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  • H77MA-G43 shows high motherboard tempsNovember 30

    I have a MSI H77MA-G43 (MS-7756) (/mainboard) that intermittently show extremely high motherboard temps. According to Open Hardware Monitor the Fintek F71869A sensors read 70-105C for no reason. A restart returns them to normal. Does anyone know what

  • X99S Gaming 7 - motherboard temp readings in fast boot?October 11

    Hi, odd question but does anyone elses motherboard error message display/temp sensor display not display the temperature if MSI fast boot is set in BIOS?Then try latest BIOS as TZBC suggested  Quote from: TZBC on 07-April-15, 15:36:09 http://www.msi.

  • Motherboard tempsNovember 30

    http://img585.imageshack.us/img585/1676/temps.jpg The minimum temps are the temps of the computer before playing Colin Mcrae : Dirt The maximum temps are the temps of the computer after 10 minutes of playing the game. Should I be concerned about temp

  • Z77 Mpower Motherboard Temp SensorNovember 30

    Hello After doing a windows reinstall today the LED on my MPOWER Motherboard that shows what temp it's running at now says "A0" or "AO" Unsure which one it is. Any idea how to get the temp monitoring back? I've already reset CMOS Thank

  • MSI 990FXA GD80 motherboard temp??November 30

    i just build amd fx rig, base on amd fx 8350 &  MSI 990FXA GD80 the temp of may cpu on stock 4000mhz is 20-30 c in idle but the motherboard it's 40-50 c it's normal or i should check it at msi service center??? may system is: amd fx 8350, MSI 990FXA

  • P965 Neo2 (MS-7235 Ver. 2.1) missing 12V voltage and high motherboard tempNovember 30

    First hello to everybody! I had to use an old P965 Neo2 (MS-7235 Ver 2.1) to build a pc for a customer. The BIOS is the 3.8 . It is using an C2D Quad Q6600 and 2x2GB Kingston Ram on 800MHz. It actually works good, but there is something that looks st

  • [SOLVED]pwmconfig fails to find fan sensor on Intel D510MO motherboardNovember 30

    Hello there, i can't find any info about this motherboard on wiki and google on this problem. i've installed lm_sensors and got this running sensors: coretemp-isa-0000 Adapter: ISA adapter Core 0:      +19.0°C  (crit = +100.0°C)                  core

  • Just another 875P temp reading questionNovember 30

    Hi I have a 875P neo Fisr rev 2 motherboard. MS6758 rev 2 CPU Intel Pentium 4 3.0Ghz HT prescot 1 GB Corsair PC4000 XMS memory 3-4-4-8 ATI All In Wonder 9800 video card HD Maxtor 250 GB Sata Enermax PSU 450W No overclock I had BIOS 3.1 . I got not ve

  • Mobo temp too high?November 30

    hi all just recently built my first pc my specs: p4 2.26g(533mhz) msi 875p ne0-fis2r ddr sdram pc27000 (1gig) msi geforce fx 5900 128mb sound blaster audigy2 psu 300w my problem is this my cpu temp is 39c, my system temp is 31c but my motherboard tem

  • Can a Z97 Gaming 7 motherboard do 0 rpm fans on its BIOS fan curve ?November 30

    Z97 Gaming 7 Can the CPU and case fan curves be set as low as 0 rpm ? I have 0rpm mode PSU & graphics cards.  The dual tower cooler is enough at idle for the CPU.  It would be great to turn the system on without any fans turning on at all until neede

  • MS7236 945P NEO 3 (v2.2) Can anyone tell me the porper mainboard tempsNovember 30

    Using a number of temp monitors including Core Center from MSI and a few others.  All my other temps are at KNOWN acceptable levels at idel and max load and the only temp I'm not sure of is my mainboard tem.   Core Center and a number of other mother

  • P67a g65 using ocgenie temp rangeNovember 30

    I just setup my system and decided to run the OC Genie. Below is my setup. When I run Hwmonitor it says the following temps. motherboard temp: tmpino 63, tmpin1 52 and tmpin2 33 iintel core i5 2500k temps package is 64-66 OC Genie is saying its 49 de

  • NF750-G55 temp questionNovember 30

    hello all. im having a bit of an issue here. ive had this board for a few months now and ive just noticed this icon labeled motherboard temp.  what is this exactly?  ive included a screen shot.  it says 82c.  thats a little high isnt it?  could it be

  • K9a2-cf tempsNovember 30

    I just have a couple of questions regarding the motherboard and wierd cpu temps on this board, about the motherboard I'm just wondering what the max motherboard temps are for it I have 5 case fans and I can't seem to idle below 40 and usually above 4

  • !!!!!!!!! HIGH TEMPs in my AMD 64 System HEEEEEEEEELP!!!!!!November 30

    I Don't know what is happened with my AMD64. Gotta all upgraded... All with lastest versions (BIOS (1.8b1),etc). The cells of the fancooler i'd fill WARM not HOT at 72°c and the Motherboard temp is 45° (thats the temp of CoreCEnter). I'd play FarCry

  • Fan Error on HP desktopOctober 11

    hi there guys, i got a hp: p6203w desktop computer with the stock; Sunon KD1209PTS2 on board as a case fan. I recently switched it with a Noiseblocker MS-81 quiet fan and got the cpu fan failure on startup. Now whats weird is when i check my speeds w

  • RX9800 128MB, weird artifacting...October 11

    First off here's my system specs: Antec TruePower 430 Power Supply MSI RX9800 128MB Asus P4PE Motherboard w/ 2.53 P4 ATI Catalyst 4.8 Drivers Nothing is overclocked... I just got this MSI 9800 Pro a few days ago and everything works fine except at ce

  • M93p SFF "missing driver" for &DEV_8C24&SUBSYS_309717AA; needed Intel chipset utility 10.0.24November 30

    A new M93p SFF machine arrived Thursday, which I'm preparing for shipment to a friend in Virginia whose current 7-year old desktop machine has finally reached its own end-of-life.  Win7 Pro x64 pre-installed (via downgrade rights from Win8.1). I've b

  • [SOLVED] temperatures in conkyNovember 30

    I'm having trouble getting conky to display my CPU temps. sensors says this: # sensors it8718-isa-0290 Adapter: ISA adapter in0: +1.38 V (min = +0.00 V, max = +4.08 V) in1: +2.13 V (min = +0.00 V, max = +4.08 V) in2: +3.26 V (min = +0.00 V, max = +4.

  • A bit of a general question but...November 30

    This may have nothing to do with my motherboard, but I'm trying to rule out hardware/software causes.  I play Guild Wars and just before I switched my 17" Dell Trinitron for a refurbished 19" NEC FES991-B (ranked very high for CRTs) my screen we

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