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  • Register-PSSession ProblemNovember 30

    Greetings everyone.  I'm trying to assign non-admins access to webadministration commandlets.  First I created a configuration file: New-PSSessionConfigurationFile –ModulesToImport WebAdministration –VisibleCmdLets * –LanguageMode "FullLanguage"

  • Import-Module WebAdministration questionNovember 30

    Hello all: I am writing a script that will copy files to a local root directory for a web app we have.  Once this is done, I want to refresh the application pool.  In reading on the process, I believe I would have to import the WebAdministration modu

  • Aborted : development component "tc/webadministrator/abapcoNovember 30

    hi while deploying through SDM i getting the following error starting deployment of tc/webadministrator/abapco Aborted : development component "tc/webadministrator/abapco '/sap.com/SAP AG'/'7.0010.200.61020144811.0000 '/0': Caught exceptionduringduri

  • Complete data not getting returned when running IIS (v7.5) commands remotely.October 11

    Hello All, I searched quite a number of forums before posting and all that I have come to know is that some have mentioned it to be related to COM. I do not have experience dealing with COM and no idea how I can sort this out. I hope someone can prov

  • MBAM web site configuration failureOctober 11

    I've set up MBAM 2.5 on my ConfigMgr 2012 server. Its integrated with Configuration Manager and created the two data bases on the same box with Windows Server 2012 R2 and SQL 2012 with reporting services. (I've configured a working OSD windows 7 task

  • Need to access the Power shell within Virtual Machine Manager.October 11

    Hi all, I have a VM that shuts down everyday between 9-10PM.  I would like to get a script to start it up at 11PM.  However, the issue I have that if i run the powershell command "start-vm -servername" from the Powershell within the Virtual mach

  • How to add a certificate to IIS global "Server Certificates" list using PowerShell?October 11

    Hi, been surfing the web for an example on how to add a certificate to the "global" IIS "Server Certificates" list using PowerShell but to no luck. I already have code in place on how to tie / associate a specific website with a specif

  • Solution Manager 4.0 SR1 install stops at phase 34October 11

    Hi Installing a Solution Manager 4.0 SR1 ABAP+Java central system and have used the new patch 75 kernel 700 DVD from SR2 shipment. O/S version is V5R4. The server also has another SM 4.0 installed system that is defined as the SLD (system landscape d

  • Fetch websites hosted on Remote IIS server using C#October 11

    Hi, I want to get all the websites that are hosted on a remote server. I have the Server IP, username and password of the remote server and I need to retrieve all the sites that are hosted on the server. How can I achieve this in C# ? Regards, Pradee

  • Image rollver in a dynamic pageOctober 11

    I have used several different javascript codings for the function of a image rollover menu and I put this coding within the <body> instead of the <head>. I was told to do this my our webadministrator. I can't remember the reason now but my cod

  • A failure occured while importing Java SSO ticket certificate in ABAP stack Exception : FOREIGN_ENQUEUE_LOCKOctober 11

    Dear All, We have completed the fresh installation of Soman7.1. Now , We are doing the "Configuration of the Solman" and we are in the Step "Basic configuration ". SID:        SMI Hostname: Solmantrg Solman version: 7.1 The SSO Setup i

  • LMSERVICE disappeared after deploying patch with sdm guiOctober 11

    Hi All, I'm running SM 4.0 SP13 on Win Enterprise 32 Bit Unicode. For E2E diagnostics I had to deploy a new version LMSERVICE SP13 with the software deployment manager. Before deploying I get a pop up with the question that a java instance is running

  • Java.rmi.RemoteException: Only AdministratorsOctober 11

    Hello all, I am running Solution Manager 4.0 as Central Systems Installation (ABAP + Java System) with Oracle 10.2 on Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition. I recently downloaded new support package stack 08 to SP16 and then tried to update using JSPM

  • Trying to install IIS Powershell snap-inOctober 11

    Installed Powershell 4.0 on our Win2008 servers.   Wanting to install IIS powershell snap-in to help automate IIS management. Went to this URL: http://www.microsoft.com/web/gallery/install.aspx?appsxml=&appid=IISPowershellSnapin%3bIISPowershellSnapin

  • MBAM 2.5 Webserver installation errorNovember 30

    Upgrading from to 2.5, new webserver. Installing in a ConfigMgr intergration scenario. Installed all the pre-reqs, everything shows passed in the prereq checker, moved on to install and I get this error in the event log: Unexpected Configurator error

  • MBAM 2.5 Web App Installation FailedNovember 30

    MBAM 2.5 with SQL 2014 all-in-one Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V VM. Compliance & Recovery DB installation done. When try to install Web App, I'm using the same domain account when create above 2 DB (read-write permission), but the installation failed with

  • Managed System Configuration: SSO setup failed for Solution Manager 7.1 sp11November 30

    Hi Folks, While doing Managed System Configuration for Soman system i am getting error in SSO Setup Currently I am in 8. Configure Automatically :Single Sign On Setup This is i am going for managed System (Solution Manager System Itself) Below is err

  • Setting IIS W3C Extended Log File settings via command line, registry or configuration fileNovember 30

    I am currently in need of a way to set IIS W3C Extended Log File settings via command line, registry or configuration file.  More specifically the 'Bytes Sent (sc-bytes)' and 'Bytes Received (cs-bytes)' settings that are not enabled by default.  If a

  • HTTP Upload LimitNovember 30

    Do you know the maximum upload size in a HTTP transfer using mozilla?.Great to hear you've experienced success with uploading larger files. Appcmd.exe is a command line tool to manage IIS. For full disclosure, you could also use the WebAdministration

  • Appcmd.exe add backup Output message: ERROR ( hresult:80070002, message:Command execution failed.November 30

    [04.01.2014 21:41:55.0743] [1] 0.  ErrorRecord: System.InvalidOperationException: Running the command 'C:\Windows\system32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe add backup IISBackup130408621156784845' failed.  Output message: ERROR ( hresult:80070002, message:Command e

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