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  • MSI-6378 Question please....November 30

    Dear all I have a computer with the MSI-6378 mother board. I'm sure it's very dated, but I would like to increase the RAM which is currently 256MB. Ideally, I would like to increase it to the max which is up to 1.gig?? What would be the best RAM for

  • Msi 6378 - dead, hissing soundNovember 30

    Hi, I have only a cpu and memory plugged into my MSI-6378. (Has integrated VGA) When I turn it on all is normal for about 15 seconds, then I hear a faint hissing sound - seems to be coming from one of the capacitors near the cpu, then the system shut

  • MOVED: MSI-6378 Question please....November 30

    This topic has been moved to AMD SocketA based board. MSI-6378 Question please....I am sorry I am being so slow to respond to these questions: I'm at work and will look at the post properly when at home. However, I have seen this Crucial RAM being ad

  • MSI 6378 and XPNovember 30

    Hi I have built the following system MSI-6378 AMD XP2000+ Maxtor 60Gb HDD AOpen CD-RW Epson C42UX Genius Vivid 3XE Scanner 256Mb PC133 Mem MS XP Pro I have set two user profiles in XP but after a while computer resets then damages one then both the p

  • MSI-6378November 30

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if the 6378 has SATA? Also, what the largest hard-drive size the BIOS can support? I wanna get a 200Gb hard-drive, so obviously if it has SATA I'd rather get one of those. PATA is a last resort. Also, I'd rather not par

  • DDR Memory on MSI 6378 MBNovember 30

    I just upgraded the memory on a K2M2 MB (6378) from 512 m PC 133 to 768 M PC 2100.  The PC 133 is Micron and the PC 2100 is Crucial. In the BIOS I set the new memory to be detected by SPD and judging from the values shown, the MB has done so.  Questi

  • MSI 6378 MoboNovember 30

    Hi, Could anyone help me please. Does anyone know what the lowest watt power supply i can use for a MS6378 Mobo is? I'm running a 1.7mhz amd and 256mb ram. I've looked everywhere and can't find a single mention of the wattage.  Cheers Davewith a bare

  • What is this MSI-6378 KM2M bios option...November 30

    AMDI am having trouble with my KM2M.  It is getting a registry failure every 5 weeks or so.  It means totally reformatting and letting it go another 5 weeks.  I have decided to stop the instanity.  Things I have replaced:  Hard drive and cable, memte

  • Onboard video on msi 6378 version 3November 30

    Basically i have this motherboard and the onboard video is obviously not capable of playing any game made in the last 2 years!  A while back i had to buy a pci geforce vid card to try and beast the pc up a bit.  I know your not supposed to be able to

  • Msi 6378 apollo kle 133November 30

    what type of games should i beable to play with this chipset on this board should i beable to play games like hitman 1 and alien vs predator am running this board with 1.3ghz amd morgan processor and 256 mb sdram? had trouble with this board since i

  • 6378 Motherboard and Athlon T-birdNovember 30

    I am running an MSI 6378 with an Athlon t-bird 950 mhz.  A while back the system quit running.  When I press the power on button the system will not post and it makes no beeps.  The power comes on to the cpu fan, but there is minimal mb activity.  I

  • K7T Turbo2, doesn´t show splash screenNovember 30

    I´ve a problem with my K7T Turbo2, when the computer starts up, it doesn´t show me the MSI logo and it´s Enabled in the BIOS, if i disable it, the same... nothing happens. It´s strange a friend of mine has the same problem with the same Motherboard.

  • Live Update 2 & Fuzzy LogicNovember 30

    Does anybody know why it seems liveupdate2 has some unresolved bugs? Just went through the auto scan downloaded suggested updates rebooted did another scan and the same things suggested are still there even if updates were done. Is Fuzzy Logic availa

  • Switched CPU now MOBO doesn't BootNovember 30

    I have an MSI 6378 Ver 3 Mobo. Up until this afternoon it worked great. It was running an XP1800+ CPU. I had someone at work who upgraded and gave me their XP2000+ cpu, so I figured, what the hell. I installed it, but the system would suddenly power

  • Up grade cpuNovember 30

    Is it possible to run an AMD MP 2800 Cup that has a 266MHz fsb on this MSI 6378. If so what will be my gains compared to my Duron 1000. Thank You For your help.Chances are it will work if it's a V3.0, but you might have stability issues (better have

  • MS-6380 has OS setup problems !?November 30

    Hi All, I've just read some threads on this forum concerning the MSI-6378 board because I just bought new pc components including this board and I cannot get W2000 Pro to install. I've found some familiar calls for help of people owning this board bu

  • Help a dafty!!November 30

    Hi, I have the MSI-6378 mobo with an athlon xp 1800+. I had the processor running at 2200+ using the wire mod method. When I tried to remove the wires one of them dropped and has got stuck beneath the processor socket. Needless to say my board is now

  • Msi ms 6378 installation problemNovember 30

    I have just bought an msi ms 6378 motherboard and am having trouble getting it working everything seems ok til windows tries to load its settings when it tries to install the via pci to usb host or bridge (cant remember exactly what it says) it just

  • Ms 6378 ver 3.0 or what / lock up Athlon XP 1800October 11

     :O I too have a MS-6378 notherboard. Version 3.0. I am running a Athlon 1800 XP with 256 MB ram. I have a problem that my computer lockup everyonce in a while. Sometimes I could be surfing the net or the next just typing a letter on word. I know I c

  • X4 Memory Support on MS-6378 ...October 11

    Hi! This mainboard might be old but i'm still using it. My mainboard is MS-6378, which is based on VIA Apollo KLE133 chipset for AMD Socket-A CPU. I bought this RAM stick that is PC133 512MB SDRAM, double-sided, 16-chips, but it's 64Mx4 IC organizati

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