some problems with it. here is the specs: -msi x48c platinum (bios v.7.4beta previous 7.3) -intel core 2 q9550 -2x2gb OCZ DDR3 1333  PC3-10666 Reaper -ati radeon4850 512mb -seagate 500gb hdd the pr

  • P45D3 Platinum Bios 1.72 BetaOctober 11

    Should we trust this bios version ? http://drivers.softpedia.com/get/BIOS/Msi/MSI-P45D3-Platinum-Bios-172-Beta.shtml My bios version is 1.6 Because i want my memory (OCZ Gold XTC OCZ3G13332G ) running at 1333MHz, only can run it stable at 1066MHz. He

  • New Msi Neo2 Platinum....many problemsNovember 30

    Here`s my setup: A64 3200 939 winny watercooled Msi Neo2 Platinum bios ver 1.4 vcore 1.50 HTT x4 2x512 corsair xmspc3200xlpt timings 2.5-3-3-7 1T vdimm 2.85 235x10 fsb 1:1 in the first 2 slots next to the cpu and tried the last 2 also BFG 6800 GT OC

  • Msi p45 platinum cpu voltage problems...?????November 30

    my system...     msi p45 platinum:bios(1.4v) intel e7300.... ocz 800 mhz ddr2 ram     his ICQ 4850....       I m changed in bıos voltage but cpu-z dont looking..      1.34v in bios and 1.2v in cpu-z looking....       not nevertime I don"t did...... w

  • Msi p45 platinum power up problemsNovember 30

    Hey guys, i have got a fairly new system i think its about 2 months old e8400 e0 msi p45 platinum bios 1.71beta 4g kit 1066 kingston hyperx palit 1g 4870 huntkey 650w psu Okay so heres the deal, the computer was running at 3.6ghz, stable for the past

  • Msi neo2 platinum / venice 3.2 start up issues!!November 30

    hello people,    I´ve recently bought and neo2 platinum and a a64 venice, but I´m having problems with the boot up. problem: when a turn on the psu swith, (without presing the power botton of the case), the sistem turns on for itself. It doesn´t boot

  • Why MSI DKA 790GX platinum BIOS 1.7 dun have EEP mode for DRAM settingNovember 30

    hihi, may i know why MSI DKA 790GX platinum BIOS 1.7 dun have EEP mode for DRAM setting? cos i cant see EEP using CPUZ.Quote from: Fredrik on 22-May-09, 09:15:00 I have no good answer, just a rule of thumb: After a BIOS updae, pull power cable out an

  • Kingmax Hardcore DDR500 with MSI MS K8N Neo Platinum (Bios Version 1.40)November 30

    I am interested in Kingmax Hardcore DDR500 (PC4000) 512MB DDR-SDRAM. Currently, I'm using MSI MS K8N Neo Platinum (Bios Version 1.40) with AMD 64bit 2800+ & MSI MS 8907 FX5200-TD128 AGP Card. Please advice whether the Kingmax Hardcore DDR500 (PC4000)

  • MSI X58 PLATINUM, the latest bios and how to enable turbo boostNovember 30

    1) Wich motherboard is ? MSI X58 PLATINUM or MSI X58 PLATINUM SLI ? 2) What is the lastest version Bios and where can i get ? 3) How to enable turbo boost in this motherboard ? 4) Thanks so much guys. My bad. The obvious lack of your self research go

  • MSI DKA790GX Platinum and AM3 CPU - BIOS UpdateNovember 30

    Hi, I am going to upgrade my current computer from an older AMD socket 939 setup to an AMD Phenom II based system I am thinking of the MSI DKA790GX Platinum motherboard and AMD Phenom II X3 720 (Black edition) CPU (AM2+ Motherboard and AM3 CPU), but

  • MSI k9a Platinum + PowerColor 1950 pro extreme + bios v1.6November 30

    Hello!  At motherboard stood version firmware v1.4 Run test 3DMark2005 and received 10,444 importance to my configuration (which is a good figure). Then Live Update pointed out that there are newer BIOS v1.6, I flash. Then began receiving in 7048 3DM

  • BIOS update for MSI P45D3 Platinum 64bitNovember 30

    Can't find BIOS update for MSI P45D3 Platinum that support my 64bit xp. Is it possible to find? - Kristoffer What exactly is your problem? You should not need BIOS update for an OS install. >> Posting Guide <<  >> Drivers <<  Don't

  • Msi p6n Platinum - not going into biosNovember 30

    Hi all, Ive just put together my new pc. Its the first build ive done. Trouble is i go to boot it up and its not going into the bios from the splash screen. On the D bracket lights 1 and 3 are constantly lit: Testing base & Extended memory. No matter

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